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  1. I estimated where it was (accurately) and then assaulted it at the end of the mission.
  2. The really infuriating thing is that when my one stinger managed to finally shoot down the Hind, the missile was fired to the SOUTH EAST - not the north. I presume all my dudes were facing the wrong direction, but the missiles were still coming from the north.
  3. So yeah. When I started I Thought it would be really cool, saving private esque street to street fighting. But as you can see the armor rolled in ahead of the infantry (retard mode), got blow nup, then the infantry mindlessly followed after them. Going down obvious kill zones.
  4. Part 1 of backs to the wall. A small force of paratroopers and Ukrainian mechanized infantry hold a factory complex against a massive Russian attack until an armored company team can arrive and relieve them!
  5. The next mission "Backs to the wall" seems unreasonably awesome - looks like the best mission so far. Played it for a few minutes and it looks awesome, band of brothers-esque, house to house fighting and arty landing everywhere.
  6. part 3 (final) of mission 3: Good point, I forget about this!
  7. ****. My JTAC got hit by a FAB-500 or whatever russian monstrosity is dropped by their fixed wing. This is going to be a very tough battle going forward... uploading the next 2 hours of this mission probably tomorrow. Also I ran out of hard-drive space while recording and I think about 20 minutes of the battle are missing! I was essentially talking to myself for 20 minutes
  8. I figured if you were a LTC you were probably a junior officer in the early 90s. I am aware that I blew through indirect suppressing suspected SPAA positions vicinity the construction company - but it's a priority for me to suppress any, even on a whim, so that the fixed/rotary wing can roll in hot. I am expecting to be attacked by platoon+ sized armored CRPs at my OPs and possibly a company sized FSE before the main body arrives. So i'm expecting unpredictability! Also I am wary about using the UAS without SEAD completion. I'm planning on playing through the rest of the mission to
  9. pretty busy this week, I should be able to get the next mission done by tuesday hopefully.
  10. 1. Nope - I was more confused by the "breach kits" on the regular infantry squads. Im going to look that up in the manual right now. I was trying to use a "Breaching kit" to "breach" the room and it was turning to a quick move instead of a red line. The engineers were blasting through the walls as intended. 2. Yeah figured that out after it happened! It's just an inconsistency with map design because in the first mission you can drive your tanks through dozens of trees in a super steep terrain - in the 2nd a little thicket of bushes can stop your movement. 3. IF you think about what happene
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