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  1. He still has his CW uniforms (it includes paras) up on cmmods: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/4910/details
  2. Nicely done AAR! Enjoyed watching it. I played this scenario in a PBEM about 2 yrs ago. I played as the Germans and lost as well. It's a fun scenario, but both my opponent and I felt it was weighted a little too much in the American's favor. This was my feedback on it from the German perspective: http://www.battlefront.com/community/showpost.php?p=1403314&postcount=5 I'd be curious to know if your friend has similar thoughts.
  3. Technically it's not incorrect as that method of carrying the 34 when on the march is mentioned in the 1942 MG34 Butz manual I have. BFC has the position is a little high in the screenshot. It's pretty uncomfortable, though, which is why you probably don't see it being carried like that too often. Here are the pages from the manual that show how to carry the MG34 when marching: and in battle:
  4. Probably the most hilarious vid I've seen in the past few months. Got me laughing, thanks for the share.
  5. If your motivation for modding and making scenarios is for feedback or seeing it in use you will be continually disappointed and demotivated time and time again. Rule #1 for modding or scenario making is this: You do it for yourself and not for others. You mod or make scenarios that you will enjoy making or playing. Once it's done and you're happy with what you have made, you get to decide whether or not to share it. I usually chose to share what I made. I figured that if I like it maybe someone else out there will too. I didn't feel that other people owed me feedback, though. Sure, it's cool
  6. Thanks! Out of all the screenshots I've ever taken, that one is probably my favorite for the same reasons you mention.
  7. I guess they were serious about showing my identification at the roadblock: That "Oh Sh**" moment when you realize today is just not your day: Fire and Movement: Javelins are way too fun: Movin' Out:
  8. Leopard crew decimated by a BMP-2: Death of a Leopard: What? There's a Syrian airborne dude in our trench? Not anymore: Assad seems nonplussed that the Brits did some urban remodeling to one of his towns: Grimacing in preparation to running over a live grenade or happy he'll be meeting Allah and the 72 virgins?:
  9. Why you don't congregate on rooftops: Luckiest Stryker ever: Jihadi Takedown: All in a hard day's work: Urban Warfare:
  10. The only mods not compatible with versions 2.0 and up are the uniform mods made prior to the release of 2.0 (upload date prior to DEC 2012). Everything else will work fine. The only other mods that may not fully work with 3.0 are the UI mods, since some UI stuff changed in 3.0. They'll work for the most part, though.
  11. Hm, are you sure? https://www.flickr.com/photos/photosnormandie/6115592444/in/photolist-
  12. Uh oh, somebody forgot to tell these guys they were acting historically incorrect, and in Normandy no less: (from Archives Normandie)
  13. See this post: http://www.battlefront.com/community/showpost.php?p=1532757&postcount=78 He's taken them down now, though.
  14. Spotting and the action square system are some of the dumbest things about CM, and they make the gameplay pretty clunky. I like the series enough, but these two things continue to make me want to repeatedly bash my keyboard against my desk. So no, you're not alone in thinking these things make the game unnecessarily ridiculous at times.
  15. Hey EZ, thanks a bunch for the latest uploads; outstanding work! Loving these V1 packs.
  16. I always thought the Philippines campaign of '44-'45 would make a decent CM. Plenty of fighting that doesn't entail needing actual amphibious landings. Thinking about it, landings could be approached in the same manner as the USMC campaign in SF for the most part. You've got varied fighting environments, including urban, from which to draw from. Too bad BFC despises the PTO.
  17. Tankless crews make excellent mine detectors. I use everyone else as front line infantry. If you can walk and have a gun, you're being thrown into the fire. Edited to add: When the crews still had their awesome pistol skills, I used them as front line troops. They could actually hit their targets, unlike their foot soldier brethren who can't hit the broad side of a barn. Now that the crews are just as useless, to the minefields they go.
  18. lol, you guessed it. Thanks, man. Hope everything is well with you!
  19. Thanks for these new uniforms EZ, they look great! He rotates them in and out of his dropbox as he updates and revises his mods. It's best if you just check his dropbox page regularly to see what he has made available.
  20. Thanks for the interest, Saferight! The short answer is no, not at this time. I don't have a whole lot of time or desire to mod anymore, and I've been pursuing other hobbies and interests away from the computer instead. Who knows, I may get around to it some day, but that day is most likely a loooooooooooooong way off .
  21. See this post: http://www.battlefront.com/community/showpost.php?p=1425637&postcount=2
  22. Thanks for these, and all your mods, EZ. I'm a big fan of your work .
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