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  1. Maybe. But this one dives from special wide flat ramp in deep waters, not from slippery clayay steep in the shallow
  2. Heh... If BTR dived in the river under such angle, it would sink or overturn and sink next %)
  3. Four. One of them was in military academy, other were stored. When war has started its were repaired, as minimum two of them were in ATO zone in 30th mech.brigade. They havn't losses. But anyway there is no sense to put BMP-3 in the game for Ukraine
  4. Only one reason of our team failing is bad reapair works on T-84 by Malyshev factory. Almost all tanks have problems with fire control system, in one autoloder has jammed, one has problems with gun stabilizer etc. Also crews have only month to learn handling with these tanks. So failing with gunfire moved us on last place, when in other competitions we have results, close to other participants.
  5. T-72s were retired in 2008, but turned to service again since the еnd of 2014. Mostly T-72B in use, for example tank battalion of 128th mountain-assault brigade has its type, because brigade lost almost all tanks during Debaltsevo battle. Despite we have handreds mathballed T-64, but in most cases its old T-64A or T-64B/BV in "rust sh...t" conditions, so was assumed a decision to turm back T-72, but its number also not so big. I have read only 300 tanks of B, B1, AV versions were selected for repair and moving to service. T-80B/BV now in service of air-assault brigades and entering to service in Marines brigade instead of T-64BV.
  6. You can choose 2S1 for support, this is the same barrel and ammunitions like D30, but SP variant )
  7. UKR tanks in the game use 3BK18 HEAT with 500 mm RHA penetration. I also want to make many tests of tanks spotting and its "x-ray vision" in comparison with real capabilities, but this is huge amout of work...
  8. Some more examples of tanks, hit by HE ammunition. In this case - hit in the hull top in the place of driver hatch. There is no information what exactly ammunition types hit these tanks.
  9. No. This is T-80B/BV. GTD-1000 engine is substituting on 6TD. Possibly like on upgraded T-64BV will mount digital radio, GPS and thermal sights. As If in Ukraine T-64 and T-80 have the same modernization program. These tanks more probably for 36th Marines brigade, which tank battlion will change own T-64BV on T-80B(V)
  10. Haiduk

    Recent combat vids from Ukraine

    Also known video filmed by DNR fighters. The late autumn of 2014, Donetsk airport. UKR tank drives on airport taxiway to the terminals and separs from "Somali" battalion, which have a position in fire department building, shoot in it with machineguns. Soon, the tank turns back and separs shot in it with WW2 AT-rifle. The tank on full speed shot back with a gun and hit in the roof. Looks like it hasn't HE and shot with HEAT - just only one separ was injured. This video has reduced sound volume.
  11. Haiduk

    Ukrainian Armour - video diary

    Guys, I draw your attention that already exists a topic Weapons: Ukrainian tanks: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/124628-weapons-ukrainian-tanks/ and a topic Recent combat vids from Ukraine: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/124305-recent-combat-vids-from-ukraine/?page=4
  12. There is an opinion US side has green cadets as partcipants. But I don't know on 100 %
  13. Haiduk

    Weapons: Ukrainian Tanks

    Tank platoon of four upgraded T-84 Oplot (not be confused with BM Oplot) departed for participation in Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018. 10 T-84 were built in 2001, but MoD didn't pay for it and tanks turned back to Malyshev's tank factory. Sice some time four tanks were sold to USA. One moved to L'viv military academy and four were stored in the boxes of 92nd brigade. In the end of 2017 remained tanks moved to Malyshev's factory again for repair and modernization. Five tanks already in service of 14th mech.brigade - tankers of this brigade won local Ukrainian tank competitions already three times. Sixth tank still under works. What new in T-84 Oplot mod.2018: - "Nozh" ERA instead Kontakt - tank commander and gunner have independent thermal sights - back view camera - some changes in the transmission, now T-84 can move backward with speed 35 km/h like BM Oplot - new radio equipment (Harris) - GPS navigation - LWR sensors and Varta electronic-optical APS What T-84 mod.2018 differs from BM Oplot: - "Nozh" ERA instead "Duplet" - other construction of glacis protection - T-84 hasn't panoramic PNK-6 sight - FCS simplier
  14. Modern version of this? :)))
  15. BTR-4E has a mass on 4 tons (or on 9 tons with additional armor plates) more than Striker, but more powerful engine. Well known situation with bogging caused during withdrawal from Debaltsevo. In the darkness small convoy of combined company of National Guard 2nd brigade drove on unknown terrain (they afraid to move by the rural road). Forward BTR-4E bogged in deep dirt or swampy ground and could do nothing. The "Raptor" - armored KRAZ truck tried to tow it on the hard ground, but also bogged (other vesion says it bogged together with APC). Even the tank, which arrived for aid couldn't save BTR-4. Because there was a fear that enemy could pursuit convoy and could appear itself soon, both bogged vehicles were burnt. Photo of both form Lostarmor