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  1. Not exactly the Bluebird of Happiness flying over yonder Panzer...
  2. The payoff for pushing through the woods to a nice spot... -
  3. Time to start mopping the pool of cold sweat off the floor ... right after a quick change of underwear...
  4. Wow, just wow. King of Grime indeed. It couldn't look any more real unless there was a chipmunk carcass stuck in the tracks.
  5. You can give passengers fire orders, or they will fire on their own if they feel the need to. If passengers see a Tube Guy™, they will pop up and blaze away from their mobile BBQ. I had an entire platoon of grenadiers in five 251/1s advance in echelon once, all passengers up and firing. It was like a propaganda movie. "The Wehrmacht on The Move". Mowed the enemy down and crawled right through their positions.
  6. I am looking forward to the results of that test under fire. It seems to me that anything under 200 meters or so may be trying to gild the lily in terms of penetration ability for the 75mm L/48. The STuHs probably had no business near the Churchills, but it seems you have found that out. I was caught by the 105mm HEAT trap too once. Churchill crew takes an aspirin for the ringing and continues on with the mission. 88mm and 75 L/70 have been the only reliable tools that I have found for use against those rolling blocks of steel. Schreks are iffy at best. I wish you luck. The pics
  7. Excellent concept and execution. Huge seems too small for me now, so this idea is perfect for me. I do hope you have ammo'd up from all those soft vehicles before putting them in harm's way. It can suck to see thousands of rounds go up with a truck from a random HMG burst. Better to waddle after a long ride than run and use up all your ammo.
  8. An average day at the office for a Panther .... or, Why do Shermans even bother? ... "on the wayyyy"... The last thing he sees is a flash in the distance ... The crew joins their Firefly bretheren in Valhalla ... ------- I missed taking a screen of the commander getting his beret blown off at the exact moment of impact. It only happened once out of a LOT of attempts with shift/esc. --- ------
  9. LMAO Sergei. Excellent work! I was thinking the music to the second clip while watching the first. Then I clicked on 2nd link and just lost it. The jack-in-the-box was just too much.
  10. Nothing builds the confidence of infantry like having one of these nearby...
  11. I want to see string being stretched across the map to check LOS... just as huge cat feet sweep the tanks off the board.
  12. Necra ... are you pressing Pause before taking your sceenies? I always pause, then cycle "frame by frame" until I find the shot. SHFT/ESC and keep tapping them until you get what you want. If you take screenies while things are going you may get a backdated shot.
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