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Found 5 results

  1. This thing has been sitting on my hard drive for quite sometime. I was waiting for a module or vehicle pack to be released to give me the correct vehicles needed but since that doesn't look like its going to happen anytime soon I decided to finish it and put it up for play. If the vehicles needed are released I will go back and update it. It has only been partially tested. Zitadelle:Totenkopf's March to Prokhorovka depicts actions of the 3rd SS Panzergrenadier Division Totenkopf during Operation Zitadelle, or more commonly, The Battle of Kursk, during July, 1943. It requires the latest version of CMRT. The details are as follows: Zitadelle: SS Totenkopf's March to Prokhorovka Zitadelle is a CMRT Campaign depicting the actions of the 3rd SS Panzergrenadier Division Totenkopf (Deaths Head) during Operation Zitadelle, the German code word for the Battle of Kursk. It follows the divisions engagements from July 4, 1943 until July 12, 1943. The campaign should be considered semi-historical simply because of limitations in the CMRT engine, mainly force composition and equipment. All the battles however were actual engagements and I tried to replicate them as accurately as I could. It requires the following: CMRT version 4. The Included Mod Folder for immersion. Division Totenkopf was one of three SS Divisions attached to the II. SS Panzer Korps that fought in the southern sector of the campaign. Totenkopf, along with the other two divisions, 1st SS Panzergrenadier Division Leibstandarte and 2nd SS Panzergrenadier Division Das Reich, along with support units, were under the command of SS Obergruppenfuhrer Paul Hausser and would be the main offensive punch for the Germans in this sector. The 3rd SS Panzergrenadier Division Totenkopf is commanded by SS Brigadefuhrer Hermann Preiss during Operation Zitadelle. Note on Commanders: I have tried to add in as many of the key commanders as possible for historical immersion. During the battle the II.SS Panzer-Korps lost many key commanders since many German commanders lead their troops from the front, so there was a lot of moving leadership around. I set the command tree for this campaign as it was in the beginning of the actual battle where I could. This campaign features the following units as the core units. German Order of Battle: 1. I.SS Panzergrenadier Regiment 6 (SS Sturmbannfuhrer Fritz Knochlein) 4 x Kompanies 2. II.SS Panzergrenadier Regiment 6 (SS Sturmbannfuhrer Ernst Haussler) 4 x Kompanies 2 x Kompanies (Reserve) 3. III.SS Panzergrenadier Regiment 6 (SS Standartenfuhrer Karl Ullrich) 4 x Kompanies 4. I.SS Panzer Regiment 3 (SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Erwin Meierdress) 2 x Kompanies ( 47 MkIVG tanks) 1 x Kompanie (Reserve) (22 MkIVG tanks) (These represent tanks repaired and returned to service during the battle and will be available later.) 1 x Support Kompanie (Flak Zug) 5. I.SS Panzer Regiment (SS Obersturmfuhrer Wilhelm Schroder) 9.Kompanie (Tiger Kompanie) (11 MkVI Tiger 1 tanks) 6. II.SS Panzer Regiment 3 (SS Sturmbannfuhrer Georg Bochmann) 4 x Kompanies (59 MkIVG tanks) 1 x Support Kompanie (Flak Zug) 7. SS Pionier Battalion 3 (SS Obersturmfuhrer Georg Kinzler 1 x Kompanie 8. SS-Sturmgeschutz-Abteilung 3 (SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Werner Korff) 2 x Batterie 1 x Batterie (Reserve) 9. SS-Panzer-Aufklarungs-Abteilung 3 (SS Sturmbannfuhrer Otto Kron) 2 x Kompanies (Equipped with SPW 251 from the divisions halftrack battalion) 1 x Kompanie (Reserve) 10. I.SS Panzergrenadier Regiment 6 (Armored Battalion) (SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Rudolf Schneider) 1 x Kompanie (Armored Car) 2 x Kompanie ( Halftrack Battalion) 1 x Kompanie (Halftrack Battalion) (Reserve) Soviet Order of Battle: (Non Core) 1. 1241st Rifle Regiment (375th Rifle Division) 2. 155th Guards Rifle Regiment (52nd Guards Rifle Division) 3. 196th Guards Rifle Regiment (67th Guards Rifle Division) 4. 245th Tank Regiment (2nd Guards Tank Corps) 5. 289th Guards Regiment (97th Guards Rifle Division) 6. 237th Tank Brigade (31st Tank Corps) 7. 96th Tank Brigade ( attached to the 52nd Guards Rifle Division) 8. 284th Guards Rifle Regiment (95th Guards Rifle Division) 9. 287th Guards Regiment (95th Guards Rifle Division) 10. 181st Tank Brigade (18th Tank Corps) Notes on unit composition: Due to limitations in the current CMRT engine I used Aufklarung compositions to eliminate most of the panzerfausts which were not present during Operation Zitadelle. A few of the HQ units still randomly retain a few but there is nothing much I can do. Just use your imagination and let them be very accurately thrown teller mines. Also historically Totenkopf had the following tank strengths: 59 PzMkIII's 47 PzMkIV (long barreled 75mm) 11 PzMkVI Tigers 8 Befehls Pz. (Repair Vehicles) With the MKIII not being available I have substituted in the correct number of MkIV's, so the tank strength is correct on numbers but not correct on tank types. If BFC decides to make the MkIII (and KV-1) I will try and update this beast. As mentioned above there is one Kompanie in the I.SS Panzer Regiment 3 that is a reserve and this represents repaired tanks that were returned to service during the battle. These will be available towards the end. The Campaign Tree: 1. Hill 218 - Axis Assault (Dawn) 2. Breaking the Line - Axis Assault (Day) 3. Actung Panzer - Axis Probe (Day) 4. Clash at Kochetovka - Axis Attack (Day) 5. Decision - Gives you the opportunity to play the next mission with or without using some of your reserves. You must be careful here as you will need every available asset in the later battles. 6. 96th Tank Brigade Counterattacks - Meeting Engagement (No reserves) (Day) 7. 96th Tank Brigade Counterattacks (Reserves) - Meeting Engagement (Reserves) (Day) 8. Hells Bridgehead - Axis Assault (Day) 9. Tooth and Nail - Allied Attack (Dawn) 10. Fire and Steel - Meeting Engagement (Day) For this campaign to be successful it will require careful management of your unit preservation, as the last battles will require every resource you can muster. 9.Kompanies Tigers will be especially important as you will get no replacements for them. (There was only 11 total during Zitadelle) Artillery and air support will be available in most missions for both sides. The Mods: Included with the campaign is a mod folder that contains the following: 1. Veins excellent Totenkopf Uniform mod. 2. Several terrain and effects textures from different sources for immersion. 3. Aris PzMk IVG, SPW 251, Stug III and PzMkVI Tiger textures modified by me with the correct insignia used by Totenkopf during Operation Zitadelle. 4. Custom Loading Music 5. Totekopf Portrait Mod - I added the Deaths Head insignia to the portrait of the armored infantry and tank commanders from Mords Red Thunder Portraits mod. These will now show the correct insignia and are tagged to this campaign only. The Maps: The maps were all created by the author (me) and I have tried to make them as accurate as possible. Most are large and may task slower systems. Be sure to read the mission briefings for each mission. I have included some historical information that the campaign was based on in each of the designer notes for each mission. This will give you a bigger picture of the events that are happening when each mission is played out. As always let me know of any bugs or screw ups and I will fix and update. I hope the campaign proves enjoyable. Here is the link to the campaign: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jl13w5orjp2b7dz/Zitadelle.zip?dl=0 Michael
  2. Some time ago I began my first foray into the editor to see what it worked like. I made a map, the smallest size possible (208m x 208m) and tried to give it a realistic, inhabited appearance. Kohlenklau and I have had a lot of fun battles that do not exploit the full points afforded by the Quick Battle generator. We decided to explore this little world I created, and see what happens if we limit points to 325 each, and show a chance encounter (meeting engagement in CMBN terms). I've always had a hankering to do an AAR, but Bil Hardenberger really set the bar very high - and the work involved was quite daunting. The magic of the iPad and the software for photo editing and layout that is available for it encouraged me to try. I'll admit I had to resort to Photoshop a bit but this is otherwise entirely a product of CMBN, Kohl's and my battle, and the iPad. Despite what seemed like a simpler course than following Bil's incredible work, I can tell you that for what is essentially a battle between two opposing platoons, it takes about a day of work per minute of battle to present to you what follows. It is shown from the German perspective, with the limitations and erroneous assumptions the man would be subject to. I do not write this with a global perspective because I don't know what Kohl is up to with his GIs. What is a CAAR, you ask? A Comic After Action Report. Done as best as I can as if you're reading a comic book or graphic novel. I hope you enjoy it.
  3. In the scenario Editor, the German tank crew are armed like the Canadians. Under the German single vehicle tab, the Leopard 2A4 and the Leopard 2A6 crews (both armored and machined) , they have C8s.
  4. I have been browsing looking for a uniform mod to update the Kriegsmarine skins and i have found one but i do not see any download links and cannot find it anywhere. If anyone would be able to share the mod with me or a download link id be very appreciative, Thanks
  5. Just as I finished my Comic for the CMFB Beta, I felt quite exhausted. It was a lot of work. But I really wanted to finish Apache, which I had all the screenshots for but had interrupted to do the Beta CAAR. When Apache was finished, I felt rather different than I expected. Instead of being glad it's all done, it felt a bit of a let-down, as I was actually really enjoying working on it. It was a different graphical style and narrative focus and style as well, and when it was over I kept looking for something I wanted to do. @kohlenklau suggested an Afrika Korps comic, using his mod for CMFI. As he can attest, I find mods (beyond a file or two) fiddly and limiting in that one has to have multiple installs in order to play normally, or to do QB's which by now anyone who knows me here will be aware is how I play 99% of the time. That said, the visuals he showed us all here with his mod were just inspiring. Like many others here I think I was enamoured with the North African war long before Normandy was catching my attention. And so I fell into his trap. Ok, not really. But we both had some ideas and in a moment of fantastic synergy, they meshed perfectly, and a scenario was born, as well as some graphics work beyond what his mod included. I hope you enjoy. PS: I've said this with every Comic I've done here, but it bears repeating: click on the images to see them full screen. You're missing stuff if you don't.
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