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    fry30 got a reaction from Bulletpoint in State of AI Quick Battles   
    Completely incapable of picking a force. Wish they would go back to a system like CMx1. I get that we can't have random maps, but we should at least be able to go up against a force that doesn't consist of 8 AT guns and an 81mm mortar.

    (What ever happened to combined arms. I have gotten more replay value from CMx1 then
    I ever have from CMx2, and I started with CMBN!)
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    fry30 got a reaction from Thewood1 in Spotting .... again ...   
    Oh and Luke the trees are abstracted. Not sure exactly how, but they are abstracted. 
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    fry30 got a reaction from Thewood1 in Troops Occupying Turrets Unrealistically Vulnerble To Small Arms   
    Has he ever addressed Stugs?... Steve that is. I thought I was in the Red Thunder area, so I laughed when I saw this thread. When I saw what was being described, the first thing I thought of was "hmm... why hasn't someone pointed him towards the other thread?" I guess I'll just add that link here if I get the time.
    TLDR: A player (beta-tester? fanboi? some relative high-up) about-faces when he takes Stugs into combat, and affirms that they are "broken" for the time being.
    Well anyways, I know this is anecdotal, but the last 5 different people I've played, no one's bought a STUG. It wasn't until I read the post that I realized that must be the reason no one buys them.
    Perhaps you are running into the same issue with the HumVees.
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    fry30 got a reaction from Vergeltungswaffe in SeinfeldRules Scenario Thread   
    I've something that reminds me of the first Airborne mission from CMBN (I believe it came from the repository.) I think I am being too ambitious... I keep trying to come up with something that has AI plans for both sides. As it stands, I think I have something workable...
    PanzerMike is right, more scenario editors seem to be entering the fray.
    And by doing so, people like you, Seinfeld and PanzerMike, inspire people like me to make new missions.
    Crappy missions, but missions nonetheless.
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    fry30 got a reaction from George MC in New CMRT Scenario: Carius at Malinova   
    Hey Nidan....  maybe we'll give this a go after the QB we just started.
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    fry30 got a reaction from agusto in Hungarian Mod   
    Why are you putting up pictures of dead babies, phallic objects and other perverse things? Ohhh wait, I miss my appointment this month.
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    fry30 got a reaction from Wiggum15 in Spotting .... again ...   
    I'm not sure who battlefield is paying here anymore... but I'm not necessarily surprised that one of them hasn't addressed this. I've never ran into this, because I don't like games where I can't see the enemy. Unfortunately this is because I don't think things such as haze, overcast skies, or darkness are handled very well by Combat Mission's engine. It is what it is... maybe they could slap a few more icons on the hud, but that's for another day.
    However, it disturbs me that a major aspect of its [the game/ the company's] engine is not working correctly, albeit under such "unique" circumstances. 
    If anything, BF could address it. Its truly absurd that that unit is not being located. Relying on this advanced spotting system leads to some really cool battle circumstances, but it also leads to some serious headaches. If anything, units within a 15 meter proximity, lets say 2-3 AS, should be automatically spotted. The only way this might be an exception, and we know the engine can handle this amazing phenomenon, is if A t-34 is sitting on the side of the road on a moonless night with very low visibility and is mistakenly believed to be a wreck or something of the like by CONSCRIPT soldiers, or otherwise compromised pxeltruppen. 
    But don't expect anything from BF... they're still promoting/tweaking neat things like individual system damage when every AT gun/Tank in the game fires at the vehicle's center of mass. 
    Some days I really wish Steve would go out into the desert on peyote and then come back and reappraise certain parts of this ****ing masterpiece. Some days I wish he'd have the humility to hire a small team to come in and analyze the game and its code for blemishes and omissions.
    Its the small things that keep you pinned down, immersed in the game play.

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    fry30 got a reaction from waclaw in AAR Gates of Warsaw AAR News Reel   
    This is a newsreel type coverage of a recent game of CMRT. The battle was Gates of Warsaw, by Panzermike. I do recommend it to anyone, regular or H2H. Big shout out to Nidan for being my opponent and setting up the game with me!
    Obviously this is a bit of a spoiler for the mission, although I don't give away many key points and its narrative based... at least in a sense that it doesn't break down mission objectives or my planning. Anyways, enough talking, time for the popcorn. Someone send me a battle soon, its cjburke@yahoo.com on dropbox.
    (PS: I fiddled around with a video editing program, so it might be best to watch this video at youtube.com if you can't get a high enough resolution.

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