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  1. here is a sneak preview of my PZ 4 mod. its based on a famous photo of a PZ4 thats been covered in chalk. I have tried to add some snow to this. Look closely at the wheels and the corners of the hull This is very rough and ready at the moment Edited cause i'm piss poor at speeling [ October 20, 2005, 04:26 PM: Message edited by: gautrek ]
  2. My problem is that all i managed to find on the net was a straight bit of track.So i need to be able to bend my straight image round a corner. I'm not clever enough to actualy be able to redraw new railtracks.
  3. I will release them once i can work out how to do the curves.Its beyond me at the moment.
  4. This is my version of the hasty Panzer IIIG seen on page 21 of the first Panzer colours book. i have used mikeyd's redrawn base art for this mod. Thanks. Ihave included all his BMP's into my mod so you can install this mod as is.Just in case you havn't already downloaded his panzer IIIg mod ( and if not why not?). I did try adding snow to this mod but its not happening at the moment so i decided to release this mod with out snow. I am halfway through snowing up a panzer 4 at the moment
  5. No problem. I take it the cheques in the post now is it. As i said in my review.this one was fun. This is what CM is about for me and my mate. We like just trying to kick the crap out of each other and have a laugh at the same time.
  6. well i have just done my first ever review. reading this thread made me think how i feel when soembody praises me for one of my mods. So its about time i did the same for you scenario writers. I have written a review of Kicking in the door for cmbb. And i will try to remember which games i have played and do a short piece for any i can remember. [ June 07, 2005, 02:48 PM: Message edited by: gautrek ]
  7. Ok thats now downloaded and hopefully should be started tonight.
  8. HSG EW Bloody Road will give you both more than you can handle. It's at the Scenario Depot. It's a CMBB scenario. This one will as I have said before "ROCK YOUR COMPUTER "!!!! Beware the tank battle on the plains of the Ukrainian steppe. This is a MAJOR TANK BATTLE... Good Luck and </font>
  9. I would like some good recomendations for good fairly well balenced PBEM scenarios for CMBB and CMAK. As me and my PBEM mate like to just have a bit of fun while playing each other. So come on post you lists here please. Doesn't matter what force or which nationality as we can play any side as crapply as the next. Thanks
  10. Drop me a line with your problems and i may be able to help you out.
  11. I picked my copies up about 3 years ago. They have gone back into print again. See if this rings any bells I am enjoying doing these winter specials. This one is based on MikeyD's redrawn mod. i will release both in a combined pack.
  12. Glad to see that another preson here is an old fart like me.
  13. here you go. I have been messing about with a winter mod on the Panzer 111G.I have based this on a couple of photos i have seen in the Panzer colours books. Its shows a hasty white washed vehicle.with crude hand drawn turret numbers.It has only been white washed roughly on the front sides. So here is my version of one of the photos(page21 in the first Panzer Colours book) .
  14. Try my site for screenies of most of my mods
  15. I seem to remember that there was a varied rain mod for CMBO. As the rain noise gets on my tits after a while. Sorry i can't help more. Maybe this will jog somebodys memory.
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