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Turkish Leopard 2A4 mod preview

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Turkey crossing the Syrian border last January brought Leopard 2A4 onto the front page. I'm quickly whipping up a Turkish mod for the German vehicle for CMSF2.

I haven't uploaded a mod since before Repository went away. I'll have to pick a spot to upload to after CMSF2 comes out. It might possibly fit the CMSF1 model too, though I haven't tried.



sample 2.jpg

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I'm glad there is no mention of those sorts in the article, for I would have stopped reading them. I'm not going to debate these subjects, I think it is suffice to say that both ('floodgate musli

All of CMSF2 is one big MikeyD mod.  Almost everything's been touched in the game and 7/8ths of it nobody had actually asked me to do. They'd just come in to work in the morning to find a Carl Gustav

Progress to date: Camou applied. Plus the tanker was given Turkish pattern fatigues and a CVC helmet. Very different indeed from the default German vehicle.  

Posted Images

If you can do matching YPRs I've already largely written a scenario (one AI scripted, no briefings) and it doesn't use crew-swapping so it should be portable.  ;) 

BTW - The picture you chose doesn't make it obvious, but that example and many other Turkish Leos actually have three colour camo.....Four black corners and four green stripes (these may be the legacy of over-painted NATO camo):




Don't worry though, plain is fine too:


I believe the camoed examples are replacements/reinforcements after the first lot got trashed.....What's that saying about repeating a plan and expecting a different outcome?  :P




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Yup, the plan is to do one plain and one funky camou pattern.
A lot of the plain vehicles in picts you can see the camou stripes had been deliberately painted over. And the pre-invasion Leopards seem to be in standard NATO camou.

Ah! It just dawned on me. I've seen that color before. Tiger Is in North Africa! :o

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7 hours ago, MikeyD said:

I've seen that color before. Tiger Is in North Africa!

Nice looking Mikey.   Hope uniforms are also moddable to Turkish.  (But weapons??)

Syrian desert environment is not significantly different to NA, so no surprise there.  What does surprise me is how resistant folks are to a CM-DAK title when everyone is now creaming about CMSF2. 

But, then I recall how a couple years ago, most people were poo poo-ing the very idea of a CMSF2 that some of us were enthusiastically lobbying for.  Customers/people are funny that way.

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I have my ideas. I don't know how much free time I'll have to implement them, though. I'd like to at least swap out the German tanker uniform for  something more appropriate. As for weapons, I might be able to borrow the FN rifle out of CM:Afghanistan to swap out the Dutch rifle. I don't know if that's even doable.

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11 hours ago, Sequoia said:

Looks great. Mike are you also going to redo you African Campaign?

I was thinking/hoping along the same lines.  +1

9 hours ago, MikeyD said:

That's an open question. If I have time to recreate my 'Africa mod pack' that suggests I'm underemployed with time on my hands. If I can't get to it that means I'm too busy working on wonderful new CM projects for future release.  B) 

@MikeyD that's a great answer.  You could probably be a politician :).  Just the African mods would be great.  Others could create the scenarios/campaigns.  I know I would use them in scenarios.  Those mods open an entire continent for scenario designers.  I just discovered your African mods in 2017 when @Combatintman made the excellent scenario   Op-BARRAS - A Coy 1 PARA  http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-shock-force-2/cm-shock-force/op-barras-a-coy-1-para-sierra-leone/



From a moded start screen


From The King Copper Mines



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Your Mods are great, and much appreciated.  I think that you should release your Turkish and African Mods as a Pack.   You should definitely get paid for your work, and if Steve is cool with it, others may develop Mod Packs as well, which would be good for everyone.

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On 8/5/2018 at 6:14 AM, MikeyD said:

Progress to date: Camou applied. Plus the tanker was given Turkish pattern fatigues and a CVC helmet. Very different indeed from the default German vehicle.


Turkish leo 2 sample.jpg

Wow, looking like the real deal! I'm definitely interested in the Turkish mods (and Sgt. Squareheads Turkish scenario's).

Besides, I too have warm memories of the King Copper mine scenario and the african mod pack. Would be great if someone could make it available for CMSF2.

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I've got a border-crossing scenario written, but only one (pretty basic) AI plan and no briefing.....It's a pretty major remodel of one of the stock NATO campaign scenarios IIRC. 

I got bogged down working my way through the countless buildings, making them a bit more Syrian and sorting the internal/doors windows issues, ensuring connecting buildings were at the same elevation and wore the same skins etc. (per @LongLeftFlank & @Combatintman recommendations for good urban mapping).....It's a bit of a chore but it really makes a difference when you play the map.

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