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  1. Prospective title? Any suggestions, what could it be called? I prefer real names of operations, places etc, but apparently they couldn’t think of a good one for the new RT module. Fire and rubble means nothing I’m afraid, but the rest are fine I think... the titles are appropriate for their contents. gustav line - yup rome to victory - ok but it didn’t mean much, wasn’t much of a victory at all, was captured by a us general disobeying orders for his own personal glory, and was forgotten days later when the Normandy landings occurred. market garden - yup commonwealth - fine
  2. A bit more info, I think the TOE changes are not causing the crashes, though they may still cause other issues. I found the crashing problem occurs with QB maps too and they have no units. Load an old map, followed by a new map and CMFI will CTD. Seems to be a file format issue. Looks like all the older maps need to be opened and resaved in the later version of the game. I did this for the 400+ maps in the QB folder and all scenarios. This fixes the crashes when loading old then new maps and the editor no longer crashes. Found some other issues regarding building sizes too. Looks like the
  3. Is there a problem with scenarios made prior to recent TOE changes? They crash in the editor for me. Details: TOE changes have been made sometime prior to R2V, around the time of engine 4, 2.02 maybe, or perhaps earlier. Scenarios (and probably campaigns) made using earlier Fortress Italy and Gustav Line formations, have not been updated, so there is a conflict in older scenarios. For example, the scenario titled GL Men with Suspicious Hats... this scenario contains a German formation from the old TOE, named 2/2 Munster. It contains 3 tanks and when you preview it, one of tanks
  4. I remember porting an CM:FI scenario to CM:FB. It was Venafro - Back into Hell and a very small map with limited variation in buildings. It would crash in FB repeatedly and I couldn't nail down which map item was the cause. After alot of testing it turned out to be the stove pipe chimneys which I thought were flavor objects and wouldn't cause a crash, but after I removed them all it converted and ran in FB fine. As for map conversions for BS, I have a few I've done. I generally take scenarios from other games, convert them, then loadup new formations and attach the existing AI scripts wit
  5. Very nice screenshot. This is the pick of the bunch for me. You don't need bullets, tracers and cataclysmic explosions, just atmosphere and a bit of tension. Plus the game generally looks better from lower angles IMO. Having said that, the muzzle blast on the Panther in the 5th pic looks awesome too.
  6. Screenshot was auto levelled in photoshop with a 25% sharpen filter (because anti-alias made it pretty blurred). For a "completely" undoctored/unedited version see below. I don't use reshade or anything, those colors are vanilla plus it's pretty dark.
  7. It's a very quick and dirty conversion, only did it today. Briefings etc remain as Red Thunder version, just units changed and assigned the AI plans to them on a 1 to 1 basis. Just wanted a fun tank scenario after watching too many Steel Beasts vids on YouTube. You might want to try switching out the T-90A's for T-90AM's as the SEP's just steamrollered me when I played as the Russians. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CX9r4IrLc-dV5sqp7LEvqa75nliEBj6k
  8. An Abrams scores a double kill on two of my HQ tanks and a third has a lucky escape and then knocks it out, the mission is a converted version of the Red Thunder mission: Carius at Malinava, Tigers swapped for M1A2SEPs, IS-2's to T-90A's, T-34's to T-72B3's and the StuG's to a Cavalry troop of M3A3's. There was a second double penetration in the game later too, but it only destroyed the first tank, leaving the second with damaged tracks, the distance between the two tanks in that case was much further (several hundred meters). The shot in this video passed through the first tank, at least
  9. http://www.mediafire.com/file/zwntjlf7qnznqoq/ru_soldiers_mod.zip/file Here is a version you can install... put it in your z folder etc
  10. Not a mod, more a resource, can't be installed in this form.
  11. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zeWbeLKxVjuO16dHR-BU2KZCRahRdwAk
  12. I made this .psd template of soldier balaclavas for Black Sea if anyone wants to play with it further. I haven't uploaded it as a mod because I'm only using 1 style and I thought uploading this would offer people more flexibility but you will probably need Photoshop to edit it. download link shortly, uploading a ton of other stuff to google drive, so soonish, it's queued up etc...
  13. I don't have the kind of equipment to post great vids these days, but this little scene involving a couple of BMP's was pretty cool.
  14. With shaders on, parts of the model seem too bright and shadows disappear (especially around the turret). Had a quick look and it's missing quite a few normal maps. Maybe next patch we could get a fix. I made some for the turret and era blocks using the nvidia tool so I'll survive till then.
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