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  1. In RL , yes, that M1 should have been claimed as a "mission kill" . Track gone, gun fail, turret not move. Trophy APS system on the turret should become useless trash after first 152mm landing. But this is CMBS From the screenshot the MG , track and engine are gone. Trophy marked as orange, so it is still working....
  2. Yes, MTLB is even fragile than BTR. I have seen a VOG-25 40mm HE knocked out a MTLB by penetration at commander's hatch
  3. From one of my PBEM game, scenario "Ambush" After several RPG sighting, the doomed Ukraine BTR driver put the gear to reverse. Unfortunately this action exposed his rear to a separatist LMG gunner. A long burst 7.62mmx54R teared into the BTR's engine, cut down two crew, ignite the fire. All three trapped in the BTR were killed Separatist was watching the burning BTR. On his left another Ukraine BTR speed through the ambush site
  4. he has APS (active protection system) for Rus/Ukr side you will have to use special FO team to call the PGM ( the one with laser designator ) because their PGM is guided by laser
  5. I guess most of your Stryker gunners casualty happened during reloading process, caused by small arms fire. They have to expose themselves outside the vehicles to reload the MG or GL. I don't quite understand the second part. You want to combine the crew? How? Crew teams are individual teams, they cannot be combined. If you lost the gunner on the APC or IFV, you can mount a squad or a team (or another driver who lost his gunner mate) onto the vehicle, someone will occupy the gunner position.
  6. Go back to topic , CM is about the tactical solution. What to do to make the ATGM position exposed , my answer is , make them shoot, and you survive. Note many people may consider this as a very gamey move. As a former starcraft player, I am following a South Korea style , "micromanagement is the solution to every problem" Here is the screenshot of my last CMBS PBEM game, I create a combo of different command. The purpose is simple, make the BMP-3 fire a HE before the Javelin finish the lock (15 seconds). so fast to one place, stop for 10s, shoot , reverse. then repeat. Maybe you can do the same thing with AT-14. Make dismount get into the observation position , move one BMP forward , exposed for 10s , then reverse back. AT-14 may need 5s-10s to finish the aim , then the distance will cost ATGM another 5s to reach the target. By that time your BMP may have already reach the safe place, so the ATGM will lost target and crash to the ground.
  7. Thank you for the link. Thank god, a different campaign. I am in the middle of Road to Dinas, so I thought I shouldn't read this thread until I finish that campaign. Some of the operational level wargame should have better simulation on these recon assets. (like FCRS , Command Ops etc). Sun Tzu said " Victory is decided before the battle is fought" , CM is focus on the battle, the last step before the victory. And we really enjoy that, recon is boring. But I know a talent scenario author can create some fantastic recon scenario , the decision and outcome will influence the whole campaign. for example I love the scenario 2 in road to Dinas campaign created by Paper Tiger. The Rebel made a breakthrough in Scenario 1, government's force sent a company of T-72 to the front line. Operating deep behind the contact line, rebel 's recon company knew the government's tanks are approaching . They decided to capture a key point , a hill next to the highway, setup an ambush. One dead T-72 means one less T-72 in Scenario 3. PT asked the player to hit cease fire before government force capture another hill. This is to simulate a withdraw before government force establish the LOS on rebel's retreat route. I love that one.
  8. wow, wear sunglass at night, I like this idea
  9. Yes, FYI, BRDM Rec company should have some ATGM version BRDM in the units too OK, I am speaking from my memory so I could be totally wrong on this http://i257.photobucket.com/albums/hh240/andyrix/Soviets/Advanced Guard/Slide2_zpstxuv4qr2.jpg IRL, the Recon Platoon boarding on IFV should come from the Rec Battalion (Bn.) assigned to Regiment (Regt.) . A regular Mech Inf Bn usually don't have a Recon Plt in its OOB, they can build their own recon plt by their own. The dedicated Rec Plt is the backbone of combat recon patrol or forward attachment, these are important parts in Soviet doctrine. Different units in Soviet military has different task based on doctrine, but Soviets is doing their best to mix individual units into a dual-task TF. In combat recon patrol you will need some boots on the ground ahead of the formation, some target to let the enemy to shoot at . The task force should be strong enough to drive away enemy recon, it can also be used to ID enemy main resistance position if other recon element failed to do so. The recon plt on IFV should be able to carry out this task independently, but no surprise if it is reinforced with a tank plt. In forward attachment task the rec plt will be part of the task force, built with tanks, Inf, AT, engineer, NBC and artillery observation units. They are going to assign some important task, like capture a bridge, strike enemy HQ position. And Soviets believe due to the natural of maneuver warfare , the attacking and defensing could change rapidly. That is the reason why their recon element has ATGM in their organization since 1960's, at that time period American scouts were still riding on M113 and shooting with M16, we Chinese recon were still practicing shooting target 600m away with a type 56 SAR (SKS) . Since the recon element will be the first to contact with enemy counter attack force, Soviets believe its recon has the responsibility to slow down the enemy's counter attack. So that the main body have the time and space to transfer from a road marching formation into a defense formation. Whether by Ambush or by head to head fight, the decision lays in the Recon force commanding officer's hands. s
  10. I have not play the campaign you mentioned . There isn't too many red campaign in CMSF 1 world. Besides this scenario, I know there is another scenario put spotlight on Red recon platoon. Scenario 2 on "Road to Dinas" campaign. A Mech Recon plt ID the government force's reinforcement before the scenario start, now it is time to delay their armor reinforcement's schedule and get the f**k out. There were similar discussion on recon topic, I think long time ago the conclusion was scouts units and their mission doesn't fit into CM's scope very well I guess in this particular CM scenario , " watch your guys get blew up" is the best way to find the unknown ATGM position .
  11. Just want to know what is the sunset and sun rise time at CMBS? Is that a fix time in the whole game period (June to Aug)? I started a scenario , the first turn is at 5:00am. Wondering when my pixeltruppen will take off their NV googles .
  12. "The tip of the spear", BTG/RTG was already a concept of WW II warfare. One BTG with whole division support lead the way, the other Bn either following behind or perform flank guard, rear guard duty. But one key point of this concept is how many support the BTG can have. The BTG leading the way can will attract all the spotlight, while people may forgot how many support the leading BTG can have I agree most of this. The current independent BTG concept is best suit for.... current situation in Donbass. The BTG can enjoy a lot of Arty, EW support that usually keep at Corps level. With so many support , the objective of the BTG is a very limit one: capture a village 5km away, or counter attack and push the enemy back to where they started. In a "big" war the independent BTG will become combat inefficient after suffering some casualty. Even assuming it can achieve its objective without suffering too much casualty, human being and machine need rest/maintenance. There should be another Bn bypass it and carry on the attack, all the support should be transferred to this fresh Bn, forming up a new BTG .
  13. Or carry two canvas bags and step forward ------ tank man
  14. Did you check the EW strength setting? It could impact the delay too. Any way here is my experience, in case I have to endure long waiting time, I will change my mindset on the arty. Do NOT use the arty to bomb the detected target . Use the arty to strike the target you cannot see, drop the barrage on the suspicious area that enemy could hide into. Setup an Arty mission first, use light, long or maximum mission, so that I can easily adjust it to bomb the new detected target later
  15. This is from my recent PBEM game "Run! Forrest run!" Poor boy ran hard in the wrong direction 😆
  16. If you are going to be penalized for damaging the building, then, set up several fire support position from other buildings to over watch the target building. Sending a small team to stir up the hornets' nest , cover their approaching by smoke. When get into the building , the ideal situation is your team arear fire every floor . Toss some grenade, spray one box of LMG ammo then move in. Another tip is you can ask your fire support team target light to make the enemy return fire and reveal their position, target light won't damage the building too much.
  17. Similar tactic has already been developed by IAF and USAF, see ADM-141 I-TALD. in other news , I remember in 2018 IDF fired a Patriot Missile to shoot down a $999 DJI commercial UAV
  18. I won't surprise if it was shot down by Tunguska. RQ-7 is a small size UAV, but it is not a stealth UAV. My guess the RCS of RQ-7 should be in the range of 0.1m^2 ~ 1m^2 . So it could be hard to detect by radar at long distance or by old generation mobile SAM radar, but not invisible to the modern radar at short distance If the RQ-7 is circling over a Tunguska for couple minutes , I won't surprise at some time Tunguska's radar be able to catch enough radar reflection signal , then using either IR or optic to ID the target before firing a burst of 30mm
  19. There are some of the operational level wargame feature the order delay and limited orders. But as IanL mentioned below, CM is a tactical level simulation game, player assume the commander role from Bn commander to team leader. Implementing these features will change the scope of the CM game. One of the wargame FCRS (Flashpoint campaigns red storm) feature both order delay and limited orders. Order delay is built in the game, the limited order is an optional choice. There are some discussion and thoughts about limited orders feature. Here I would like to share one discussion copied from Matrixgames forum http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=3775464
  20. Maybe you can post your question on CM2 General Tech Support forum I know after CMRT, the folders contain save, scenario , maps are no longer in the same location with the game file. if my memory is correct, they are in "user name"/ documents/ game now maybe your windows is based on different language? or the user name that you log into windows is in different language? I had the same problem with one of my desktop which has Chinese language windows installed hopefully this could be helpful
  21. CMBS already have one vehicle on M113 chassis: M1064 Mortar Carrier
  22. also keep in mind if your Javelin team is not far away from a fallen comrade that carry Javelin, then your team have access to those Javelin.
  23. it looks like Shenyang Li Jian (sharp sword), which looks like RQ-170
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