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  1. Blast radius? Never knew. Have to try.
  2. Order your transport to land ( a circle will show up) close to city, then access the infantry move, move mouse over circle press and hold "ctrl" key and right click mouse then move mouse to city and right click again. you can doe this for every infantry on the ship or hold "ctrl" key left click each infantry (3) then move mouse to city and right click again, then release "ctrl" key.
  3. It was locking up. Will try next version.
  4. This latest update is crashing the game.
  5. Download, download. Will be playing tonight.
  6. I am holding my breath. Demo this week? Come Monday morning I will check
  7. Why on turn 1 I oder my 2 Inf to move out at different directions and the blimp spots a recource and both Inf go for it ignoring my orders and lose more the 1 turn of movment
  8. :eek: Its been a long wait. Next weekend will be burning the candle late into the night with the new game
  9. I just spent over $600 on a camera lens and battery grip for I had to do somthing (like photography). Still waiting for the game. I may spend more money.
  10. They never will tell you, we in the past have tried.
  11. Yes, thank you. This was always a question I wanted to ask.
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