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  1. I guess this brings up another problem , SMG in CMx2 is a little bit of OP, too accurate , too lethal hum, interesting. Never heard this before Yes, but as the battle goes on, you will have less and less SMG firepower. Ivan rifleman just don't want to pickup those PPSh
  2. Another question is who carries smoke grenades and how many they carry? For a very long time I thought the Squad Leader carries one smoke grenades. But I just realized it’s not the case in recent gameplay, I was surprised to see the two man scout team carries smoke grenades. Then I checked couple scenarios in CMBN and CMRT. Yes, if you hit split team button, smoke grenades will be carried by team A lead by SL. But if you split the squad by scout team, then here is the tricky part : US and UK infantry squad , they have 3 sections. After you hit split scout team twice the smoke grenades will be on second scout team’s hand (Detachment C) , the Detachment A which has SL in do not have smoke grenades. German infantry squad, hit split scout team once then the smoke grenades goes to the two men scout team B. Team A’s pop smoke option is grey out. German 8 men PzG squad (Sdkfz 251) , hit the split 2-men scout team will create two teams both have smoke grenades. So who is carrying the smoke grenades?
  3. CM’s weapon recovery puzzles me. In WWII title almost everyone can recovery a LMG, Panzerschreck/Bazooka or a StG44 through first aid (I am happy with that), and I can understand pixeltruppen refuse to pickup an ATR or a SLR like G43 or SVT, guess they are heavy, hard to maintenance. But I don’t understand why a rifleman refuse to recovery a SMG, do they trust their bolt action rifle more than a sub machinegun?
  4. Can you please increase the distance to 500m then run a couple more tests?
  5. CMBS : Task Force Spartan Resolve CMBS Task Force Spartan Resolve v3.0 (thefewgoodmen.com)
  6. I am wondering if a recon by fire will provide a better result. Setting up a fire base to over-watch that direction, get a two men scout team to randomly fire in any suspicious spot, hopefully it will trigger return fire. I haven't played this scenario yet. But from description on weather , the visibility should be between Mit Karacho and Vengance. An effective spotting range on moving infantry units should be less than 100~150m, but if someone is firing, the muzzle flash will reveal his position to 300m away. Maybe you should get the Camera close. Hopefully there is a surprise waiting for you. In CM WWII Games, LMG can be picked up by anyone except another LMG gunner, flamethrower , bazooka / Panzerschreck. Sometime the weapon UI won't show the LMG has been picked up. But if you get the camera close, you will noticed that the LMG is on the first aider's back. He will switch to LMG in an intense fire fight.
  7. Soviets doctrine has its own reason. Here is why. An ITOW barely scratched T64B's paint, but the TC got killed
  8. Did the Tank commander turn out? If it is, some hits on the TC Hatch will count as "hit opening"
  9. I think in CM the "IR optics" covers a very broad gunner sight equipment , from gunner's near infrared sight to thermal sight that works at far infrared spectra. For example BMP-2 and T-64BV they do have "IR Optics" in their subsystems panel. I don't expect these two have same spotting capability as a M1A1. Also, since IR Optics covers only gunner sight. unbutton should help to improve commander's spotting capability. Many of the 80's AFV's commander don't have a commander's thermal sight. Some can use Gunner's Primary Sight Extension to see what the gunner can see but that means the commander cannot preform scanning. So keep commander unbutton should help. But for anything that has CITV, Cmdr Video, I will definitely keep the vehicle buttoned
  10. Regarding if this scenario is balanced, I would say if both players play this blind then it is moderate pro-Soviets. German side has too many things to worry about, too much uncertainty to bear with. But if both sides know the map/setup zone well, then it is a balanced or even slightly pro-axis.
  11. Inf teams assault tanks with grenades and here are two more video on what happened on pervious turn https://youtu.be/lYCw1GuQLPQ
  12. Not sure if this has been discussed . I noticed that withdraw order doesn't work if the unit is on the roof or in first floor of the building.
  13. The muzzle flash will reveal the shooter so it is always a risk. But play it smart it could benefit the player I remember there is a user made scenario in CMRT (probably it's AD Farmyard Skirmish ) , a German Straggler co. attack a village. The weather is Heavy rain, visibility is very low. Soviet defender scatter in the village however you could run into a deadly SMG gunfire trap because effective spotting range is less than 80m (but muzzle flash can draw return fire 300m away). So here is the trick to break Soviet's defense. Make the whole Co. get into a fire support position 150-200m away from the village, send a two men scout team forward, then area fire any suspicious position. it will trigger Soviet's return fire and it is very likely they won't survive very long under the firepower of your whole company.
  14. I hear ya Yes, you are right. Targeting on the spotted units aim at the target so it is supposed to be more accurate. But it doesn't matter to large caliber HE round. So I hope the Dev team can consider my suggestion, make the shooter randomly target 1 or 2 square away from intended area fire aim point.
  15. A little bit OT. I think blind area fire is a little bit OP as it is as accurate as fire on spotted target. Image you are a CO, you asked your sergeants to keep firing at the center part of the woods. In CM, everyone will fire at the same spot (grid) . IRL that's not possible, because different people have a different point of view, that will cause a different definition of "center part". I am wondering if the future CM engine can give some penalty to blind area fire: For example , unit may aim at 1 or 2 grid away from intended target area.
  16. Yes, as George MC mentioned below the weather is tricky in this scenario. The effective spotting distance is less than 300m for AFV, but the muzzle flash will expose the shooter's position, make the shooter a light bulb in a dark room. You can still area fire but it is better to let the shooter hide in a good cover position, let couple more AFV to overwatch the same direction.
  17. Good to know, actually I am still at Schroif Campaign mission 3, but I have finished reading the campaign briefing PDF File so I remember the conversation between Oberstleutant Voss and Hauptmann Hans von Schroif. Glad to know those are two different missions. I have finished my PBEM game . I was playing German side, a minor defeat but I still consider a big win for me because 1, most important , I have fun. This is a fantastic scenario . I play this scenario blind and I believe my opponent also play it blind 2, I saved the trapped KG, they lost 1 Pz IIL, 1 Sdkfz 251 and couple infantrymen but in the end , they still have good combat effectiveness.
  18. Guess that is part of reason why Soviets SMG teams are so formidable in CM. They always have enough armored support. Most of CM scenario have high density AFV, puts German player in a dilemma position. Try to stop SMG team cold in open ground at long distance will not work, most of time your HMG and LMG team will be eliminated by a salvo of 76mm HE. try to setup an ambush in keyhole position at close range may backfire for obvious reason.
  19. A little bit of OT, today is 80 years anniversary of Barbarossa https://www.france24.com/en/europe/20210621-hitler-s-war-of-annihilation-operation-barbarossa-80-years-on
  20. Did you use "Target" command to engage the enemy inf units? If so, then your squad will fire Dragon ATGM at the infantry units . Avoid the "Target" command.
  21. That looks great Falaise! Yes, my vehicle passed thanks to my luck, only two infantrymen were pushed off bridge . But later when I sent one Sdkfz 251 back , try to pickup more infantry , I experienced the bridge crossing problem. The SPW pushed whole Volkssturm platoon into the river , then stuck in the middle of bridge. I S/L and sent all the rest of infantry cross the bridge on foot.
  22. Yes, experienced the same problem. Make sure save before crossing the bridge. Only send one vehicle pass through bridge each turn. Don't send on foot infantry and vehicle pass the bridge at the same time, otherwise the infantry will be pushed off the bridge by vehicle just like the screenshot below.
  23. FYI CMCW Maps and Mods subforum does not allow guest visit
  24. Soviets Northern Group of Forces and Central Group of Forces equipped with T-72
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