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  1. Bullseye D.F. I was also just longing for the days past when in the editor you could adjust the loadout of individual tanks. As I recall you couldn't go completely nuts there either, with a limit on tungsten rounds for instance. The A.I. seems to do a good job of offering the appropriate TO&E for the time frame chosen. And yes; 'rarity' can make you yell at the screen on occasion, but it's vital for accuracy.
  2. Howza'bout being able to adjust the loadout of your supply truck platoon. It seems to be available in limited form for the Axis side in both the Quick Battle and Scenario Editor purchase screens, but nothing for the Allies Of course; total volume per vehicle would be fixed but the type & balance of items would be adjustable, increasing an item would result in a list of the remaining items to be adjusted downward. Everything would be date sensitive of course (Proximity Fuses, anyone?). Whose on board with this concept?
  3. Speaking of railroad tracks, are we ever going to get actual road tiles with legit grade crossings in the editor? Heretofore I've just been substituting standard road tiles in the rail line to simulate a crossing. This to reflect that a grade crossing would inflict no damage to any vehicle crossing it.
  4. I can still remember the first demo on the very first Combat Mission game. It was a revelation compared to everything else out there, back in the day. When was that, anyway?
  5. Uhhh…Okay, did I miss something a few pages back? The aforementioned Second Western Front, would that be the push up from Southern France (Operation Dragoon)?
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