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  1. Well. I understand, how it works. Alas, separate specialist teams can't aquire own special ammunition from other vehicles. AGS-17 team can't take no one genade from any BTR-4 except "parental" of own section/platoon, which contains this ammunition for aquiring. This is bad thing. For example, AT-4C team lost own BMP-2 with additional missiles, they can't take the same missiles from BMP-2 of their infantry comrades.
  2. Looks like ammunition, available for aquiring is generating randomly. My vehicles hadn't "green text" Barriers. Launcher in inventory is a strange bug. I will try again
  3. Hm... I tried to test this, but neither infantry section nor ATGM Skif team couldn't aquire Barrier missiles. I put sections into BTR-4, which indicated two missiles inside, but in inventory list only RPG-22/26, RPG-7 and bullets showed. Are you sure you could take misiles? If yes, how? PS. AGS-17 team couldn't aquire ammunition from BTR-4 for own grenade launcher. AT-4C team couldn't take AT-5 missiles from BMP-2, though AT-4C launcher can operate both 1M111M (AT-4C) and 1M1113 (AT-5) missiles PPS. As I understand a player can aquire only ammunitions, pointed with green color on vehicle icon. So, I don't know how you could take Barrier ATGM. It pointed with white and belong to vehicle armament, which obviously not available for aquire.
  4. I didn't try to do that, but can say Barrier is vehicle-mounted ATGM, which fixed on BTR-4 turret. It is not portable. Barrier uses the same missiles R-2, which uses portable ATGM Stugna-P/Skif. So, like in real world, in-game Skif ATGM teams should have an opportunity to acquire missiles from BTR-4. But of course, nobody can dismount Barrier.
  5. There were two such episodes. Both led to Ukraininan troopers too much relaxed and were massacred in next weeks after this unappropriate fraternization.
  6. Summer of 2019. Possybly Svitlodarsk bulge area. Intensive fire for suppressing of enemy position - several days ago Ukrainian position was shelled from there and one soldier was killed. This is retaliation from 54th brigade and it's UAV reckon group K-2. 273 meters to the enemy. Interestling detail - 120 mm mortar deployed directly on "zero line", no in the rear as usual. The minimal range of firing is 482 m, but the gunner put the shell in the barrel without any additional charges, which attach to the tail. Thus, only inner igniter charge uses, in order to reduce minimal firing range. Such firing mode isn't provided by mortar's field manual - the smallest 1st charge provides igniter charge+one additional charge. Leftward from operator, HMG shots.
  7. I think, private companies will be have a future.
  8. The article is for 2017. Like said IMHO, theese plans were canceled. This fairy-tale "We will order 10 BM Oplot next year" we are hearing every year since 2009. There is no one BM Oplot now in service. Only five T-84 Oplot mod.2001 in 14th mech.brigade. I think, BM Oplot will never be ordered for Ukrainian forces, only for export. This tank was great in 2008, but now it upgrading potential is not enough. Through 10 years it will completely obsolete, so more appropriately will be to develop new platform. And some works on the base of late-USSR obj.477 "Nota" already in progress, but all information is classified.
  9. Of course. I have said about all park of T-64s. But, well, I have corrected the post
  10. We have 5 T-84 mod.2001 slightly upgraded in 2018. As already said Sgt.Squaterhead T-84 is not the same as BM Oplot (old name T-84M) mod.2008, which present in the game. T-72 entered in service again since the end 2014. Now models T-72B and T-72AV in service, mostly in new-formed motorized infantry brigades, in one mountain assault brigade and in several mech.brigades. T-64BV still like main battle tank (also several dozens BM Bulat). Since 2018 about 100 T-64BV upgraded to T-64BV mod.2017 (thermal sight sight, Nozh ERA, digital radio, GPS). T-64 of all versions are on armament of tank brigades and most of mech.brigades. T-80BV uses by air assault brigades and marines brigades (but marines use some quantity of T-64BV yet).
  11. Soldiers say most terrible thing at war on the level of battalion is 120 mm mortar. Especially if gunners are skilled.
  12. Such big differense between 2019 funding and 2020 budget project because of this money can be redirected by NSDCU to different needs, including new weapon purchasing. I think, this also can be for critical for national security projects like new ballistic and cruise missiles, anti-ship missile, corvette and somesing else. But this is only project of budget
  13. Writing with this photo claimed the same - as if separs, when have seen such "Javelin", abandoned own position immediately, but I think this is also a joke. On the photo soldiers havn't body armor, so I doubt this is forward positions, also such jokes very dangerous - and can cause sniper shot from opposite side.
  14. No, this is US military aid program. But Ukraine can pay for next parties if new missiles will not be in the list of this program again
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