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  1. Fuser What US Helmet netting mod is that? The netting shows up much better than the stock Paratrooper one that I am using for the vanilla GI's. And vehicles look great! Thanks Chad
  2. Lol! No kidding. Unless you are a card carrying, die hard liberal who thinks that three purple hearts makes a great war hero, stay away from them! As for CMBO, once you get a few games under your belt, play someone in a PBEM (Play-by-email) game. That is where CMBO/CMBB/CMAK really shine! Not only is it a lot of fun, but its a great place to get some feedback on how you are playing! Most of all, welcome to the community. Dont feed the Kerry kids. Chad
  3. I am looking to play one of the Kursk battles via PBEM, and I am wondering if anyone has gotton far enough into one of them to give some PBEM feedback. If someone is also interested in playing one, drop me a line at ftoalma@msn.com. I might even play one of the big ones! :eek: Chad
  4. They are great when coupled with light tanks that can force the OPFOR's guns to give away their position. On smaller maps I prefer plane old mortars though, you can walk them around without too much trouble. Even the small 50mm mortars are growing on me. Chad
  5. If you also dont believe him, have two king tiger tanks {approx 600 points} attack against 20 dug-in 20mm AA guns. Under all that fire the tanks will most likely panic and thats that. Or there is always the dreaded 'damaged gun' possibility. Chad
  6. CMBO was, and is, and will always be a great game. It is more forgiving than CMBB. CMBB is more about real world tactics, CMBO was more about finding what worked best and doing it {which was not always realistic}. If you dont have CMBB, I would suggest getting CMBO. See what you like and dont like about it. Then get CMBB and do the same. Shoot, at the least then you have a copy of CMBO that you can give to your friends so they can be assimilated to the CM Borg. Chad
  7. For artillery I prefer the smaller batteries for the small battles {especially ME's}. BUT, for any attack scenario, I always go with the bigger guns. They can really make life easier for you in an attack/assault. Chad
  8. Yes, the 76mm variants of the Sherman. While not quite as fast as a T34, they still have the balance between armor, firepower, and speed. The 76mm gun does fairly well against the big german cats frontally and can take any of them with a flank shot. Not my personal favorite, but still a good tank {I prefer just a plain vanilla sherman 75}. In a way yes. If you want a true shoot and scoot tank go with the hellcat. The StuG's strength was from its armor while firing hull down before the Russian 85mm's showed up. The M10 does not have that luxury. But it makes for a good, cheap tank killer {
  9. I loved playing the Ami's back in the days of CMBO {and cant wait to do so again with CMAK}. I was happy to play the Germans or Brits, but whenever I could I would play as the Ami's. Why? In CMBO my bread and butter was tanks and infantry. IMHO the Ami's had the best to offer in those departments. Infantry: With a 12 man squad you can not go wrong; even more so when they are paratroopers. That 3 man supperiority over a german squad allowed you to take more risks moving around becuase even after you have lost 3 men, you are still toe to toe and usually have supperior firepower. Now with C
  10. In fact, same applies to an attack. Before an operation battle ends, take back some of your most forward units to make sure they get supplies. Martin </font>
  11. I find it interesting how much of a focus there is on armor and infantry in a QB ME. When you are playing a TCP/IP or PBEM with only a 1000 or fewer points, those armor duels usually decide the game. A mediocre player with unchallenged armor can usually win a ME, especially the smaller ones. I did not mention it in my original post, but companies and battalions are the way to go with infantry. You get much more for your buck. Very rarely will I ever buy a single platoon, unless I have ran out of points or I want a recon platoon to split up into half squads. All those extra support weapons {
  12. Make sure you get some flak trucks also. By this point I dont know if your opponent will be talking to you "Alright sir, todays objective is that big flag and the little one too. Our scouts report that we are facing a dug-in AAA battalion. Those gamey bastages didnt even bring any infantry! This is the last time we fight with unrestricted points!"
  13. Good post. By no means are longer operations all together bad, I just dont prefer them when playing a PBEM game. Against the AI it makes for good practice for longer battles. Chad
  14. Support weapons usually show up as crew, outside of guns and MG's. Half squads will show up as 'infantry'. Vehicles are a whole another story and I have seen 'light armor' become a tiger tank.
  15. They are tough to take out with infantry any way you cut it without pioneer infantry. Those demo charges will do the trick most of the time, otherwise you can lob grenades until your heart is content, usually to no avail. In CMBO your best bet it to just move on if you do not have vehicle support. Otherwise, leave behind a squad to continue throwing grenades at it and sooner or later it will be knocked out. With regards to zooks/piats/schrecks, they will sometimes take them out from the rear, but my experience has been that they are more effective hitting them from the front {but obvious
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