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  1. Here video of Azov's conscripts first day in trainig center. "Full metal jacket" Sergeant speaks Russian. In Ukrainian-nazi unit.
  2. This is 2014 year photo, when first enlistment of Azov (volunteeer unit in that time, initially named "little black men") contains much more marginal far-right elements than now. On this photo the group of Oleg Penia, which have time to be in skinheads, in "Patriot of Ukraine", in "Autonomous nationalists", in 2014 for a short time he became a leader of Right Sector in Zhytomyr, but soon was expelled from there and he enlisted to Azov. He posted this and several other photos with nazi-flags and "zigas", which quicky shared through internet and Russian propaganda used it well. Penia didn't spent much time in Azov - in the end of 2014 he and most of his people left this unit. I know personnaly three men from this unit. Two of them were in our medieval re-enaction movement, they just like to fight, but wasn't nazi or even far-right. Azov gave them good opportunity to fight w/o soviet dogmas. One of them passed a way from private to company leader and now he is a chief of training center. The second was wounded, but since some time returned to the unit. Where he now I don't know. The third my familiar is not too young like previous two, he served in "Azov" recon platoon and in tank company. Also not a nazi, but normal nationalist. He said, now commnaders of Azov is watching for radicals. Nobody didn't press them for their convictions, but public demonstration of restricted symbols is punishing. More, according the law of 2016 year, public demonstration of nazі and soviet symbols (except hystorical and education purpose) can entail administrative or criminal responsibility. Though throwing a "ziga" (from heart to the sun ) is popular mocking at not only in Azov (though some can do it seriously), but and in Army too. Russian propaganda painting Ukrainain army as "punishers", "fascsists", "ukrowehrmacht", so soldiers are trying "to сorrespond" this image. Ukrainains have excellent feel of irony and black humor. Do you want to see "evil fascists"? You will got it. And let our assholes flame on TV-shows.
  3. The mystery "The Day of Fallen Heroes" - one of "viking" traditions of Azov. Maybe this is further developing of Telemark idea ) Terrible neo-Nazism.
  4. Telemark in the same way like Azov was blamed by liberals in nationalism and enormous belligerence (!!!) only for their strange features (scandinavic mythology, punisher sculls etc). So, when I said "cosplaying" this is about essence, not insignia. So, the rune in insignia = Nazism? Well, you are right. Ukrainains are all phascists. Even our ancient ancestors used Nazi-symbols, so roots of Nazism in Ukraine have thousand-years history Walfsangel also placed in coat of arms of many German towns - looks like only neo-Nazi are living there
  5. Random militas? What exactly? "Azov" is not "militia" this is regular unit of National Guard. I say again - all talks about total Nazi-unit "Azov", which every day are crucifying per one small Russian-speaking boy is more scarecrow of Russian propaganda for housewifes, than reality. Yes, their Germanic features is attracting to them some neo-nazis, far-right and other, but they number is not critical. And they like citizens of Ukraine have the same right to defend own country like followers of any liberal or democratic ideology.
  6. Azov has own unique TO&E and training system, which very differ itself from existing in Army or in National Guard. Azov named itself as "regiment", but officially it "special purpose separate detachment" of 18th National Guard operative purpose regiment. Big armored cars on the video are "Varta". Also some BTR-3E1 and "Spartans" in service. Pickups are popular Mitsubishi L200 IV. Many these cars were bought for Army and volunteer units officially or via civil volunteers. So there is a problem to model them adequately in CMBS, alas. Runes? OMG. And what? Runes were invented by Hitler? Azov in many features is "cosplaying" Norwegian "Telemark" battalion (runes, german-scandinavian traditions etc). Many guys in Azov are neo-paganists (slavic, or german-scandinavic). Yes, some number of personnel are followers of social-nationalists and "struggle for white race" ideology. Some consider they are "private military company" or at least "favorite toy" of current Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. But many young and not so young men enlist themeselve to Azov, because only there they can receive hard phisical and real military training without old soviet dogmas.
  7. Haiduk

    NATO Units????

    In 2014-2015 this often was single way to call support %) In overall chaos and insufiissient (malfunctions) of soviet radios in many cases was easier to ask phone number of battery commander then to establish radio network like this demands the field manual
  8. Indeed, among volunteer and even regular units in 2014 there were many self-made armored cars and usual cars, adapted for combat. Also such vehicles were using from opposing side. Alas, even for part of it need to do separate module %) Several examples: This was civil Nissan This is Dodge Dacota And this miniatue armored car is made from UAZ-469 (this tiny one survived the hell of 2014-2015 and now in museum) But most famous one is, of course, "Ginger" of "Azov" battalion - APC on the base of KAMAZ truck. Photo from museum, 12,7 HMG dismounted. Though there were many similar constructions.
  9. Haiduk

    ATGM malfunction?

    On Donbas too. You can see frequently how both sides are actively using RPG-7/22/26 and SPG-9 HEATs on enemy in buildings. But an explosion of HEAT inside structure dirffers itself from explosion on the ground. When HEAT impact the wall, it penetrates and creates additional fragments of wall material, creates dust cloud and suppresses troopers in close compartment. Explosion of HEAT under open sky just going in one direction - to the ground with some minor fragments aside.
  10. Haiduk

    ATGM malfunction?

    But Javelin has HEAT warhead, not HE. There is very doubt that it close explosion can cause so severe consequences. I posted a video here, how HEAT shell from UKR tank exploded near the DNR fighter and he got only medium injuries. Yes, Jav has 2,67 kg of HE, but most part of it directed to formation a shaped charge stream, not for heavy fragments, like in HE shell. I suppose, the metal stream would have gone in the ground not in the BTR
  11. Haiduk

    How do you counter tanks with ERA?

    I can say even more. Newest Stugna-P, which have come in service during 2013-2014 also failed sometime. Our soldiers said about only in average 3 of 5 launches were successfull. As if early version of R-2S missile have too much sensitive aerodinamic rudders , which were engaged by airstream after launch, deflected so sharp, that this sometime led to the descent of missile from trajectory and lossing of laser tracking - as a result, the missile either flew away or hit the ground. As if only after NATO sertification in late 2015 this problem was resolved. I don't know this is true or not, but this thing discussed on our military forum.
  12. Haiduk

    Modern Russian tank tactics

    Experience of tank firing from close positions turned out very useful in Donbas war. First attempts to recall forgotten tactic appeared probably in late 2015, when the war became positional and army became to receive from volunteers PDAs with artillery soft and maps, tied in local networks. After that old tactic got "second birth". As example I could remember destroying of enemy BMP in the trench near Dokuchayevsk with two shots of SPG-9 also from close position with targeting from UAV, which transmitted coordinates on the PDA of SPG crew. Now this tactic is embedding on the level of each squad. Of course mech.squad leaders havn't PDAs yet, but on the trainings each BMP-1 crewman and even each squad trooper must be able to decide elementary work of artillery spotter. The article about it (in Ukrainain😞http://www.mil.gov.ua/news/2018/11/24/pihota-vtilyue-v-zhittya-novu-taktiku-zastosuvannya-ozbroennya-bmp/
  13. Haiduk

    More drama in Ukraine--Sea of Azov

    Not four jears of jail, but the captain during these four years (since 2014) didn't get new license in Ukraine, thus, from the point of view of Ukrainian law his activity was illegal. For illegal fishing art.249 suggests the fine (up to 88100 UAH=3019 USD) or up to three years of freedom limitation with confiscation of means of fishing.
  14. Haiduk

    More drama in Ukraine--Sea of Azov

    Yes, mistaken. According the Agreement of 2003 year about shared use of Azov sea, Russian and Ukrainain vessels can sail free and conduct any lawful activity. Key word here "lawful". If "Nord" had Russian jurisdiction, our Border Guard would not have rights to detain it. But "Nord" before 2014 had Ukrainian jurisdiction in Kerch and, because of Crimea annexation didn't recognize, for Ukrainian laws "Nord" still consider in Ukrainmain jurisdiction. For these four years captain didn't receive new license for fishing in Azov sea in Ukrainain office. Thus, the trowler was detained for illegal fishing. Accusation in illegal crossing the border was additional. Crew was fined, the captain accused by art.249 "Illegal fishing" and art.332-1 "Violation of the order of entry into and exit from temporary occupied territory of Ukraine in order to cause the detriment to interests of the state".
  15. Haiduk

    More drama in Ukraine--Sea of Azov

    BTW, say me... Minesweeper and two Raptor class boats, which passed the strait in 14:00 to meet two other our gundoats beyond the bridge in Azov sea... They also warned Kerch and Kavkaz ports in 48 hours before passing? %)