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  1. I can't get over the guy who has had the sex change.
  2. I just popped back in to have a look at this site after many moons away and I see some of the old names are still about. Have I missed anything? I see they have lots of games for sale now. Its a shame I lost interest after the Normandie game. As the fun seemed to go out of the game. I may need to take a lok again as I am getting the itch for a PBEM sesh with a mate.
  3. Thanks for that mate.I have just spent a very enjoyable few hours browsing some more barbershop clips.
  4. This takes me back to my yoof.God I feel old now.I even saw ac/dc before Bon Scott died at my local 1500 seat theatre.Just befoe they went massive.
  5. I have just got my mate the Dambusters Haynes workshop manual for xmas.Its covers all marks from 1943 onwards.I must admit it took me a while to wrap it up as I kept reading it.I may have to purchase this for my self after xmas.To go with my Tiger tank owners workshop manual
  6. That's cheating.Using a massive shotgun to take a flock of birds down
  7. Who would have thought that repeatedly hitting your head against something would cause damage.
  8. I agree with that. If you have only been smoking for a few months then stop now.It took me years before I managed to finally quit.In fact it took nearly dying from Pneumonia and fluid on the lung and spending 4 weeks in hospital connected to pipes and tubes to finally make me stop.
  9. I bet he really needs the safety glasses.
  10. Yes its that time of year again where Bovington tank museum get their old tanks out and drive them about for people to see.They have the only running Tiger1 in the world. here it is and very nice it sounds too.I'm sorry that you tube has mangled the aspect ratio a bit but the sound is good.I even managed to get some shots as they were putting them away after the show so I have some nice close ups.
  11. I think you will find that this is a bit of a fallacy.Mainly due to most Post WWII films having well spoken actors playing the parts.The split between stiff up lip toff's and the common man was a lot smaller than people think.
  12. I think a lot is down to people like me who don't like CMBN at all.I just pop over here and have a quick look and then drift off.I may well stop coming here soon as there is not a lot of point if i don't like the new game is there.
  13. That's if they were real Navy Seals.It seems there is some doubt about that.And anyway shouldn't they be out doing what seals do. You know like balancing balls on their flippers and other stuff like that:D
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