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  1. Initially Yandex maps updated own sattelite images of Ukraine in 2017, Google Maps - some after in 2017-2018. You can also watch almost week-by-week satellite images on TerraServer: https://www.terraserver.com
  2. What new and overhelming Russia demonstrated in Ukraine and Georgia? Most of their success is a consequenses of not so "newest doctrines", as rough mistakes of the opposing HQs and superior in forces. Russia is capable to create outstanding TV-picture of strong modern army, but they have the same problems like all post-soviet armies. Experience of engagement in Sector A in 2014 showed that Russian troops is not "invincible machine" - if their opponents are ready to stand and fight and retain controllability, Russians can't achieve own "primary victory conditions".
  3. Combat episodes of 46th special purpose battalion "Donbas-Ukraina" in Zaytseve area near Horlivka in May 2018. Enemy sniper shells position with large caliber rifle, ukrainians tryes to supress his position with DShK, other episode - ukrainians under mortar shelling.
  4. That was fake news. I've posted about this two years ago, but already forgot where exactly. You can google it.
  5. Destroying of two enemy BMP in trenches and mortar strike on the enemy position - Svitlodarsk bulge area, 7th of May. Such increadable accuracy of fire owing to not only PDA's for targeting, but also because senior battery officer (he calculates data for firing) has great expirience since 2014. Crack level.
  6. "Vasiliok" unlike usual mortar can shot with direct fire. But not too far - about 800 m. It has even HEAT ammunition for direct shot fire. But I didn't hear about such usage on Donbas.
  7. In early part of the war was standard mortar for airmobile brigades, also was in mountain brigade. Now still in use by air-assault troops and some mech., motorized and mountain troops in battalion's fire support companies, where 82 mm mortar platoon are established. Some is using 2B14, some 2B9.
  8. Emmm..... What division/corps? In 2014 no one brigade did not operate in full order. Combined groups of several army unints and National Guard/volunteerrs is formed. Whole length of Russian-Ukrainian border, where our troops took main positions (Kumachove-Izvarino sector) is 140 km. This space should have been taken and held only 5 BTGs (two of them was airmobile without tanks) of three different brigades, two artillery batteries of corps level, Special Forces detachment (equal to mech.company ), combined group of National Guard equal to battalion and different border guard units also equal to battalion. Only since 2016 we got brigades properly equipped with personnel. Maneuvers of last two yeras shows brigade and combined forces training, not BTGs only.
  9. Not agree with this. BTG/RTG is a basemant of tactic. WWII style battles "division on division" already impossible.
  10. Russian artillery "oblitarated" about month several battalion tactical groups, which were deployed on one place near the border and wich can't respond on Russian territory. Yes, Russians used ELINT, UAV targeting, sometime guided ammunitions 122 and 152 mm, but most losses among Ukrainian troops was in vehicles (about 2/3 ), but not in the personnel. The maneuver was limited, so vehicles were easy targets. Of course, several weeks under day by day shellings, hit morale of troops, but they successfully broke through and escaped. Most known strike on Zelenopillia took 36 KIA and 93 WIA because personnel was deployed with big density in the tents and this was first sudden strike from Russian territory. And yes, despite Donbas war is a war of MLRS, artillery and mortars, but this is low intensity conflict, no one of sides never grouped more artillery battalion for firing simultainously and this was too rarely. So it can be approximated on possible "big war", but very approximately. The usual practic is actions with artillery batteries, which already in 2014-2015 transformed in actions with artillery platoons and this inflicted some changes in tactic of artilelry usage and spotters work. Now each commander, even in the infantry squad is studying to target artillery and adjust artillery fire. I think in the game, time of artillery call should be reduced in 1.5 times relatively to real world norms because speed of action developments in the game about in 1,5-2 times faster, than in real combat. Though, 7-9 min for "serious caliber" calls look like already reduced.
  11. The hystory is making by active minority. Rest "swamp" only can boil over on own kitchens. I don't know what will do Zelenskyi, but I think the situation with Trump will repeat. Russia prayed for his victory, but... something went wrong. Zelenskyi of course, more liberal then Poroshenko, but since 2014 he is supporting our army on Donbas. Zelenskyi with Air-assult troops commander lt.general Zabrodskyi.
  12. Yes, usual ammunitions. UAV also successfully targets SPG-9 and AGS indirect fire. Of course, if UAV has targeting function and features of data transmiting on PDA with artillery soft. In other case UAV just observes battlefield and fire is adjusting "on eye", but this anyway better, than nothing. Here February 2019 episode, "Azov" regiment hit enemy BMP in the trench with indirect SPG-9 fire, using UAV targeting And here also "Azov" strikes enemy positions with UAV targeting, looks like mortars used. The end of March 2019.
  13. Several months ago Joint Forces Operation HQ changed own information policy. If recently they limited publications of videos with strikes on enemy positions, and most of videos were publishing via civil volunteers and soldiers, then now many of videos almost every day are officially posting through special account. Only on fifth year of the war or top brass at last understand important of such type of propaganda. For example,the video how 2-3 days ago 82 mm mortars hit LNR ammo truck near Zolote town. UAV is adjusting fire. MTLB, which stood near, moved back after the end of shelling, but new round impacted near and vehicle was sligtly damaged. Two fighters, which tried to save boxes with ammunition, probably got injuries or even were killed.
  14. OSCE spotted it on 16th March. The strike was conducted on 27th of March. Who care that Russians almost didn't change positions (ok, moved on 8 km northern) for that time? Both sides uses heavy arty and mortars - this is not secret for OSCE, they point all facts in own reports. Diplomats and politics lives in own world, military - in own. The war is going on. Our HQ officially will say "enemy got return fire with allow weapon systems". You wanted hybrid war, so take it.
  15. 16th March SMM OSCE UAV spotted Russian EW systems R-330Zh ("Zhytel") and newest "Tirada-2", which only in this year will go into service, but already succsessfully taken from "coal mine" on Donbas. R-330Zh is further Russian upgrading of Soviet EW R-330 systems family. It allow to conduct SIGINT tasks in the range 100...2000 Mhz and to supress INMARSAT, Iridium, NAVSTAR land and aerial equipment as well as to supress GSM signal. "Tirada-2" is newest satellite jamming system, which can nott only supress satellite channels, but even to hit the satellite with strong impulse. Possible cause of it appearence on Donbas - tests of the system against US RQ-4 drones, which fly along frontline each week or trying to wipe out satellite channels, which use Ukrainian crowdfund-made analog of FBCB system for fast artillery targeting, which uses Chinese commercial satellite for data exchange. Russian EW equipment was spotted near the village Pivdenna Lomuvatka of Luhansk region. According to SMM OSCE reports stations crossed the border and appeared in Luhansk asa far as 3rd of February. R-330Zh still on own positions near Pivdenna Lomuvatka and some northen near Hlubokyi settlement in 15 km from frontline, where Ukrainian UAV have spotted it: And according of LNR sourses "27th of March at 8:00 of morning 17 152 mm shells impacted near Hlybokyi from Troitske direction". Ukrainain JOF HQ since two days claimed R-330Zh was destroyed:
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