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  1. I have tested CMAK and CMBB. The GOG versions seem to run perfectly at least to start the game and run the first few turns. Also tried Rain with FOG and it just works Usually GOG make sure old games run fine on new OS and modern hardware, maybe with help from Battlefront. Win 10 Pro, Nvidia 980 GTX, i7/2600K, 16GB RAM.
  2. Works perfectly Win 10 - GTX 980 - i7/2600K - 16GB RAM (old but still good). https://www.gog.com/game/combat_mission_3_afrika_korps
  3. Awesome, GOG is great for good old games. Hope to see CM2 there in 10 years or so when we all play CM3 and wish for the not so old days
  4. VERSION REQUIREMENT This v2.01 "Game Engine 4" Upgrade of Combat Mission: Red Thunder requires you to have a working copy of Combat Mission: Black Sea installed AND PATCHED TO v1.01 or later. I do have CMBS installed but I think this is a little typo in the CMRT patch installer
  5. Thank you Installing patch...
  6. I am not at home so I don't have my game keys on this laptop and I am tempted to install the v2.01 patch for CMSF2 but is afraid they I need a key to reactivate the game? Can someone please confirm if it's possible to patch the game without having to reactivate the game?
  7. I saw C.H.U.D. back in the mid 80's at a friends place, remember that I ran home avoiding the storm drains
  8. My guess you have the Rarity setting on Standard or Strict, set it to loose or none and you should be able to buy more tanks. Some tanks/vehicles have a rarity cost added to them for realism.
  9. Doesn't say preorder on the CMSF2 page anymore... I'll try to buy it!
  10. They accept credit cards, bought a few CM titles using my credit card :) If you're in your cart page and have "proceed to checkout" and "buy now with paypal" just click "proceed to checkout" and you'll have and option to pay with a credit card.
  11. It's like ASL for computers I also enjoy playing PBEM against my brother.
  12. Maybe it's part of the simulation and stuff need to be modeled (visible or not) for accurate damage model and stuff like that. Having it visible might be an added bonus and it's just to shuffle stuff over to the GPU to render and doesn't effect overall performance... maybe part of the 1:1 simulation That's my assumption as I have no design experience at all, but if you don't want hit points system I guess you need to model everything and calculate bullets trajectory and see what it hits.
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