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  1. QB battle maps have a common problem. AI plans (they are not really AI - they are just waypoints, triggers and times btw) assign routes to Groups. The problem is QB map designers separate the groups to take individual objectives. Imagine a map with three objectives:- 1 Minor near Allies setup, 1 Minor near Axis setup and 1 Major VP in the center. The engine assigns forces to each group in the "AI Plan". Group 1 moves to Minor VP, Group 2 moves to Major VP. If you are playing a small map with small force sizes (like only 1 formation), often the engine assigns the entire force to Group 1 and not
  2. Lol, I also made this mod, or at least a very similar mod, a month or two ago, in preparation for Fire and Rubble's arrival. It's all ready to go for CMFB and RT-F&R when the module arrives, just need the fieldcap model and a texture as a guide. Adapted some of EZ's uniforms too, but need to work in some of those warm jackets, what's great is that the gebirgs tag works with models too. You obviously know that though as you mix helmets in your screen shot.
  3. On the US tables: Armored Infantry tab: Specialist Teams - Airborne 57mm AT Gun - an Airborne unit present in Armored Infantry tab? Wears standard US army uniforms - so just the name is wrong? Specialist Teams - Can't find any specialist M1917 teams in Scenario Editor or QB purchase screen.
  4. I've come across a few TOE issues in the recent patches. For what it's worth, I put all those remaining in 2.03 into a list - in the hope they get noticed and fixed one day... Quick Battle TOE Issues: Infantry tab: 2 x Identical Wehrmacht Fusilier Companies (duplicate formation?) 2 x Identical Wehrmacht Fortress MG Battalion (duplicate formation?) 2 x Identical Wehrmacht Panzerschreck Company (duplicate formation?) Specialist Teams Wehrmacht Forward Observer - Missing Specialist Teams Wehrmacht Flamethrower Team - Missing Specialist Teams Waffen SS Forward Observer - M
  5. Yeah, I wasn't patched up to 2.03 on my laptop for some reason, I think cause I wanted the FO's back. My rig is 2.03 and they are there, and I found the Marder I too, still can't find the early Hetzer though. So ignore my comments in the Lynx, it was missing in 2.02 though they obviously put it back in.
  6. Ok, so in the Meijel Mayhem mission, the unit that is equipped with the Lynx is the 1st Company Recon Tank of the Armored Pz Aufkl. Battalion. The option for recon tanks is no longer available???
  7. Where is the Lynx now? I can't seem to find it in any formation at any date. Manual says the Pz Aufkl. Btl has it, but I don't see it, or as an option. I can't see it in the scenario editor as a single vehicle either. If anyone knows where to find it please let me know. It's still in the game files, the manual and it appears in the Meijel Mayhem scenario. Hope it's not another victim.
  8. Looks like state sponsored propaganda to me. Ministry of culture and ministry of defence? Perhaps someone decided all the books by western historians detailing the Red Army’s conduct in Ukraine, the Baltic states and Poland needed some counter balance. I find reading these books pretty difficult given the amount of pages detailing the use of mass rape as a terror tactic, and often in countries who’s only crime was to be occupied by Germany. The murder and genocide I am less shocked by now, having read a few.
  9. I had no idea there was larger version already in RT, I'll check it out. Thanks George for these nice maps.
  10. If it's not a Studebaker (with some kind of skin issue) that's actually been placed there, then I think it's a flavor object mod? There should be 3 piles of rubble there. There is no truck at all when I open it, I'm guessing that's because I don't have any flavor object mods.
  11. I saw it was pretty cheap on steam (50% off for the big bundle), nearly bought it, checked BF.com and was shocked to see the same discount, so I bought it there. I'd rather be at the start of the key chain than at the end. Its now its on my Matrix and Steam accounts as a result.
  12. One of my all time favorite maps is the CMBS Demo map from Black Sea with its rolling hills and detailed village. It features in at least two of the scenarios in that game. I have converted it to work in Red Thunder. This wasn't easy, I have tried a few times before and it would never load. This time I deleted all the buildings in CMBS and then manually replaced them all after getting it to load in CMRT. A few extra tweaks were needed but not much. Kudos to its original author. This is Map 260 from Black Sea, (basically the meeting engagement version of the CMBS Demo map). AI plans are ru
  13. CMFB used to have 2 versions of the Hetzer, named "Hetzer" and "Hetzer (late)", I can now only find the late version. Which formation is the original in? It still appears in the mission A War Without Mercy.btt and you can also see it listed in the manual and it must have been available once as it appears in the custom vehicle dealerships mission. But now it seems it's no longer available in the QB or editor, another casualty of the TOE streamlining efforts?
  14. Link to a fixed version of the JPzIV 70 V (early) >>> Fixed model download mediafire 652kb This is the model file found in the 2.03 patch, I just fixed the texture names inside the .mdr. Only the main lod (highest level of detail) included. Also the JPzIV early had the same problem its mudguards, so fixed that too.
  15. A couple more things about 2.03. 1. CMFB 2.03 and the latest CMBS patch are filling my temp folder with little 2kb files with a prefix of SS_ and the a 4 hex file name. I assume they can be deleted safely (except when the game is running - this is how i identified their origin and I wondered where they were coming from for a while). 3 new ones are created per session. Looks like a small executable or dll. Maybe SoftwareShield DRM (SS prefix??) is responsible -just guessing. This is new since 2.03 however. 2. There is a new Jagdpanzer IV 70 V (early) model in the 2.03 patch. The reaso
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