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  1. I had a Help Desk ticket that got wrapped up this morning. He used 7zip. I use Bandizip. But his issue turned out to not be 7zip. His firewall and/or anti-virus software was interfering. When he disabled them during the download and installation he was fine.
  2. I thought that I'd locked this when I posted. Well, it is now.
  3. This is why we can't have nice things.
  4. That could be why you're getting shredded. If I want to get troops safely into a building quickly I will use Fast or Quick to the door and then either Hunt or Move to enter the building. Fast and Quick moving units don't seek cover as well as Move and Hunt. Give it a try and see if you notice a difference.
  5. Correct. It is the UK VAT that went into effect January 1st.
  6. As with the story of the Steam guy posted above the sound suite thing is something that was stumbled upon a few years ago. Another situation where the "normal" fixes didn't do the trick and we were running out of ideas. The guy noticed a sound suite program running that he didn't even know he had installed on his computer.....let alone actually use it. He turned that off and BOOM......CM started working. Here is a list of some of those programs that we've found over the years. Some people may have one of these running and have o issues. Some people may have a sound program that isn't on this list but may be causing a problem: Realtek HD Audio Manger Asus ROG Sonic Studio Nahimic Sonic Suite II RivaTuner AI Suite 3
  7. I've had a tough ticket the last couple of days with a guy who just installed Cold War and the game wouldn't launch. We tried the standard things that have been suggested in this thread without any luck. He just told me that this fixed it: I could have gone back and forth with this guy for decades and never come up with that solution.
  8. Thanks! I don't know him. From what I can tell from his Twitter profile he does work for Jane's. He got a lot right. Just those few things he got wrong. This reply was kinda funny: Does the AJAX do health damage over time to its own crew or how realistic is it? That comment is from someone who has never played Combat Mission.
  9. Well, the first one that popped out was multiplayer per side. Also convoy command. I've already mentioned adjustable weapons. I don't remember ever testing entering through windows. I could fire it up and make sure that I'm remembering correctly but I'm pretty sure.
  10. Where was this from? It isn't accurate. There are a number of things on that list that aren't in CM Pro. And the last one is in Pro. I remember testing it by changing an Abrams main gun to fire 1,000 rounds per minute. Yeeeehhaaawww.
  11. Looks like there is a merge feature. Would anyone else like for me to merge them? I would try to merge this into the other thread because the other was started first.
  12. Yes. You are. Only one title used Game Engine1 - Normandy. The next game in the series, CMFI, was the first title with Game Engine 2. The issue with CMBN v1.x is related to the licensing software. That is why CMSF1 isn't affected in the same way.
  13. The first thing that I always suggest is trying a different browser. And sometimes disabling a firewall and/or anti-virus software during the download can help. But the first thing to try is a different browser.
  14. The license keys are in your Battlefront account. If you aren't able to get into the account open a Help Desk ticket and we can help you get in. https://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com/
  15. @BozowansProbably going over the edge here and invited this thread to go south very quickly. Let's try to keep it to the game for now, folks. This is @Aleksandr2033's first thread. I'd hate to have to shut it down. Thanks
  16. Man, you are an aggressive one, aren't ya? Nobody, certainly nobody from Battlefront, has referred to the PBEM+++ system as "this amazing breakthrough". To say that people calling it that is "comical" is kinda weird, don't you think? It's certainly a new feature for Combat Mission but it's been around in Slitherine/Matrix games for a while. There is nothing revolutionary or new about system. It's just new to CM. I hope you realize that throughout this thread you have been exactly what you are accusing others of. Why would anyone "mock and laugh" PBEM being part of Combat Mission? That's just weird. If you feel that it is garbage and outdated you can do exactly what you're doing. Not play PBEM. Fortunately there are other modes of play. But just because you like Cherry Garcia doesn't mean that Chubby Hubby (Ben and Jerry's reference) sucks and worthy of be mocked and laughed at. So, maybe a deep breath might be in order. Sit on back. Calm down a little. If someone doesn't like Discord don't let it bother you. If you don't like PBEM then don't get yourself all worked up about it.
  17. I don't see why it wouldn't for the Battlefront version of the game. We're only testing the Windows version now because we're preparing it for the Steam release. I don't see anything about it's functionality that would limit it to Windows only. The UI looks very "Combat Mission". It looks like selecting a battle or loading saved games and PBEM files.....that's what it looks like. So, that part will be very familiar to CM players.
  18. @DownSized Welcome to the forum. These guys have pointed you in the right direction to pick up a game. Between here, TFGM and theblitz you'll come across plenty of people who've been playing the games for a while and are used to the time it takes to complete a PBEM battle. I'm not chiming in about that though...... I'm chiming in about the new PBEM+++ system that is currently being tested for Cold War. Once it's up and working we can expect to start seeing it on other Combat Mission titles as well. One of the features of PBEM+++ is a lobby that has open PBEM games available (Challenges). These can either be public or private battles. The private battles are password protected. To play one of those the person who set up the Challenge would have to give you the password. The public Challenges are free for anyone to take. If you see a battle that you're interested you accept the Challenge and off you go. You won't even be asked what region you live in.
  19. We're either on the edge or close to it, folks. Probably time to throttle back or walk away.
  20. Thanks. I will keep those workarounds in mind if someone opens a ticket. If you had contacted me first, the first fix that comes to mind may have worked as well. When a game is activated a match is created between the game and the computer that it is on. If something big changes a mis-match is detected and the anti-piracy software is triggered. The system isn't nearly as sensitive as it was a few years ago and a Windows update will usually not do it. But an accumulation of things can cause a Windows update to be the final straw. I have a tool that I send people when that happens that clears it up.
  21. There is an actual Fight Club. It isn't secret but I do think that it isn't open to the public. They even have a Twitter account. I did a zoom meeting with them a few months ago. It isn't what I thought it was when I first started speaking with them. They do hardcore training with it. I had thought it was group that ran tournaments and ladders and things like that. Nope. They mean business. They use the public version of Black Sea.
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