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  1. Second Front Interesting title, it's the best visual representation of ASL I have seen. I like the style, it kind of works for a hex based game like ASL that can't be fully realistic looking in the first place. Sadly no multiplayer support listed yet, hopefully in the future though https://www.secondfront.games/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/1148490/Second_Front/
  2. I have all except CMA and they run fine under Win10 on both my laptop and gamerstation.
  3. Indeed. Could also dig deeper and expand the list with combat force availability as that changes as well, at least for Waffen SS. Haven't looked into the other forces yet.
  4. Now I start to read the manual... DOH!! Oh well... 😂 I made this for myself and maybe some of you will find it useful as well. Also attached two PDF versions for Letter and A4. I'll update it if I got something wrong Fixed Zealand. CMFI Nations QB [A4].pdf CMFI Nations QB [Letter].pdf
  5. Today is the day, yes? It's my birthday today! Would be a nice birthday gift to have Rome to Victory released today! :D
  6. I have tested CMAK and CMBB. The GOG versions seem to run perfectly at least to start the game and run the first few turns. Also tried Rain with FOG and it just works Usually GOG make sure old games run fine on new OS and modern hardware, maybe with help from Battlefront. Win 10 Pro, Nvidia 980 GTX, i7/2600K, 16GB RAM.
  7. Works perfectly Win 10 - GTX 980 - i7/2600K - 16GB RAM (old but still good). https://www.gog.com/game/combat_mission_3_afrika_korps
  8. Awesome, GOG is great for good old games. Hope to see CM2 there in 10 years or so when we all play CM3 and wish for the not so old days
  9. VERSION REQUIREMENT This v2.01 "Game Engine 4" Upgrade of Combat Mission: Red Thunder requires you to have a working copy of Combat Mission: Black Sea installed AND PATCHED TO v1.01 or later. I do have CMBS installed but I think this is a little typo in the CMRT patch installer
  10. I am not at home so I don't have my game keys on this laptop and I am tempted to install the v2.01 patch for CMSF2 but is afraid they I need a key to reactivate the game? Can someone please confirm if it's possible to patch the game without having to reactivate the game?
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