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  1. Yeah I was being an arse; just not used to seeing this kind of malaprop on this forum.
  2. I noticed a few games back on playing as the defense (and depending on the design) that I could win by "ceasefire" before I got wiped out. It seemed strange and I would think the offensive player (the AI in this case) would take great umbrage that I snatched away his victory like that....
  3. I have an isolated British tank crew HQ surrounded by Germans, with nothing but a pair of binoculars, and no C2 whatsoever able to call in fairly accurate offboard 81mm mortar support. They are in a building a few feet away from their destroyed Cromwell. This can't be right, can it? shouldn't the OBA display so "no contact" and disallow this action?
  4. Also, I have two sources that it was the Mk V (Panther) Battalion that attacked Ouren, not Mk IV. Perhaps something to adjust in the CO2 scenario? According to the unit history, The II Bn reported losses of 15 MkIV on December 16th (probably the losses outside of Lutzkampen), while I Bn reported no losses. So probably whatever tanks showed up above Ouren on the 17th were mostly from the I Bn PzV as you say since II Bn had only 8 operational tanks available. So it appears that II Bn was committed first and the CO2 scenario (semi-historical) assumes this. I Bn is available if the player st
  5. rocketman, I hope you do get the Bulge pack eventually. One of the scenarios I did for CO2 called "Stuck in the Teeth" covers the 116th Pz and 560th VG attack during the first few days of the offensive. It assumes that the bridge at Ouren was strong enough to carry the Mk IV's of the panzer regiment across the Our, contrary to what the commander considered as "too flimsy". A few US tank destroyers crossed it on the 16th and 17th so it's not out of the question. Here's a portion of the Map showing the at start positions of the Germans:
  6. I have hi res scans of most of the Ardennes; 1943 GSGS 1:50000 and several of the 1:25000 1938 German ones of the Eifel area. Also some very cool 1:25000 scans locating the westwall bunkers and dragon's teeth. These look to be like the actual asbuilt plates, not the overlays on the modern topo that you find on the internet. I'll post some screens when I get a chance.
  7. OK thanks for the responses and insights guys, this is reassuring and CMFB is likely my next purchase. And it's good to see some of the old breed still around. I think the last time I posted on Battlefront was back in 2008 when I limped away from a pedantic flame war with JasonC. That's not to say I hope he's gone, I enjoyed his posts immensely. Looking forward to learning the new editor. I'm not so worried about Monschau being off but hopefully Hofen is in good shape. If it hasn't been done yet that might be my first project... cheers.
  8. I purchased the CMBN big bundle a few weeks ago and I must say enjoying the new CM graphics and features a lot. I also played out the CMFB demo and was pleased with the graphical representation of the Ardennes in the winter. I've been there enough times in December to be struck by the familiarity of the terrain from my desktop here in California. My question is, now that it appears that we can create maps with topo underlays, are the CMFB maps accurate for 1944? I've seen mention of mapmakers using google earth and I shudder to think that the road net and forestation will be based on moder
  9. Jason, The driver's ed analogy was not meant to be personal dogma, it was a reference to the obsolete demo. It is not the design concepts of the different wargame genre's that are vague, but the evidence being provided to support an argument why one is 'better' than the other when we all have different and overlapping preferences. I did enjoy the Rune T34 analogy, but my point with the 'HE direct fire' example was a breif example of AA's ability to allow management at that level of gameplay, for those who are seemingly unaware of the ability to play at that level. Why I need to expla
  10. JasonC, once again you pose a compelling argument for or against some vague aspect of conflict simulation. And as usual your dogmatic tone undermines the effectiveness of your approach. Here, I'll apologize for you: "...sorry, I missed your point entirely - JasonC"
  11. Critisizing the gameplay of the AA engine based on a few hours with the RDOA demo is like refusing to ever get a driver's license after failing highschool driver's ED. Sure, I enjoyed SL, ASL, Up Front, Go, chess, and most all AH games ad infintum, and I even play a rousing game of Plauge and Pestilance with my wife and kids now and then. I know the Art. I helped design and playtest a number of games for my brother, who is a part owner of GMT and a former AH employee. A new AA demo is due out soon. Micromanage that tank Co. and order it to direct fire on that last known enemy Mortar loca
  12. AdamL, The 2. Pz had few, if any JgPz IV's on 16 Dec. Most of the PzJg Bn was comprised of StuG's, as was half the II Bn of the panzer Regiment. So it was more out of necessity than tactical doctrine. Gutmann advanced through Clervuax. Elements of Pz Lehr advanced through Munschausen.
  13. Redwolf, 'we' are wondering the same thing. I think the fans of the Airborne Assault series are tooting the horns the loudest because we really think we have found the next generation of wargaming, and we want (nay, implore) the rest of the wargaming community to give it a try. Being a long time hex gamer, I started out as just a guy looking for a good game on Market Garden before going on a tour of the Netherlands a few years back. Although wary of the RTS stigma, 'Highway to the Reich' seemed like the best thing out there on the subject, so I bought it. Now, I doubt I'll gaver go back t
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