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Hasty AAR: Rahadnak Valley Search (USMC)

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Sitrep @ 9:12

Oh my.. Now the real chaos of war starts. LAR dismounts uncovered enemy special forces FO. 1st Platoon is in firefight against some AK & RPG dudes who do hit & run in the alleys. Fortunately, LAV-25s are there to fire on the northern flank.

But the real meat of this story is with the 2nd Platoon. They got an RPG in their faces (after my semi-failed smokescreen rush) and uncovered SIX enemy teams, 4 on Obj Morty, two in the trenches. The ones in the trenches are dead by now (I think...). But the guys in the buildings & on rooftops are harder to target due to all the smoke..

LAR & enemy FO encounter:


Chaos of war: 2nd Platoon edition



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Yes, indeed.

Sitrep @ 9:13

I'll keep it short and let the screenies talk.

LAR dismounts kill 2 out of visible 3 enemy SF FO team (hand grenades FTW!):


1st Platoon's positions: fighting in the streets, flanking fire by LAV-25s onto hit&run RPG guy, one of the fireteams resupplies from the amtrack:




Most of the 2nd Platoon is in the trenches by now. And we've got some enemy HQ pinned down @ Obj Morty:



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Sitrep @ 9:16

Hmmm. I've got 45 minutes until the time runs out. This is that phase I'm sure many of us have experienced when you think you're not making in it in time and rush things, making it worse for yourself. I kinda have to deploy 3rd Platoon to its objective areas ASAP. But the direct route there isn't cleared yet. What do I do? This is the route I think might be relatively safe:


LAR's LAV-25s roll over Hill 55 to support 1st Platoon:


LAVs level the building with the RPG guy inside:


RPG-29 dude @ Obj Vasquez is out again to ruin my Marines' day:


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Sitrep @ 9:19

I've got two Javelin teams placed strategically at high ground in order to be able to quickly hit High Value Targets as they appear (also for better spotting). The room that the RPG-29 gunner appeared the last time in is the same room an enemy HQ combatant have run towards/into. So I ordered an immediate attack on that room with a Javelin missile. The room has collapsed. In other news, 1st Platoon got another casualty during resupply... 2nd Platoon is still facing opposition in the first line of houses near the trenches but is ready to move into Obj Morty any minute now.

Enemy HQ spotted @ Obj Vasquez:


2nd Platoon receives fire from the buildings @ Obj Morty:


Javelin attack on enemy HQ & RPG-29 position:


1st Platoon is trying to resupply during combat, but can't find a better place for it. There's a large ditch on the left side of the road, and no way to drive into the alleys on the right side. So the resupply has to be done right in the middle of the street.


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Sitrep @ 9:22

1st Platoon, slowly but surely, moves forward to secure Obj Drake. Resupply is almost complete, though not without some quirks.

2nd Platoon got a new casualty the moment the first element reached the outer fence of Obj Morty compound... Nothing I can do about it.

The route for 3rd Platoon's movement is still not secure enough, so I wait before committing them.

LAR Platoon is on the move. I spread everyone out along the northern front, leapfrogging forward. Also ordered the LAV-25 crews to stick their heads out for a bit to check out the surroundings. The northern flank presents a dilemma. On the one hand, there's ~80% flat terrain, more suitable for mounted forces, and making dismounted recon elements very vulnerable. On the other hand, there are ditches and tree lines capable of hiding enemy infantry and AT assets. The ideal solution would be using LAVs on flat terrain while sending dismounts over ditches and tree lines, but that's not always possible due to some unique terrain features. So yeah, I kinda struggle to advance as quickly as I anticipated.

Scout Snipers have reached the Point 37 near Hill 42 (SE corner of the map). I'm not 100% sure if I should send them further north to the low ground area, or keep them at Point 37 hill where they'd have better overview of the area.

Enemy HQ combatant at Obj Vasquez managed to survive the Javelin strike! The fella lying next to him is supposedly the RPG-29 gunner.


2nd Platoon's being hit:


LAR Platoon leapfrogs eastbound on the northern flank:


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As I wait for my partner to send the next turn, I wanted to say a few words.

First, huge thanks to @akd and @GreenAsJade for their outstanding work! I'm using @akd sound mod for greatly improved sound effects and @GreenAsJade's CM Helper (via Dropbox) to facilitate smooth PBEM experience. Thank you, people! It wouldn't be as great without your work!

Second, I want to talk about building clearing procedures that I use. There are two general ways I execute an entry:

  • No enemy contact. Hunt command with reduced range (200-300 meters max) and 360 firing arc. I suspect that Hunt makes units less visible/noticeable than if they were running, and more prepared to return fire than normal Move. That presents a problem - a team on Hunt order may stop when fired upon, and the area they've stopped could be exposed and deadly to stay on (example).
  • Known enemy position. There are two ways to approach an enemy position (a building in our case):
    • a) Using a covered route (that does not expose your assault team),
    • b) Using a more direct route that makes you place the assault team in front of the windows.
    • In either case, great amount of suppressive fire is required. When coming from a covered route, you can stop outside the house/room and use delayed attack so that your assault team throws in some hand grenades. But then it'll have to run inside, preferably. If you can't approach the target building from a safe direction, you'll have to run either way.

But that's the problem. Running into a room with enemies is also very dangerous. Sometimes more than giving a hunt command (unit will stop right away).

What is your preferred way of moving into the buildings?

Sitrep @ 9:23

Marines of the 1st Platoon win a firefight against several enemy groups while clearing the Obj Drake. Only one team was moving into a new building and made contact across the yard, so all the other teams were able to respond with fire immediately, and from multiple angles. Also, 1st Platoon may be seriously battered and understrenghted, it's still alive and kicking enemy's arse.



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2 hours ago, L0ckAndL0ad said:

What is your preferred way of moving into the buildings?

Yes, lots of suppressive fire.  After that, in the game, some players report that it's effective to SLOW move into the building.  If enemy is still not spotted by an adjacent to the building unit, I generally QUICK move in.  If you HUNT the unit could get fired upon and get "stuck".

The biggest challenge I have faced is when the enemy are not in the building but behind a far wall.  So, one's unit enters the deserted building, then gets mowed down by enemy hiding behind a wall on the far side.  Smoke may help. 

Otherwise I have learned to have them enter the building on QUICK and immediately FAST move back out the same way they entered.  That way they can "recon" the interior and far wall, but don't stay to be massacred during the minute you can't issue new orders (in WEGO am talking about obviously).   

One can also use PAUSE so that they unit enters the building only in the last few seconds of a WEGO turn.  That way they may spot the enemy first and can fire at the far wall immediately at the start of the next WEGO turn.

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Sitrep @ 9:26

1st Platoon needs to clear one more row of buildings before declaring Obj Drake secure, but I feel like there's nobody there left. I'd be careful anyway. 2nd Platoon has cleared 1/3 of Obj Morty. 3rd Platoon is en route to Obj Phelps. LAR & Scout Sniper Platoons have nothing to report.

One of the two Company HQ-assigned AAVs got stuck dead in the mud in the dried up creek @ SE corner. I ordered the crew to dismount and head to 2nd Platoon's position to treat the casualties. Wonder if I'd get the AAV as "killed" in the end during the scoring. It's mission killed and won't move anyway..

3rd Platoon passes by 1st Platoon's AAVs that overwatch the Obj Drake:


Elements of 2nd Platoon react to contact while clearing Obj Morty:


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On 10/15/2018 at 11:40 AM, Chudacabra said:

I also like to have units stop outside a building and target briefly into the building.

Unfortunately, this doesn't do anything to suppress an enemy hiding in ambush behind the wall on the far side of the building.  That's why entering a building can be so dangerous.  Some designers are very good at setting up these sorts of ambushes.

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Sitrep @ 9:30

3rd Platoon is as lucky as the 1st it seems. The route I showed you.. There are these trenches and canals that I can't control without populating them with infantry. I had many different vehicles on overwatch in the area, but it wasn't enough.. So the good old Murphy's law works again. The route I expected to be the most secure... wasn't secure. The front line that I held was broken & infiltrated in exactly the area I used for 3rd Platoon's insertion.. 

The results.. a destroyed AAV, multiple casualties, and a premature deployment of the 3rd Plt, which means the Marines now have to go even further.. And it's 30 minutes till the end of the mission. I don't think I'd be able to reach Obj Jones.  Maybe with LAR Platoon...? But unlikely..

3rd Platoon's AAV takes an RPG hit:


The perp, running away, being chased by 40mm grenade explosions:


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Sitrep @ 9:31

So there were at least two guys in that ditch. The first one (who ran away) seems to have died on a previous turn. On this turn, his buddy tried to get another shot off, missed by a couple of meters. The AAVs cut him down with 40 mike mikes and M2s...



2nd Platoons have cleared 2/3 of Obj Morty. Here's the contested part (with like 5 dead dudes seen on the roofs) that the Marines are about to storm:


In other news. Obj Drake is now fully secure! Do you feel secure? I'm sure 1st Platoon is filled with great joy by now. Somebody should tell them they gotta take the Vasquez also. And provide some overwatch for the 3rd Platoon.


Speaking of 3rd Platoon. Here's a preliminary movement plan I came up with:


Since there's little chance that 3rd might be able to reach Obj Jones in time, LAR Platoon, with only 4 dismounted teams, can try and grab one or two buildings there. Like these two. Should be enough to seal off the northern entrance to the village and provide some sort of control over it.


Headcount tracker says I'm at 77% manpower. Which is below 80% required from me by the briefing. But this is MOUT. In MOUT, you should always expect at least 50% casualties.

Overall picture:


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11 minutes ago, MOS:96B2P said:

@L0ckAndL0ad cool head count tracker you made.  And good luck with the remaining objectives. 

Thanks! Actually, I completely forgot to include AAV crews into the calculations. Now I see I'm exactly at 80% threshold. But there's no way I'm gonna be able to keep it that way.

BTW, nobody still managed to guess what Objectives Phelps and Jones refer to ;)

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34 minutes ago, L0ckAndL0ad said:

BTW, nobody still managed to guess what Objectives Phelps and Jones refer to ;)

Phelps is the US champion swimmer?

Jones that neighbour you hare always trying to keep up with? :D

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Okay, I'll give you another hint (you all missed the first one apparently). They are both fictional characters (just like the others, duh) that are not directly related but have something strong in common. :)

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Nope! I'll announce the answer to our little quiz upon completion of this Nasty AAR!

Sitrep @ 9:33

1st Platoon is making itself useful! Not only did they manage to spot an enemy sniper, moving to a new position, but they also skillfully supported 3rd Platoon's movement! I love when my pixeltruppen actually do what I wanted them to.

Enemy sniper is a High Value Target in my book, so his location was targeted by a Javelin missile strike. And a focused fire by several vehicles. Time to surgically destroy another building.

So 1st Platoon's successes... Right, right. I set them along the Obj Drake border to support 3rd Platoon moving into Obj Phelps (*smooth jazz tune slowly increases in volume*).

1st Platoon had to do just one thing, and one thing only. Watch out for any signs of trouble. The alleys across the bridge were still and silent, and only barely noticeable desert wind kept the men aware by throwing small pieces of sand into their tired, wary faces.

- Come to me, darling, - Sergeant broke a brief moment of silence. - I ain't no detective, but I WILL get to you. Aren't you tired of running?, - he spit into the sand and continued thoughtfully gazing into the far reaches of the valley ahead.

So, the 1st Platoon was watching. Watching.. And suddenly, the shots erupted, sounding from the other side of the bridge. An RPG team appeared on a rooftop, barely noticeable for the Marines. Then came more shots, and another team of armed men appeared on a distant roof. The Sergeant awoke from his short moment of quaint absence and started shouting orders to the men: - Two o'clock, three hundred meters, rooftops! Light them up, boys!

One after the other, the 1st Platoon Marine teams, beaten but still very much trigger-happy, acquired their respective targets and started firing. The whole valley awoke with loud noises of a firefight. The Marines managed to successfully suppress the enemy, giving time to several distant vehicle crews to figure out they also have to tune into this chaotic rumble of death and destruction.

Ahem.. Yeah, I got carried away a little. Wink. Wink. So.. 1st Platoon reacted good! More info to come..

Enemy sniper changes his position:


2nd Platoon awaits for the smoke screen before entering the enemy compound. Also, just a weird scene.


1st Platoon covers 3rd Platoon's movement:


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Sitrep @ 9:40

Mkay, so there's only 20 minutes remaining. What do I have to report? 1st Platoon is moving into position to storm Obj Vasquez. Obj Morty has been secured. 2nd Platoon is almost in position to start clearing Obj Rick. 3rd Platoon is swarming through Obj Phelps like little ants. LAR Plt keeps clearing the lowgrounds in the north.

I'm confident that I'd be able to clear Objectives Vasquez and Rick in time. Unless 1st Platoon decides to go AWOL during the assault. Their morale is pretty low, so I keep the Squad Leader team where it is needed the most. Obj Phelps will most likely not be fully cleared by the end of this mission.

3rd Platoon had only two breaching charges. The first one was used at the initial entry point:


One of the RPG guys at Obj Phelps survived and managed to run away:


The swarm of Marines @ Obj Phelps:


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