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  1. Manufacturer of smoke grenades GD-1 for Varta claims the smoke protects the tank from laser beams and from detection in IR diapason. But laser beam protection is effective only against ammunitions, which use laser guiding by the "spot on target": http://ndikhp.com.ua/granata-dimova-aerozol-na-gd-1/?lang=uk
  2. Developments of actions in CM warfare much more fastrer, than in the real world, so I think shortening time of APS recharging can have a sense, as well as time of artillery call, but despite it it should be fixed to the real time.
  3. The time before next charge can be triggered after previous is 15 seconds.
  4. This is photo from Thailand army parade. Varta system is present. Formally, this is slightly improved Shtora - it has more wide spectre range. T-84 index no more in use. BM Oplot for Ukraine, BM Oplot-T for Thailand. T-84 relates only for 10 tanks produced in 2001. Five of them now in service, one - in military academy, four sold to USA. Pakistan's T-80UD partially are "hybrides" between this model and T-84.
  5. The technolodgy of light version of Zaslon - Zaslon-L sold to Turkey. They already implemented it in own APS system Pulat AKS by Aselsan for M60A3 Sabra
  6. Is this Russia Today info? Ok, then I believe this is 146% of true! I say more - ISIS used Ukranian BTR-4 in Iraq, so Ukraine supplied ISIS, this is obviously!
  7. Hm... Current operators, which armies use big number of BTR-50 are Egypt, Sudan, Vietnam. Also small number has Croatia, traditional Ukrainian partner on military market. What exactly of this armies are jihadists? But of course, Russian weapon supplying of Hezbolla terrorists via Iran this is normal thing.
  8. Why "desperate"? This is upgrade for foreign BTR-50 operators, not for Ukrainian army
  9. Well, but why in this case 1PN79 thermal sight can't maintain the beam riding through the smoke? My familiar Stugna-P operator told me, that this ATGM can maintain the guidance even through the smoke, until the target is even partially visible for operator both in manual tracking and automatic tracking mode. But when the missile lost the beam, the self-destruction initiates. Alas, he never used thermal sight for Stugna-P, so couldn't say about opportunity to fire through the smoke, when target can be seen only through thermal.
  10. No, all upgraded tanks are acting vehicles, which take from units, not from stocks. Reservs of repairable T-64B/BV in stocks already exhausted. About all this chain you are right, but I don't see any impossible to do this and upgrade 100 vehicles for 1,5 years. Results of 2018 can be even higher, but because of many reasons plans wasn't execute on 100 %. I can't find this table, but as I remind, about 200 armored vehciles was planned to buy according to State Defensive Order in 2018, but real number of vehciles turned out less in to times.
  11. I know, but western terminology hasn't a word "divizion" for definition of artillery&missile unit, consisting of several batteries. It names "battalion".
  12. I heard upgrading of one T-64 takes about month or two, but lost this discussion, can't say exactly. The program was started in 2017, first demonstration T-64BV mod.2017 (it's official name) was in April. To the end of the year about three dozen tanks were upgraded - four of them participated in Strong Europe Tank Challenge. Other tanks already went to units in 2018. Initially tanks upgraded only in Kharkiv, but since the end of 2018 Lviv factory also mastered modernization process, so number of upgraded tanks increased.
  13. State Defensive Order is a classified information, so I have not any information about funds, prices and terms. Some information about repair and orders of some parts, systems and devices can see in "State Order Messenger" issue, but there is no integrity information. Though, we have armor repair factories in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Zhytomyr, Mykolaiv. Each specializes on some sort of repair works and modernizations. Even with corruption and ineffective managment they capable totally to repair hundreds vehicles per year. Nine months per one repaired vehicle is too long as for me. Pre-war cycle of BM Oplot producing "from zero" was 14,5 months.
  14. Military budget for 2018 was too fat ), but pre-election factor also could take place. New small arms in 2014 could be only of "Fort" state factory. "Fort" during pre-war time produced weapon only for police and for civil market. So, it production capabiliies too limited. I remember, in 2014 they produced for army about 500 Fort-223 rifles, mostly for airmobile, special forces and National Guard. The line has a word "SAM COMPLEXES", so this is not MANPADs 100%. Complex=battalion, though in can be also single vehciles Osa and Strela-10 of ground forces.
  15. This is correct for state factories. Commercial companies, which design own armor, sucessfully execute state orders. For example "Praktyka" comapany now is finishing the order for 40 "Kozak-2" armored cars. Totally this will be already 200 vehicles. Now new "Kozak-2M" is complening state test program and will be adopted for air-assult units. Also "Praktyka" presented own 6*6 APC "Otaman" for Marines. Theese are two tables from official White book-2018 of MoD Table 3.1. New and modernized weapon systems. Table 3.2. Repaired weapon systems
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