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Turkish Leopard 2A4 mod preview

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Good stuff, guys.

Just some harmless jawing here while we wait, but S2 what's the backstory and objective of this Turkish border crossing? 1. an incursion or raid to kill or capture specific Kurds enemies, or is it 2. to ethnically cleanse secure a longer term buffer zone?

If a town or city fight is involved, as you imply, in the former case, you're in for a very risky coup de main/VIP snatch-or-kill type operation, a la my 2012 Baba Amr scenario.

In the latter case, isn't it better to bypass and seal off the towns at first, securing the countryside and then figuring out how best to root/starve out the urban holdouts? I believe negotiated safe conduct has been the preferred resolution, even with ISIS.

Either way, about the last thing you'd want is a Pyrrhic mini-Mosul, leveling block after block for weeks, plus bereaved Turkish mums (and generals) cursing the Great Hetman.

This is just for friendly discussion, not criticising (people here seem a tad prickly of late).

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Posted (edited)

TBH I was just doing my usual experimentation to see what I could build.....I actually deleted my first batch of Turkish stuff when the 'coup' took place, seemed in bad taste at the time.....Decided to remake it when they actually did cross the Syrian border. 

As to the backstory.....Exactly as you suggest, drive the Kurds from a series of border towns, replacing them with the FSA.

Fortuitously the (IIRC) German campaign is set in the general vicinity of Al Bab, which is pretty much spot on. 

The Turkish core is built around a mechanised battalion, plus another battalion of Turkmen FSA militia types and irregulars, my intent is for (roughly company sized) units to appear briefly in various areas with a specific mission, very few will reappear in any subsequent scenarios (due to deadness in many cases).

As I said I got badly bogged rebuilding the urban centre on the map, it's very sprawling and not at all neatly laid out, so getting all the buidings how I like 'em has proved challenging.....Haven't looked at it in a long time TBH, but I can always dig it out and do the edits in the new game (assuming all works as expected on that front) if there's any interest?

11 hours ago, LongLeftFlank said:

I believe negotiated safe conduct has been the preferred resolution, even with ISIS.

All doable with the new engine, but green trucks will have to do for green busses.....We have exit zones and we're gonna use 'em!  ;)

The Kurds should put up a better fight in CM:SF2, or a more realistic one at any rate, hopefully the urge to flee in silly directions when under fire will have been toned down a little.....Although it does quite suit the Abu Hajars out there!  :ph34r:

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