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  1. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm stuck in a time loop : a personal hell of my own where I wait for the new Fortress Italy module while life just keeps going on around me, but I'm too paralyzed by anticipation to take part in it.
  2. Sipping morning coffee Aren't we all having a normal one over here?
  3. I would shell out some top dollar for irregulars, or partisans, or "third-rate" type troops, in any game!
  4. Pray with me brothers, for the prompt release of the module.
  5. I'm fairly certain the devs said there wouldn't be any additional content for Shock Force 2. However, provided certain ghoulish characters get what they want and war errupts between Iran and the US, maybe we'll see a Combat Mission title (complete with CM3 engine hopefully) 20 years down the line featuring all the favorites from the conflict zone - which no doubt means the IDF would be included.
  6. Well, issuing a Target or Target Briefly command in grenade range will have the unit throwing grenades, yes, but the point of a separate command is to prevent the unwanted discharge of precious SMG ammunition and single-shot weapons.
  7. As far as I know, what you ask is not possible to achieve directly.
  8. I don't see a Target Grenade being too much of an obstacle to a unit survivability. As far as I know, certain commands can already be overrided by the TAC-AI if certain conditions are met.
  9. @RockinHarry I know it's possible to approximate some of what I described, but I think that to model appropriate and logical behaviors, those actions would need distinct commands. The time-based shoot and scoot method is not reliable. When the time reaches 0, the team will evade (which is no good and potentially dangerous if your target did not cross the target arc in time). In a similar fashion, they can shoot an infinite number of times during that time window, but you could want for them to evade as soon as the first shot is fired (the most evident case would be for a team equipped with disposable AT launchers). About grenades, the problem is that it's often not possible to find a spot where your target is liable to be engaged in the currently available manner. A separate command would give you the expected result every time as long as you're in range.
  10. I'll say it again like I do every time I have the chance. Combat Mission as it is right now could massively benefit from 3 commands. Shoot and Scoot : Cover arc order that lets you select an arc and a number of shots (much like Target Briefly) and then executes a Fallback Point order (see below). This would increase the surivability and unpredictability of fragile high-impact weapon teams. Fallback Point : Movement waypoint that is only executed when the TAC-AI decides the unit should retreat. Essentially, this lets you decide where a unit retreats when it breaks or decides to scamper, solving one of the biggest problems players have with the TAC-AI. With vehicles, the movement would be in reverse. Target Grenade : Attack order that uses grenades and demolition charges only. It would increase the usefulness of grenades especially in urban settings. You can do something similar in the games as they are, provided the terrain is right (target in the same Action Square, but beyond an obstacle), but such a thing is quite rare.
  11. You have to consider that a tank in a forest has a line of sight emerging from all the various vision devices on the vehicle. An enemy in the field can see it from any part exposed to its LOS.
  12. That's a fine list of suggestions, but some of them are outsized in scope compared to others. For example "random map generation" would take extreme amounts of difficult programming time in order for the algorithm to generate anything more than a barren grassland with random specks of trees and other ground types. The complexity is magnified when you have to consider that each game offers multiple types of geographies.
  13. Maybe the AT rifle is handled as a small arm (and a rather poor one at that for self-defense), albeit one that attacks vehicles (the the .50cal), as opposed to a special weapon.
  14. I know a knightly man who'd say otherwise, surely with an imperative tone. Some kind of equine footwear is also involved... somehow?
  15. The Syrians also have load-bearing gear issues. For example, some RPG gunners have no mag pouches, there are no GLammo pouches (despite them being in the game files it seems), and some regular army motorized/mechanized units appear to have two overlaid sets of pouches : one camouflaged, one olive.
  16. @KaunitzWhat do you mean? It's perfectly normal and usual to join the paramilitary force loyal to the far-right authoritarian party in power who is responsible for destroying the democratic institutions of the state and liquidating its enemies as well as those it considers undesirables.
  17. As far as I'm aware, there is no way to "properly" cheat in CM2 games. The series is far too niche to attract any profesionnal "hack makers". The only way to cheat is to act in an ungentlemanly manner : disregarding home rules, viewing the objectives and OOB of the other side in a pre-made scenario, abusing cheap tricks (map edges for example), abusing certain units that may be unbalanced because of their points/power ratio or the lack of good counters in certain factions/time periods (legions of King Tigers spring to mind...). Fortunately, the CM community is extremely mature as far as game communities go, so that shouldn't be a problem.
  18. "[...] Combat Mission Afrika Korps is the third and final game in the Combat Mission series [...]" 😶
  19. In my opinion, 4.0 is well worth it, especially with the recent round of patches. You'll only need to purchase either the 4.0 Upgrade for BN or 4.0 Upgrade Package for all games at once.
  20. The important part is that the blessed module is coming
  21. Second theory : all the radios were sold to locals and the tankers had to communicate with hand-signals.
  22. I haven't tried it, but I assume it might be possible to have on-map artillery units delay their fire-missions using the various Pause commands.
  23. My working theory is that OP's opponent is a car valet.
  24. Fortress Italy v200.brz is from the Game Engine 4 upgrade. Go to My Orders and select the one in which you purchased either Fortress Italy Engine 4 Upgrade or Game Engine 4 Upgrade Pack. Then, install the 4.0 upgrade, then install the 4.0 patch. That oughta work.
  25. @umlaut You're playing with peoples' emotions right there buddy.
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