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    I'm a non-military wargamer going back to the glory days of Avalon Hill board games
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  1. Urg! Really? Yes really because I tried it again and yes they fire their MG's when open up command given. The thing is, is that you do not need to do that with German HT. The German gunner stays hidden and pops up when a target is seen. Any reason why that is? Thanks for the response it was very helpful and Happy New Year.
  2. I've run into a problem with American halftracks not being able to fire their MG's. Does anyone else have this problem. I set up a QB and gave all my HT's fire orders first round but they refuse to fire. Attached is my file (no password) I started a ticket and part of John's response was for me to post here as well. He is going to give my file to the beta testers. I am curious what happens to the HT's if this file is played on a different PC. Thanks halftrack test 001.bts
  3. Shooting an ATR from a jeep with the top down, head going through the roof. :)
  4. They took a licking....... But kept on ticking.... But not for long :mad: I count about 12 or so hits on the King Tiger alone
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