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  1. Why does the US seem to be the only nation innovating with new DU armor designs, especially since the Russians should also be able to produce plenty of DU? Do you believe it is more an issue of doctrine or funding?
  2. Not a bad plan if you can get Baneman to bog his JT in pursuit. A bogged JT would be a good lesson in why turretless AFV designs aren't seen too often anymore.
  3. Akd's point is definitely plausible for real-life, but in CM I would argue that there is higher value to decentralizing AT capability within a squad. When the RPG gunner goes down in CM and there is an armored threat nearby, another team member cannot simply pick up the RPG and have a chance to quickly counter the threat. We have to go through the buddy aid mechanic and if the RPG gunner is "unfortunately" wounded rather than killed the buddy aid process can take disastrously long, if it even occurs at all under pressure. Rather than getting into the buddy aid mechanics can of worms it might make more sense to add the RPG-27 to the game at least as an aquirable weapon. It could bridge the flexibly gap between CM and real life AT weapon sharing while being fairly realistic.
  4. Sounds like "The Hole" is as much a right of passage (hazing for newcomers) as it is a prison.
  5. I believe the .50 also has better penetration against building walls, but I haven't actually done real testing to verify it. I remember seeing a sniper with the 50 take out an enemy in another building though, and it was satisfying to watch.
  6. And it can stop the Frogfoot's Kh-25 with minimal damage to any components. Awesome tech, that APS.
  7. IIRC Javelin active guidance system is constantly making corrections to the flight path based on a constantly updated imaging IR input. It makes sense then that it could be defeated by IR-blocking smoke directed upwards -if- the missile is detected early enough. Detect it too late, as in like just a couple meters from the top deck, and it makes no difference.
  8. I would think against a western opponent on a near future battlefield ATGM threats are likely to be from the top (Javelins, Hellfires), with horizontal threats primarily being KE penetrators. So if the new APS is really geared towards horizontal threats it would lead me to believe one of two things is true: 1. They realized they are technically incapable of defeating top-attack munitions, or 2. Armata in general is really designed to fight Russia's weaker neighbors. More likely I think the system does in fact have some ability to detect and counter a top-attack weapon. Can it do it well? Who knows..
  9. Actually yes you can prevent teams from firing if you want to use them as spotting units. Just create a short cover arc for your sniper team so that it falls short of where you would expect any enemy units. They will still spot units beyond the cover arc but will not fire. I don't believe you will get any spotting disadvantage outside the arc as long as the unit is facing the right way.
  10. How do they achieve that level of density to KO all those tanks with HE? In CM the only way I can mobility kill a tank with arty is to get multiple near misses or direct hits with 152mm+ and it's challenging even with PGMs. I imagine mobility killing just a platoon of tanks with area fire would take all the shells of multiple batteries in CM. And that's when you know exactly where they are.
  11. In that close-up top view of the Armata turret you can really see the pins holding the panels on, indicating that they are probably just there to hide the smaller silhouette of actual turret.
  12. Does the turret still need to be NBC-proof? If not, all kinds of modular armor configurations are possible while not needing to stay airtight. Perhaps what we are seeing is just a placeholder that covers up the framework that armor modules get bolted to.
  13. It looks like the intent of the design is that ATGMs are stopped by APS, auto cannon such as 25mm is stopped by the "new, improved steel" plating and sabot rounds pass straight through, hopefully not hitting anything on the way.
  14. 3d printing technology is quickly reducing the need for infrastructure to produce the parts to maintain a wide variety of equipment. Navy ships are being equipped with direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) printers to make replacement parts. Antique cars can have new replica parts made from scratch instead of using salvage parts. A unique wrench design was "e-mailed" to a printer on the ISS. I think the big picture indicates cheaper maintenance and logistics for everyone and a wider variety of equipment fielded.
  15. Those canisters being the size they are and in fixed positions are consistent with a Quick-Kill style missile that maneuvers into intercept position.
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