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  1. Haiduk

    Recent combat vids from Ukraine

    Not exactly combat video like infantry action, but just example of precision strike on the enemy position. This is strong enemy line in the south part of so-called "Kikimora" forest on Svitlodarsk bulge. Northern part is under UKR contol after heavy clashes in 2016. This enemy trench line is often fired by out troops. In this time, probably summer 2018, next strike was very accurate. You can see how UAV of aerial recon group K-2 of 54th mech.brigade makes targeting of enemy blindages among trench lines and 120 mm mortars strike enough accurate and with exellent grouping. Developed by civil volunteers and militaries "FBCB-like" system is using for targeting and data transmitting on mortar battery on PDAs via broadcast channels or via commercial satellite. On 0:40 the enemy fighter tryes to shot down UAV with rifle, but missed. At the end of the video something starts to fire in the place of blindages. Enemy fighters don't keep too much personnel on forward positions, so significant losses are unlikely. But enemy sappers had many work after this strike. The sound better to switch off - the same song is continuing during all video
  2. Haiduk

    ATGM malfunction?

    In the war on Donbas about 30 % of all AT-4 launches failed because of lost of control over the missile or because missile even didn't get out from container. Expired term of using... So such game modelling has a sense.
  3. Haiduk

    Lackluster documentation

    In Soviet army in 80th years was conducted investigation how much time tank commander observe different zones, when the tank have typical task. I can be wrong but one of results was that 80 or 90 % of time (I don't recall now) commander was observing frontal sector in 110 degrees. TKN device is not so easy to use. In has big weight, so commander can't continuosly turn it trough full sector in 270 or 360 deg like squirrel in the wheel.
  4. Haiduk

    Lackluster documentation

    I forgot to point - TKN-3B observation periscope of commander can rotate in horizontal space on 270 deg and 7 deg in vertical. So, commander has two not fixed devices. Edited in previous post.
  5. Haiduk

    Lackluster documentation

    Well, here some more for you about BMP-2 optic ) On this scheme you can see deployment of simple oservation optic devices for crew and infantry: 1 - TNPO-170 optic devices of driver (4 pieces); 2 - TNPO-170 and 3 - TNP-165 devices for infantryman place (by field manual this is machinegunner place); 4 - TNPO-170 of commander (2 pieces); 8 - TNPO-170 of gunner (3 pieces); 5 -TNPT-1 rear view devises for commander and gunner; 6 TNPO-170 for infanty (3 pieces per side and one per back door) TNPO-170 this is simple prism periscopic observation device w/o zoom, which can turn in two spaces and maintains an observation in 91 degree in horizontal space and 23 degrees in vertical space. Angle of view is 34 deg. in horizontal space and 7 deg. in vertical space. Device has light mask blind and electrical heating TNP-165 the similar device, but w/o heating and blind. It also can be turned in two spaces 71 in horizontal and 33 in vertical. Angle of view is the same as in TNPO-170 TNPT-1 has angle of view in 52 deg. (horizontal) and 7 deg.(vertical). Also has elecric heating and the blind. Except simple observation devices, commander and gunner has next sights: 1P3-3 monocular periscope for commander (day only). It uses for searhing and aiming BMP weapon to surfase and aerial targets (aerial targets can be aimed only when BMP stands). Angles of turning: 360 deg horizontal, -6...+81 vertical (but vertical aiming limeted in -4...+60 deg), zoom 1,2x and 4,9x angles of view: 49 deg (1,4x) and 14 deg (4,9x) TKN-3B binocular periscope for commander (day/night). It uses for battlefield observation, searching targets and measuring of the range to its. This device merged with IR lighter OU-3GA2. Zoom: 4,75x (day) and 4x (night). Device has rotation angles: 270 deg in horizonta and 7 in vertical. Angle of view: 10 deg (4,75x day) and 8 deg (4x night). Rangefinder scale built by "tank" type target with height 2,7 m. Nightview range for ""tank" target (clear athmosphere) : 400 m (side projection) and 300 m (frontal projection). BPK-2-42 binocular sight for gunner (day/night). It uses for aiming the gun and MG of BMP as well as for observation. Merged with IR lighter OU-5. Zoom: 6x (day) / 5,5x (night). Angle of view: 10 deg (day)/ 6,4 deg (night). Nightview range for "tank" target (clear athmosphere): up to 600-700 m in passive mode, up to 950 m in active mode
  6. Haiduk

    Lackluster documentation

    BTR and sburke already have given to you full answers, I can add that platoon and squad leaders in real world have much better spotting, when found themselve outside BMP. Of course, BMP has many observation devices and combined day/night sights (one for commander, one for gunner). But its angels of view too narrow: sight BPK 2-42 for gunner and TKN-3B for comamnder are both have 10 degrees only. It symply to get out and observe battlefield with own eyes and binocular. In that time gunner can observe to with own sight, which almost the same like commander.'s When they spot target, which need supressing with BMP weapon, they communicates with own vehicle by radio or jump to the hull and shout into the hatch: "MG nest on 10 hours!!! No! Not the bush!!! Do you see a tree some right?! Did you see! Here !!! Yebash!!!" For examle, for this purpose on the side hull of tanks there is a telephone, in order an infantry has opportunity to communicate with crew w/o radio and make targeting.
  7. Possibly "Konchar" on the base of Polish "Pronit" or late soviet 3BM44-1. But I'm not shure "Konchar" was modelled even in 1.00, because there not any data about it. I think Oplots used 3BM32 Vant with DU rod. But now in the game BM Oplot uses 3BM42 Mango with tungsten rod. BM Bulat also uses 3BM42, T-64BV - 3BM22 Zakolka (in early versions used 3BM42).
  8. Haiduk

    Recent combat vids from Ukraine

    On the Lostarmor was issued compiled video from GoPro camera of dead Ukrainian trooper of several 3 minutes parts. On the video filmed the combat task of the group of 16th motorized infantry battalion "Poltava" of 58th motorized infantry brigade at 23th Nov 2017 near Sentianivka settlement ("Bakhmutka road" sector). This task has been finished tragically - 4KIA, 2 WIA, 1 WIA/captured. Enemy hasn't losses. Officially said "about 7-30 of morning observers have spotted enemy recon group, which crossed the road and our forces were sent for interception. When they pursuited the enemy and crossed the road, they was ambushed, reserve group was sent to cut off enemy maneuver to outflank ambushed group, mortars supported. Enmy also moved reinforcements and used mortar support, the fighting has ended at the evening, our troops can evacuate one body and two injured. Two troopers could come back when night fell, one missed, bodies of three troopers taken by the enemy" This video shows another picture. Untli 6:30 you can see like the group in 18-20 fighters gather itself and move to the road. Since 6:25 group commander makes short briefing from which we can know about the task: to explode small old position beyond the road, saved from 2014-2015 years, which often used by LNR forces as forward observation position. For this task the group has taken AT-mines and the cable for remote blowing up. Commander ordered to divide on triplets. On 8:30 about half of group started to cross the road and with caution approach to the small knoll, with several trenches in front of it directly behind the road. Looks like in previous days this group already made recon and watching for this place and knew, when the enemy observers usualy left posititions, so they thought quickly to come here, to blow up and return back until new other enemy garrison will not come. But maybe their movements were unvealed and enemy prepare to their visit. They left position and hide on the knoll and around. Positions and terrain around were mined with MON-50 ("claymor" type mine) and with cassete minelayers PKM-1, which can instantly make minefields with small AP or AT mines by shooting the cassete on 30-35 m and making ellipse-form minefield up to 20x10 m. Such devices are in service of enginer company and can be given to infantry for immediate minefield laying on threatened direction, even in the view of enemy. Important detail - the operation was 23th Nov. About 21th the snow has fallen, which covered the mines. But turn to video. About three minutes soldiers watching and listening but not move. On right hand of operator acting other triplet. They set a charge on the roof of blindage and on 11:05 blow it up. Then operator moves there, dives into this hole and appeared oneself in the blindage. Then he walks in the trench. On 11:41 his camera show the cassete of PKM-1, sticking out the snow. But he possibly doesn't pay attention on it and walks farther. On 11:53 operator said to other trooper: "There is MON hangs on the tree! Here, <head turns to the knoll> on the bushes". Do you see? What me to do? Go left?" On 12:20 first shots heared. Looks like our soldeirs shelled just in case the bushes on the knoll. On 12:29 operator has spotted the cable, which possibly was for remote control of MON. He tries to cut it, but the cable too tough for the knife: "Bithch! I can't cut it off!", - he exclaims on 13:15. While he busy, the skirmish is started (or our tropers again just in case shelled the knoll). On 13:20 he cutted the cable at last: "Yes! I got it! I cut it off!". Group with operator with caution move in the trench farter and on 13:48 operator asked "Maybe let to f...k out the MON?" He takes own rifle and makes three shots in the mine. Near the knoll something exploded, but this looks like grenade from GP-25 or hand grenade. The operator approaches to the curve of the trench, look there and sharply step back (some say he have seen a movement there or even splash of the shot) and in this moment on 14:29 he steps on the mine. "I'm 300th!!! (I injured!)". Further pain shock forced him to utter only oscent words. His comrades tried to help him, but next 3 minutes of GoPro end itself. End of video. What happened further? Two or three triplets turned out under fire on the minefield. Both comrades of operator scared to move in the trench and go up, when engage the enemy, which opened fire. But they can't to maneuver and were shot dead. Rest of group dispersed and run to the road, but three of them were wounded. No ideas what did the part of group, which possibly stayed for covering. Knowingly, that reinforcement arrived, but enemy MG, snipers and mortar fire didn't allow them to reach to the own comrades. During this rescue operation was killed forth ukrainian trooper. At the dusk the battle finished. Two soldiers were lucky and could to crawl throgh the mines on the other side of the road. On injured trooper layed in the trench and dig frozen soil toward the road, but strength left him and he was captured by enemy group. Photo of bodies of Ukrainan troopers from LNR propaganda video. Under blue arrow you can see the cassete KSF-1 from remote minelaying system PKM-1 The launcher and cassete of PKM-1 and how it works. One KSF-1 cassete contains 72 small AP mines PFM-1 or 64 PFM-1S
  9. Haiduk

    Russian army under equipped?

    In Ukraine many politics think that after Putin new Russian leader will more liberal and change politic on 180 degrees. Ha! Putin is already not a person, this is Russian archetype of "strong leader", "rule for enemies fear! " - like was singing in old Russian Empire anthem. "Collective Putin" reflects all complexes and desires of Russian nation: "May we will live in poverty, but let all fear a force of Holy Russia! We are Russians ! God with us!" Every Russian politic or military, wich will wear the mask of "collective Putin" will be a next leader. There is some information, that Sergey Ivanov, former chief of President's Administration will be a successor, but in joke I think, the next president of Russia will be Ramzan Kadyrov. Soviet and Russian leaders are changing in next order: bald - hairy - bald - hairy. Putin is bald, so next one will hairy After bald Vladimair Lenin was hairy Caucasian Josif Dzhugashvili (Stalin). The hystory is going on spiral, so maybe next president will be Caucasian, which give to Russians their beloved "strong hand" and new 1937.
  10. In most cases such missiles either don't want to launch itself, or fly on weird trejectories. Soldiers told, average number of Fagot missiles fails is 30% - those guys were not lucky, probably because of old missiles were long time on open position on the frost and high humidity.
  11. T-72B3 near Debaltsevo after 152 mm of 2A65 Giatsynt-B hit. This is fantastic "lucky shot" - artillery spotter of 25th motorized infantry battalion told about this. Two enemy tanks approached to UKR positions on 1200 m, UKR troopers have only RPG-26 and one AT-4C Fagot with 5 missiles. All missiles failed because exhausted term of use. Spotter called battery of 55th artillery brigade on this tank, other two spotterts were preparing to make corrections, when ajustment shell of main howitzer will hit ground. Spotter heard shot of the howitzer in 10 km and explosion and... silence in the radio network. He asked: "why you don't transmit adjustments?" They answered: "No need - the turret is out" Enemy considerd the tank was hit with ATGM, becase they seen several launches.
  12. I tried to move vehicles through it, but in one place BTR didn't want move throgh the place, where two sections of the bridge merged, though without problem croosed over previous the same place. Maybe something wrong with heights... In the real world I think, tracked vehicles will have some problems with moving along rails.
  13. Maybe. But this one dives from special wide flat ramp in deep waters, not from slippery clayay steep in the shallow
  14. Heh... If BTR dived in the river under such angle, it would sink or overturn and sink next %)
  15. Four. One of them was in military academy, other were stored. When war has started its were repaired, as minimum two of them were in ATO zone in 30th mech.brigade. They havn't losses. But anyway there is no sense to put BMP-3 in the game for Ukraine