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  1. My point is not balance for the sake of winning or losing like some mass-marketed RTS game. My point is the force composition balance that came with the 'Combined Arms' setting. A supported infantry force - instead of a supported mech heavy force.
  2. Quick question: Are there any plans to bring back a type of QB 'Combined Arms' limit similar to CMx1 games? For those who dont know what that is, it was a QB force composition setting that allowed the payer to purchase infantry, support, vehicles, armor and artillery but set maximum limits to each category. It was a nice balance between 'Infantry Only' and 'Armor Only'. As it stands in CM:BN right now, your choices are 'Infantry Only', 'Armor Only' and 'Mix'. The issue though is that 'Mix' allows you to spend your points however you like: ie. a force of all MG42's, or a force of all M
  3. Sounds good. As always, thanks for the great effort - great maps and great battles. Chad
  4. Now with CMBN:CW out, any word on these Paper Tiger? Would you be willing to provide the maps without AI and we can AI them ourselves? Thanks in advance Chad
  5. Was going through the files included in CW and 1.10 and saw that there were a number of sound files added for the weapon firing sounds. Thank you BFC for adding unique sounds for each weapon. If you didnt notice the difference its because right now there is not one - for instance the Garand, Enfield and Mauser all still sound the same, but there are now three separate files for each sound. Thanks for opening them up for modders! As for the expansion, everything looks great - as usual. Keep up the great work. Chad
  6. Looking for some community made battles - not campaigns. In your opinion, whats the best community made battles that you have actually played? I personally prefer smaller sized ones, but any size will do. Thanks Chad
  7. Fair enough. Thanks for the reply Moon. Seems like just yesterday we were all waiting for those CM:BB and CM:BO disks to show up in the mail. Downloading CM:BN was so much eaiser than stalking the postman
  8. I fired up CM:BB and CM:AK over the weekend for giggles, and I thought that I remembered that you didnt need the CD's in the drive after the first install. But its asking for the CD to be in the drive each time I want to play. Ugh. Is there a way around this? I am 1/2 tempted to just buy them again downloaded so I dont have to mess with taking CD's in and out. I have the original disks from BFC (ha, BTS back then!). Thanks Chad
  9. Just wanted to say, along with everyone else, how well those were done. Shows off CM:BN very well, and is, obviously, very well done from a production/presentation standpoint. Great job indeed. Chad
  10. Fuser What US Helmet netting mod is that? The netting shows up much better than the stock Paratrooper one that I am using for the vanilla GI's. And vehicles look great! Thanks Chad
  11. Thanks for the update. If you loose interest in making them into QB maps, would you be willing to let the community at large help? After playing these maps, I honestly think that they would make great, quality QB maps: both visually and gameplay wise. Thanks Chad
  12. Just wanted to confirm the original posters observation: I too am still seeing the majority of my 'Tiny' and 'Small' AI selections on mix being nearly all AT/INF guns with a few other things. Especially on 'Tiny' - post patch, I have yet to see anything but all AT gun forces. Hope this helps. Chad
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