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Why Battlefront.com could put out the Combat mission Black sea dlcs without any backlash

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Dear Battlefront.com

I have a few reasons why you could put out the Black Sea DLCs without getting any or little backlash. First off, the game came out before the Russo-Ukrainian war and this game and DLCs are not meant to represent or recreate it. There are already games coming or already out about that are based on the real Russo-Ukrainian war. The other thing is that there isn't going to be a lot or any attention from the outside world if you put the DLCS out. To be honest, this community isn't humongous and is not going to get any media or news spotlight. No one is going to be upset if you put out DLC for a fictional turned historical game while other people are making games based on it. At least put out the Marines DLC since they aren't in Ukraine fighting Russians (hopefully). I would really like you put the DLCs out (especially the Marines one) and would definitely buy then. I think I am not the only ones who are excited for the Black Sea DLCs. Thank you for taking some of your time to read this.


Hello There


Can you at least take consideration of this Battlefront.com


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Hello @Hello and welcome to the forums.


I wasn't going to comment on your post at all but seeing as you've created 3 threads with the same thing I've decided to say sumfink, in the hope of avoiding a fouth....fifth....sixth........

While we appreciate your enthusiasm, the subject is not open for debate or discussion (at least not by anyone at Battlefront.....you folks are free to talk amongst yourselves). And that is why you will not see us engaging in any (including this reply). What we've needed to say on the subject we've already said.

I am sincere about our appreciation of your support and I didn't want you to feel like we were ignoring you. Thank you.

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As a Combat Mission player I would have liked for them to release the module. But from a business perspective the decision not to release it was probably a sound one. In any case, it's hardly worth discussing since the key decisionmakers have already made up their minds. It's not like this subject hasn't already been beaten to death over the last two years.

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