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  1. These look great. I was going to say throw them up on the repository already, but it looks like you have .
  2. I did some tests on the MG42 and MG34 problem, and you can see the results below. This is just two textures, a dark and a light. The textures are obviously exaggerated to highlight the issue. It actually turns out the bipod, drum magazine and top cover are being shared between textures. This just shows the MG42, but I've encountered the same thing on the MG34. It would be nice if this could be fixed so different variations of the MGs can be made. If you want to test it out for yourself, you can download the textures I used here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/66606021/mg42.zip
  3. It adds in the missing normal map for the Jagdpanther. The normal map is what makes all the little bolts, tracks, zimmerit, doo-dads, etc. appear 3D when the shaders are on. See this thread: http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=108625
  4. Not uniform related texture issues, but there's something wrong with the texture mapping on the P38: There's also an issue with the MG42 and MG34 textures if you have more than one variation. For instance, if you have a texture for a dark blued MG42 and a light blued MG42 (or MG34), the top covers will be switched. The top cover from the dark texture will appear on the light texture in-game, and vice versa.
  5. Hmm, I like this tactic. I'll have to remember it for future pbems. 1) Throw tantrum on forum over CMx2 "feature" in since CMSF. 2) Have opponent come into thread defending himself. 3) Opponent gives additional info about his situation and posts screens. 4) Profit. Nicely done .
  6. Thanks Mikey! Looking forward to seeing the Jagdpanther in all its detailed glory. That's actually what caused me to notice it. I was dropping vehicles I don't see a whole lot into the editor to check out all the nice little details the normal maps add to the models.
  7. I was taking a look at some of the vehicles, and noticed that no normal map was showing up for the Jagdpanther. I dove into the applicable brzs, and I can't find a normal map for it. Is it in the works, or was it mistakenly missed? Or am I going crazy? Examples: King Tiger Jagdpanther
  8. When making normal maps from scratch, is 50% gray considered the 0, +z trends white and -z trends black?
  9. Well, how many of the enemy did you kill/wound? Regardless, you got a total victory so you did fine. Fast also makes them tire out a lot quicker. I'd recommend using quick when you can and save fast for real emergencies. That's normal regarding the contact icons. They'll fade out over time. I think the reason you still see them is because some units still have the info that the contact is/was there, but can't put their eyes on it to see that it doesn't exist anymore.
  10. Oh heck yeah! Some of the best historical fiction I've read. I'm on book 17 right now, The Commodore. I've been working my way through them the past few years.
  11. Still working on the weapons here and there. The project hasn't been abandoned. Life's been busy, so modding is low on the priority list right now.
  12. Hey Fuser! Just wanted to say thanks for the horizon mod you made. They look great and add even more immersion to the game!
  13. Thanks guys! @Rokko - Yeah, I know what you're talking about. I think it may be because at the further LODs, there are less foliage objects than close in thus making it appear less dense, if that makes sense.
  14. Yes, as other have said, with enough z's in front of the filename, these will overwrite any other tree or bocage edits in other terrain mods. Also, this mod was never intended to go with the desaturated terrains. I thought the screenshots would show that. I guess I fall into the minority that thinks BFC's texture artists did an outstanding job with the stock terrain color palette. The greens I see in the game are greens I see outside everyday. Since I feel this way, my mod uses the existing tree and bocage colors. As selfish as this sounds, I mod primarily for myself and choose to share it
  15. lol don't worry about it Juju. It's just the thread rating. The rating on the repository is still what it should be .
  16. Once again, outstanding work. Thanks for sharing!
  17. Awesome, thanks for these. Love the new German voices!
  18. Thanks for the kind compliments everyone! Hope y'all enjoy 'em. @veralum - My goal is to have them finished by the end of the year. Took a break from them to do this mod and actually play the game . @phil - I have no idea since I don't have CMFI. Even if they are, from the screenshots I've seen the color palette of CMFI is different than CMBN. Having the lush greens might not look that good in the dry environment of CMFI.
  19. SPOILERS BELOW Wrapped up this PBEM a few weeks ago. It was a fun but very challenging scenario as the Germans, the side I played. Map - 5/5 The map looks outstanding and is well crafted. Everything looks like it belongs. Playing as defense, there are some good natural defensive lines to fall back to. Gameplay - 4/5 Let me preface this by saying that you achieved what your briefing pretty much stated; a depiction of a small ragtag German defense trying to stop an Allied attack that is much stronger than you. There is little room for error on the defense, and if you make a mistak
  20. New mod I did that gives the trees and bocage a more natural look. Pics are better than words, so here they are: This one is from an early version of the mod, but it's just a cool shot and shows the bocage well. As always, available for immediate download at CMMODS here: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/4786/details ...and later at the repository. Enjoy!
  21. There isn't a tutorial campaign in CMSF. You get to jump right into the deep end. Just pick one of the original game scenarios since they generally aren't as difficult as some of the later module's scenarios. You'll know if it's an original CMSF scenario since it won't have the USMC, UK, or NATO prefix before the scenario name. Edit: That being said, getting things done in CMSF is pretty much the same as CMBN. If you complete the CMBN tutorial, you'll have a pretty good idea of how to play CMSF. Both titles use the CMx2 engine.
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