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  1. I sure this "2 artillery battery in BTG" really is 120 mm mortar battery of battalion + attached artillery battery of brigade level (122 or 152 mm). Of course, if need, higher levels can be added. But one artillery battrey in support is typical for BTG. Most of damages from artilery (plus to here moratr fire and MLRS like parts of artillery equipment) can't say about presense of several barrel artilery batteries in BTG. Here the list of Russian units, invaded in 2014, you can see that composition of forces is very different. And only several units have additional MLRS battery to existing artillery battery. There is upgraded list already exists, but I can't find it... this one composed possibly in 2015. About Zelenopillia. Russians initially uncovered the presence of big UKR activity by using SIGINT. Our soldiers in mass used cell phones, so for enemy SIGINT operators their basecamp looked as big bright point, which cried "We are here!!!" Very strange, that in major battles didn't meant battle for liberation of Lysychansk and Siverodonetsk cities agglomeration with 300 000 population. This was biggest opertaion in 2014 (after operation of closing the border) and first urban warfare experience.
  2. UKR paratrooper forces is divided on air-assault (before 2017 named airmobile troops) and airborne. In 2014-2015 airmobile had BTR-80, HMMWV M1097A1(substituted on Spartan armored cars in 2015). Airborne had different park of BMDs (-1, -2, -D, -RD) and 2S9 Nona SP-gun. Russian invasion forces in 2014 also almost on half consisted of airborne forces on BMD-2 and 2S9. Both side paratroopers have played decisive role in many operations. Also BMD and 2S9 vehicles (captured and delivered by Russia) were on armament of separs. Since 2016 air-assault troops got new vehicles: APC BTR-3DA, armored cars Dozor-B and Kozak-2, though still use BTR-80 too. Single airborne unit - 25th airborne brigade has BMDs only in one battalion, other already use BMP-1/2. Many BMDs were lost during active phase of warfare, but too much also were decommissioned.
  3. Thanks guys, but this anyway will be demand next module, where will be air-assault units and real winter terrain, I hope. And many other stuff like ZU-23, DShKM etc., without which impossible to show "feel of [ATO] conflict" %) Other two problems - relatevely small size of maps, which can allow CM2 engine and long time of even local clashes of small forces.
  4. No, typically only one artillery battery as BTG support. EW in very symplified way is reflected in CMBS. All other is operative level, though close-range counter-battery radars to detect enemy on-map mortar positions would be great thing. Оh, yes. Even for Donbas war, conditions in 18 sq.km, which allow CMx2 engine, completely not enough to reflect many battles in full volume, which developed on the big teritories with relatively small number of units.
  5. 1. I heard that Mango sometime used by UKR tankers of 1st tank brigade, but usual APFSDS load was Zakolka. Also I heard that we have a lack of APFSDS and even HEAT, so I supose, main stock of Mango stored for "big war" purposes. This ammo was adopted in 1988 only, so I doubt we could have time to receive huge number of its. According to this in CMBS 1.04UKR ammunition was downgraded from Mango and Vant to Zakolka. Mango remained for BM Oplot and BM Bulat 2. No. Single factory, which have technlogies of cemented carbides works is almost bankrupuptsy. Though, they anyway hadn't modern technologies of long rod producing. Static plant Zirka in Shostka, which recently assembled artillery shells and APFSDS too, now almost dead. Also there is TASKO corp., which proposes unmarked "APFSDS for D-81 gun", probably this is 3BM44U1/U2 shells, which developed since 2000th and were based on Polish APFSDS Pronit (used Israeli rod), but there is no any info about such shells were ordered by MoD. The "Konchar" program (long rod APFSDS) was closed in Yanukovich's time because no one factory couldn't master the technology.
  6. Slat armor, probably is optional and removed for transporting by railroad. Even If this is reinforced rubber, its can initiate HEAT projectile and give additional 50 sm of "air obstacle" for cumulative "needle".
  7. First party of 15 T-72AMT (T-72A upgrade, developed by Kyiv tank plant) directed to army. Next 10 will go to the end of January and 6 in February. Thus, full tank battalion in 31 vehicles will receive T-72AMT. What new in T-72AMT: - V-84-1 (840 h.p.) engine instead V-46 (780 h.p.) - "Nizh" ERA - 1K13 gunner's sight, which allows to use TLATGM "Kombat" - upgraded commander's day/night observation device TKN-3UM with 3rd gen.EOP ("tank" type target detection up to 1000 m in half-moon light or up to 550 m in young moon light) - driver's night vision device TVNE-4BUP (not less 100 m of nigt way visibility) - remote controlled HMG - "Aselsan" digital radio - SN-3003 "Bazalt" GPS-navigator - slat armor, protecting engine part and optoinaly, protecting rear of the turret - tracks of T-80 There is an opinion, that IR-projector "Luna" is useles thing, which creates weak zone, not protecting by ERA block
  8. This is Horlivka indeed. Gagarin mine belongs to the city limit. I am making the same location, but not only around the mine %) Industrial heavy buildings are that what CMBS critically needs...
  9. They had RPG-22 only %) When enemy tank approached to town hall, occupied by seals, one trooper shot with RPG-22 and hit under the turret. The turret was locked and tank moved back. What part of Horlivka is under work? I have started one, but with 4GB RAM this is bull s...t %) I have a thought to make full historical (or semi-historical at least for playable reason ) ATO campaign or just battle pack, but with base game this havn't any sense.
  10. No. But there was quite interest battle for Dzerzhynsk (renamed in Toretsk in 2016), when two small groups of "seals" from 73rd Maritaime Special operation center seized the town and awaited for reinforcement of National Guard and Army units. But instead separs gathered own forces and with tanks and light armor counter attacked the town. Seals repelled this assault without proper AT-weapon. But I think game engine of CMBS didn't allow to repeat this success.
  11. This is Donbas war specific - it is mostly a distant war of artillery and MLRS. By this case most of battles will be very hard to reflect in CMBS. Direct clashes of tanks and other armor of course took place too, but this almost never was like CMBS type company vs company or battalion vs.battalion meeting engagement. Advances on unknown terrain without knowledge about enemy and own forces around, sometimes long raids, ambushes, clashes for small positions - platoon strongholds and endless mortar, artillery and MLRS fire. This is very strange that CMSF2 has BM-21 Grad, but CMBS doesn't, though this is typical brigade-support weapon system, like SP-guns.
  12. Nothing bad to tell about what is ERA and what it capabilities, using recent test photos. Our elephants are the best, buy our elephants! 1M133... heh... When that tank was hit, initially that was Fagot. The elephant has grown %) Though, Kornets used too. Of course tests were limited, but they took place with known photos. And of course you can claim your elephants (K-5, Relict) are better than our just because both are product of "Great Russia" and Ukrainain developments "apriory sucks". This is question of religion and faith, no more. Like ethernal holywar what better T-72 or T-64 lines.
  13. Photo with 152 mm EFP hit is not from Donbas. This was big presentetion and it part about Nozh ERA touched not only the war, but about this ERA at all. Georgian military blogger issued only several photos from this document.
  14. Despite the plant have many problems, real case of situation with BTR-4 is other. Delay of BTR-4 program happened because of conflict between Ukroboronprom (UOP) and MoD as well as foil of turerrets production in 2018 by other factory. UOP put Finnish steel plates on first party of 12 BTR of 2018-2019 program and MoD representatives have rejected to sign papers. They claimed Finnish plates hadn't any certification markings and shell tests, provided by UOP weren't according MoD standards. Thus, program was blocked during year. Now program is unblocked, MoD agreed to take 12 BTR with Finnish armor, but other vehicles of thіs program must have already Ukrainian steel plates and will produce to the end of 2020. Nozh can defeat also DM53 APFSDS as well as Mango. Russia supplied some 3BM42 to separs and also could use this ammo during direct Russian tanks actions. So nothing fantastic even if the photo for 2013. On the photo you can see ammunitin load for separ tank. There is one Mango among other Zakolkas.
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