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  1. Hello, my mouse pointer disappearance once I start the game. At the Menu page. On both CMBN, and CMRT. Windows 10, Nvidia card 650ti 8g ram, Running version 4 on both games. It has always worked. But I have not play these games in a while. The only thing difference is Windows updates, Which are up to date.But other than that. I have not change anything on the computer. Any ideas ??
  2. To the original post, Fun, Wow I'm having a blast ...yes it is not perfect but very well improved from Cmx1.. I get so much more immerse into it. The graphics add so much, the fact that you can break teams, o and the Assault command . Nothing like that in Cmx1 . Its like playing your own movie. As long as BF. keep making this good progress I'm in. Good Job.
  3. You should play "Turnbased" are you???
  4. Sergi, What program do use to make the video???
  5. My Hmg fires at a whole platoon at about 50m , The platoon is broken upto 2 guys and they run away,..My Hmg packs up and runs away the other way....
  6. LOL well I see Bfc has managed to make us all crazy ;o
  7. Maybe not the inside of a Panther but how about the inside of a Sherman
  8. USGUBGUB, I believe that at this stage BF. could use some help getting more advertising, Why not help them with that. Games sites, mags historical etc
  9. I would like to see the Eastern Front next myself.and not in 5 years front now
  10. Ok, so we know what games and modules will be coming up but, do we know what is the release sequence ? Is the second game after module I or II. If this is been posted could anyone send me the link please?
  11. He said that he just forgotten the fact that he could not fire from inside.
  12. As good as this sounds...that only means no game this week
  13. I had no problem with it before. This way does looks good too!
  14. Noob I was reading the new rules. What happends if the attacker wants to combat but the defender wants to retreat. Im assuming a tactical battle were the defender has an exit and maybe points for removing units from the battle ? Correct? Paez
  15. I would join too but once I get familiar with the game.
  16. Yes something in wego mode would be Great and much appreciated. BTW: good job so far Tyrspawn!
  17. I think I was reading the wargamers forum before the Alpha demo. so I was aware that the game was in developmet. Also, There was an article but I can't remember were that talked about an ASL in 3d game Been Buying battlefront games since then.
  18. Wow, those Panzer IV's are really breaking apart easy!! good AAR. ...keep it coming.
  19. Jon So what happend to this grenade ? Did it hit inside the truck?? btw great aar!!
  20. Outstanding Battlefront !!! Thanks for the great xmas news
  21. To response to the original question ..Don't ask, Dont tell
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