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  1. T-34/85 of different plants had light differences in details. This tank assembled from two different machines. The turret is 1946 post-war production of Nizhnyi Tagil plant.
  2. This news would be more appropriate for CMSF2 topic, but potentialy can influence on Russian intentions in Ukraine. Representatives of Taliban movement arrived to Moscow for negotiations despite this organisation officially recognized in Russia as terroristic and prohibited. After negotiations with Lavrov, Taliban representatives arranged the briefing. On the background of Taliban offensive in Afganistan and taking control over borders with Iran, Tadzhykistan and Turkmenistan, Lavrov made a statemant that Russia will not go to war until Taliban will threat Russian allies (to Tadzhykistan first of all). From own side Taliban said they will fight with attempts of ISIS to expand own influense on territory of Afganistan. Interesting that many Russian experts and politics say that Taliban advance agreed with USA in order to distract attention of Russia and involving it to the new war in Afganistan.
  3. Looks like Tigr armored car or some vehicle on its base.
  4. She also keeps her finger on the trigger. And this girl looks too tiny to handle with about 8 kg weapon - like on this video.
  5. 24th of June, the next day after incident with Defender, about 20 Russian jets, some with loaded ammunition Kh-31 antiship missiles dangerously maneuvered around Netherland frigade Eversten, which passed in internarnational waters in 70 n.miles from Crimea coast. Pairs of Su-30SM twice approached on 100 m and pased on low altitude along the course, simulating attacks. Netherland MoD only today issued official statement about this incident Russian MoD claimed Eversten suddenly changed own course toward Kerch strait and all maneuvers of aircrafts and ships were aimed at avoiding border violation. By the words of Russian MoD all passes of Russian jets were at a safe distance. https://www.volkskrant.nl/nieuws-achtergrond/defensie-nederlands-fregat-urenlang-geintimideerd-door-bewapende-russische-vliegtuigen~b6029a27/?referrer=https%3A%2F%2Ft.co%2F
  6. Hm... It finished at once - try to open it in youtube. I did it, all works fine. PS. If you click on "repeat" after video suddenly terminated, the video will play properly in the forum window. PPS. I renewed the link - all works fine in the window.
  7. The shooting took place - see the September is coming topic with Russian video, when their Coast Guard ship fires three times after Defender, which overtook it )
  8. AGS-17 uses in most cases exactly for indirect fire. CM engine too much limits capabilities of this weapon, allowing only direct fire mode. But for this mode there is need the same as for mortars - some unit which has LOS to target and C2 to AGS crew. In real situatuons AGS fire indirectly even w/o LOS, but current engine can't reflect this
  9. UK made clear statement. Defender passed through UKRAINIAN waters. The opinion of occupiers is not interesting to anyone. Russia, of course, in own right to protect occupied territory, but in that case any NATO ship has a right to answer, because they juridically passed through Ukrainian waters with agree of Ukrainain government and under attack ot third state. And as showed the hystory, all what BSF can is heroicaly sink own ships in Sevastopol.
  10. Filming from Russian Coast Guard ships "Ametist" and "Provornyi". On 4:44 commander of "Provornyi" gives order to "Ametist" to make warning shots on course of Defender, but to exclude hits in the ship. On 5:24 "Ametist" 1x6 30 mm gun makes 3 shots
  11. Russian Foreign Minister during the summon of UK amabasador: Russian Foreign Ministry: Moscow warns everyone who goes to provocations like the incident with the British Defender that the consequences could be dire We can appeal to common sense, demand respect for international law, and if this does not help, we can bomb. Not only on the way, but also on the target, if colleagues do not understand Incident with British destroyer may lead to escalation, the Black Sea region becomes an arena of military confrontation In the event of a repeat of provocations, responsibility for their possible consequences would rest entirely on the British side. Agreessor and occupant demands for respect of international law - ahahah British response: The prime minister spoke as Britain pledged to defy the Kremlin and continue sailing through the region to defend international waters. "Britain didn't recognize Russian sovereignty over Crimea, which according to international law belongs to Ukraine". "Royal Navy always will be comply with international law and nothing will be prevent us from inocent passage" "This is territorial waters of Ukraine" https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/you-wont-stop-our-ships-defiant-britain-tells-putin-hr3jcn7c5 Reportage of BBC journalist from the HMS Defender during incident - gunfire heard, but no bombing, just low-pass of Su-24
  12. Confirmed by whom? By Russia? Who in the world recognized this territorial waters belongs to Russia? Russia claims the illegally-annexed peninsula and its waters are its territory, but Britain says its ship was passing through Ukrainian waters. In last time UK signed several memorandums with Ukraine about military shipbuilding (missile boats and minesweepers) and two naval bases equipping . Probably Britain wants to use opportunity to became influent player in the BlackSea region again to contest Russia and Turkey. Probably British companies have some future interests on Black Sea shelf... So, on the background of impotent politic of eternally deeply concerned EU, such active position of Britan is good for us. Putin laugh at western diplomacy and consider it like weakness. He understands only words of force even it will be such "provocations". Large international maneuvers Sea Breeze-2021 will start at 28th June. So, we can expect new such sort of incidents.
  13. Looks like typical British answer with undertone "your farts at us were so paltry, that we even didn't spot it". This is very sensitive hit on Russian conceit. On their military forums now celebrating a great victory over "petty-britt" (such Russians misinterpret the word "Great Britain"). But probably video will come soon. If both sides will not agree to hush up this incident
  14. Russian naval forces shelled UK destroyer HMS Defender in Black Sea, when this ship "entered on 3 km in Russian territorial sea (12 mile zone)" in Fiolent cape area. HMS Defender crossed the "territorial sea" zone at 11:52, Russian Coast Guard ship warned and then in 12:06 and 12:08 twice shelled at destroyer. In 12:17 Russian Su-24M dropped four OFAB-250 bombs the course of destroyer. At 12:23 HMS Defender left "territiorial sea". Since Russian status of occupied Crimea is not recognized, territorial waters around it formally considered as Ukrainian, so British ship didn't violate any law because her visit was agreed with Ukraine. https://ria.ru/20210623/korabl-1738233635.html - first source in Russian https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-57583363 - in English On the photo HMS Defender in Odesa port several days ago AIS track of HMS Defender
  15. In summer 2014 many tank crews were really "dudes, grabbed from the street", but such equipment like Oplot would be given to the best contractor crews. When BTR-4 came to service in 2014 their drivers initially were not military, but civil test-drivers of tank plant.
  16. Sinse the mid of 70th 82 mm BM-37 mortars were out of service of motor-rifle units and remained only in air-assault units. Soviet motor-rifle battalions, especially BTR-type used 2B9 or PM-43+2B9 in own batteries. New 82 mm 2B14 appeared again in motorrifle units only since 1984-1985
  17. No. There were sometime battalions or regiments, which hadn't armored vehicles, but they moved on the trucks, not on own legs.
  18. Guys, of course there weren't T-72s in GSFG, but units equipped with these tanks deployed in the border military districts of USSR. Of course, these units could be moved to Germany after beginning of warfare as reinforcements. Also T-72 had Central Group of Forces in Chekhoslovakia, closest to the theater.
  19. Great looks ! But... Why so starnge scenario for Odesa, albeit fictional ? :)There weren't any "Ukrainian separatists" in this city, especially supported by Germans %) Odesa was mostly under Romanian troops occupation. Local partisans and underground resistance existed during WWII, they hid in catacombs. Also after the war Red Army and NKVD were forced to conduct large-scale anti-criminal operation, because large well armed criminal bands terrorized the city and turned on real "criminal partisan" army. The any city or town in Western Ukraine will be more proper for name of scenario
  20. USCG Cutter Hamilton visited Odesa. Before this, 8th of May the cutter provided some exircises with Ukranian Maritime Border Guard ship "Grygoryi Kuropyatnykov". During maneuvers, two Russian FSB Coast Guard ships "Provornyi" and "Bezuprechnyi" (pr.22460 "Okhotnik") and BSF corvette "Pavel Derzhavin" (pr.22160, armed with cruise missiles) have appeared. Initially they just escorted on distancem, but further several times closed to them and dangerously crossed their cource. Russians transmitted information as if this area is closed (this happened in Ukrainian exclusive economical zone southern Odesa) and demanded UKR and US ships to leave it. "Hamilton" and "Pavel Derzhavin" on background "Provornyi" "Bezuprechnyi" Today US cutter departed Odesa, but Russian corvette "Pavel Derzhavin", Hamilton's "watchdog", closed to Ukrainain coast to 19 miles in area of Chernomorsk (large port in Odesa region). After Ukrainian radar post detected Russian ship and warned that it closed to 12 mile zone, Russian ship changed cource.
  21. Yes, this is it. But probably some sort of local "hand-made". I couldn't find something similar of Soviet or Russian. It is for POM-2 mines set. Last two years the enemy especially widely uses this weapon. This mine can be set only remotely with several types of launchers or even with RPG-7 (local invention). When POM-2 activetes, it throws four thin 8-10 m wires with sensors. If somebody hooks on this wire it tears easily and caused explosion with 10 m round zone of complete hit. POM-2 have modifications with self-destruction 4-100 hours or w/o self-destruction. It is dangerous weapon, which can, for example, being launched during enemy advance to compel attackers to stop. It also hinders a movement between platoon strongpoints. Also can be used as a bait for snipers - two months ago enemy set several POM-2 mines near our positions, when our sapper group arrived to destroy it, they were shot out by snipers - three were killed, two wounded.
  22. Just an example of separs position, May 2021, filmed by hi-speed DJI drone on low-alttude flight. Civil drones of high-end segment very useful in UKR army. Military UAVs often uses in artillery, but infantry recon units, mortar batteries etc prefer to use civil drones, because there is no need to give special access to flights through bereaucratic procedures.
  23. I'v found if you purchase 1V14 as single vehicle it can't call artillery. You can buy spotter team for it and spotter team will call arty inside or outside vehicle, but vehicle itself will not. But if you purcase 1V14 in composition of battalion task force it will call arty even w/o spotting team inside. In real there will be normal situation, when 1V14 havn't call artiilery itself. This is just transport and radio communicator between spotting team and guns position. Spotting team finds the target and just send some data to radio operator inside 1V14. But, of course with losing of 1V14 they have to lost opportunity to call fire. PS. With destroyed 1V14 spotter team keeps opportunity to call fire. This is already a bug.
  24. In real life 1V14 equipped with laser range finder, viewfinder, night vision device (allows to spot up to 1200 m in conditions - stars+1/3 of moon) - all this equipment mounted in the turret, stereo-rangefinder, artllery compass. Almost all this equipmnet can be moved outside 1V14 hull and set up nearby. Usually 1V14 has own position near the command post of battalion commander, to which this battery is attached, so 1V14 in this case should locate in 2-2,5 km from forward positions of battalion and maintain proper observation of battlefield. This names "main observation post" (MOP). Important remark - in real life 1V14 was "zero point" for artillery. For more precise own position coordinates determination it had to use own gyroscope during 40 min after deployment. Or to use more simplified device, but in this case coordinates error was much significant. In defense 1V14 crew mostly worked outside vehicle and dug special trenches for own work near it. If need battery commander could to establish one or two other observation posts - "forward observation post" (FOP) and "side observation post" (SOP). Usually forward observation post was composed from battery's command platton leader (only officer could be a spotter) and two soldiers-artilery recons, which just operated with optical devices and radio. In the game such FOP represented like "spotter team" in BMP/BTR task forces or in "specialist teams". This post have mostly only binocular and artillery compass, sometime stereo-range finder and operates in forward lines of infantry, transmitting target's data to 1V14 via wire phone or radio. After this battery commander processed its and transmitted to 1V15 vehicle of senior battery officer (off-map), there this data processed again and transmitted to the main gun, relatively which other guns made adjustments. SOP could be esteblished from other personnel of battery's command platoon, but usually it was PRP-3 tracked vehicle from artillery battalion, which could be attached to motor-rifle battalion too if this battelion operated on some important direction. PRP-3 isn't represente yet in base game, but can appear in the module.
  25. Thanks for the link, 010/507 turned out short-live Shtat, but anyway like 010/292 was substituted on 010/463 and 010/465. The table of Mech.units also shows that 010/292 wasn't in use since the spring 1944. But better to rise Bagration's OOB and look each Shtat of participated tank regiments.
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