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  1. Maybe it's part of the simulation and stuff need to be modeled (visible or not) for accurate damage model and stuff like that. Having it visible might be an added bonus and it's just to shuffle stuff over to the GPU to render and doesn't effect overall performance... maybe part of the 1:1 simulation That's my assumption as I have no design experience at all, but if you don't want hit points system I guess you need to model everything and calculate bullets trajectory and see what it hits.
  2. ratdeath

    New Website status update

    I spotted this on the CMSF2 NATO T&OE page: Below is a list that highlights the new units and equipment that Gustav Line has to offer.
  3. ratdeath

    The state of CMSF2

    "A CM2 release is never late, nor is it early, it arrives precisely when Battlefront means to!"
  4. ratdeath

    New Website status update

    At last :)
  5. ratdeath


    Personally I try to see most games as glass half full nowadays. New patches, modules, addons is just a bonus. Best is to try and not dissect everything before consumption, play it with an open mind and perhaps be pleasantly surprised. I remember when I played Ultima Online for the first time, that newbie feeling is hard to get back, some of the magic is lost when you know everything. Like discovering what purple potions do... 3.2.1....boom! OOoOO oOoo :) There is so much that is awesome with CM2 :)
  6. ratdeath

    QB map pdfs

    Great stuff thanks a lot!
  7. ratdeath

    A long delayed update

    Good news everyone! Lots of bones! Thanks for the updates, looking forward to all the new CM stuff
  8. Hmm.. a copy of Close Combat? Is that the game to rule them all and...
  9. A Combat Mission game is never late, nor is it early, it is released precisely when Steve means to.
  10. Would be awesome if there is a one player option where you could send the file to a friend and they pick the AI force. Maybe possible to let a friend (trustworthy) remote control with TeamViewer and pick the AI force.
  11. ratdeath

    Naughty or nice... here's some bones!

    Tasty bone! Merry Christmas Battlefront!
  12. ratdeath

    What is going on?

    Did someone say bone? *drools*