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  1. Thanks for replying. Yes I’ll have to be careful not to do it accidentally. Basically I’ve been doing similar to you and just doing a few commands and not having time to finish up so saving under the same name, I have to remember not to do that in the future. I don’t have F and R yet, so didn’t install the latest patch for RT. Wasn’t aware it affected that title.
  2. Keep finding files called "tempfile y.tmp" or similar in the same folder as User Data. Turns out they are save games that I thought hadn't been saving. I'd had a few saves go missing when trying to save a game using an existing save game file name (basically overwriting a file) and also noticed these tempfiles. Looks to me like Black Sea 2.16 will no longer save over existing save names and instead dumps the save as tempfile a few directories up. If you change the tempfile extension to .bts you can recover it. Anyone else noticed this? (Asking cause playing BS on an older system so wasn't sure if it was just me.) It isn't happening with other titles though.
  3. A bit early for the defense council to be submitting evidence isn't it? We don't even know the outcome yet....
  4. btr-60 pb models have some issues. The lower LODS use the btr-60pbk model with two aerials but the highest lod switches to the pb model. This has some erroneous shadows, including one for the extra aerial which it no longer has. Game is missing the correct LODs for 60pb. The BTR-60 pbk uses the pb model without the extra aerial??? Also the MG on top of the T-64A has a green gun barrel. Also t-55 model is using the t-55m accessories which is for a different colored texture set and is why the fuel tanks on the hull appear so bright.
  5. Here's the weird shadow bug on the BMP-2K hatches.
  6. Thanks, actually I just checked in the exe's and there is a string "display size.txt"
  7. Is the typo in the file name we are told to use deliberate? Should it be display size.txt or dispaly size.txt?
  8. Modular buildings 5 and 6 windows have wrong alphas, all longwindows for all modular buildings are missing alphas. Bradley can have multicam cargo in its cargo rack as a randomised option.
  9. Yeah, bit of a whopper this, I tried your mission and added a bit of Red AI, to set a smokescreen and advance a few minutes later so I could view from the US side. Seems like Dragons have thermals, if you split them off as an antitank team you can see this as the rest of the team does not, this is mentioned in the 1.01 patch notes. The M113A2 vehicle gunners seem to have thermals too, but I haven't checked all vehicle mounts. The fact that basic infantry without dragons can't see through smoke (when they do have NVGs) leads me to believe its a "mount" issue as opposed to NVGs acting as a thermal sight. So far I have only seen the M113A1 and M113A2 exhibit this behavior and only when opened up with the 50 cal manned. Hope this is fixed promptly but I expect we will have to wait till they finish the integration of the PBEM and steam release. Also, there is a new bug with dragon. Now AT soldiers carrying a dragon can engage targets with their M16 through smoke. As if the dragon gives blanket thermal vision even when on their back. https://ibb.co/Cb4FDh4
  10. The rear hatches on the BMP-2K seem messed up also, shadows from a mesh that shouldn't be there perhaps. Looks wrong anyway.
  11. T-80B1 does not have the GLATGM guidance module on turret, but does have the shadow for it. There is a similar shadow on the T-64B1 turret.
  12. @Freyberg This is good info, I will check out the thread in detail. Thanks. Not found a way to fix the game AI choosing 4 flammpanzer formations at 50 points each without ANY units in, by any chance? In CMFB, I saw this today as a suggested formation. Why does it do that?
  13. Ok, "some" instead of "most". I fixed it my end, by swapping in another alpha from pz ivg or ivh interior.
  14. Pz IVJ (early) lacks interior texture in game. The texture is actually present in the archives... just the format is slightly wrong... pz-ivj-interior.bmp is a bitmap, but the alpha channel does not appear as a 1 bit alpha, the game requires this for most object textures that have transparencies (0 or 255, black or white, no inbetween values).
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