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  1. I don't believe it is available via retail anywhere, anymore. Until they get around to putting it back in the store but that might be awhile.
  2. Easiest way is open up a blank map in the editor and paint a few square of each terrain type. Label them and then study them. Easier to see the difference when they are side by side. Experience teaches best.
  3. No one has commented on it but you do have the choice of doing real time or we go. I always choose we go. Some others like RT. Too much to try to remember if it gets above company level.
  4. Yeah. It's only been up since about 3a eastern. Steve gets to sleep every now and again. Upgrades are coming.
  5. You could just buy a bigger HD/SSD and clone your old one to it. No muss, no fuss and perfectly compatible.
  6. You didn't happen to mention if it was wireless or not. I have seen the issue of the mouse disapperaing on Win 10 apps at times. Try taking the battery out of the mouse for a few seconds and see if it reappears. I have heard that wireless mice can be susceptible to inteference, even from cell phones. Worth a try anyway.
  7. You didn't mention what game skill level that you are playing. The higher the skill level, the less the amount of info you get. Rachet it up to at least Elite... Iron is better still. But that's just my opinion.
  8. You get fraps. You start it up before you start CM. When you are in the game and you want to take a screen shot, you hit F10 (I think is the default.) You tell it where on your PC you want it to be saved. Pretty much all it is.
  9. I think he means his wife found some material, war related when planting strawberries. He on the other hand found skeletal remnants in a ditch. Probably not in the same place.
  10. Ok, the first time I went through it I thought is was going reasonably well until the King Tiger showed up.  I had my Shermans in defilade positions behind some of the houses and the M4105 was sitting in the middle of the road not 20 meters from the KT pointed straight at it.  This KT had approached with a squad of troops that were not dismounting. Must have been fanatic.  Turn ends.  The KT zooms right past the 105 who never fired and comes to a stop about 30m past the 105.  My E8 had a flank shot on the KT which ricocheted at 15m.  That KT spun its turret like it's barrel was a toothpick and knocked off the E8, continued to pivot until it blew the crap out of the M4105 and then picked off another Sherman that was about 80m up the road.  Then it started a flat out run for the ammo dump.  All I could do was give frantic chase with the Chaffees that the stummels didnt kill when they got all of the greyhounds.  I manage to get within 25m of the Tiger with the 1st Chaffee and hit the KY with a rear shot, partial penetration.  I just made it mad.  So the 2nd Chaffee pulls up behind the first just in time for the 88 to take out both of them with 1 lousy shot.  That leaves me in a world of hurt with no armor so I cease fire and only got a minor defeat so I restarted all over.

    Coming up on 1 hour remaining now and KT still seems impervious to bazookas, even at point blank range and anything else I have shot at it.  It does seem to me that that turret traverse is too fast for something that immense.  I will post results to this battle in the thread when it gets done.


    Even the 2nd time through its still a nail biter.

    1. MarkEzra


      Thanks for the info on the Tiger 2.  So the troop were riding on it when in Wiltz (or US side of map?)

    2. Jim1954


      The town thst has the road that leads directly to the ammo dump. I must not have had names on because it wasn't labeled. 

    3. MarkEzra


      That Would be Wiltz... Most likely didn't landmark it... Thanks I will make sure to disembark them at a safe distance.

  11. I get that when I try to reinstall CMBB or CMAK in Win10 but I don't know what the solution was. Finally put those 2 in the box where dead things go. If there is a solution, I too would like to see it.
  12. You could set it to day, I guess but it would need to be a really, really long battle. Can't remember off hand which scenario it was, or maybe it was in the American campaign but there is at least 1 battle in there that was like this. It was in the US campaign but it was 09:45 in the morning. The effect is the same.
  13. You have to use the editor to get it, but fighting in the mid to late afternoon with clear skies and snow on the ground really makes those shadows stand out.
  14. Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.
  15. Actually I have seen something similar to this but it was in CMx1. All of the units got deployed into a couple of AS. I don't remember if it was more than 1. IIRC it was a glitch that didn't ever repeat itself.
  16. And take up what free time you thought you had.
  17. Expensive is a relative term. If you look at it in the context of total cost of product divided by hours spent in enjoyment, you will find it is quite reasonable. If this includes any VAT from the Information Technology Agreement, not much to be done about that. Having never had to buy with Euros and pay VAT, I can only offer that opinion.
  18. Best is best but sometimes I wish I had a bifocal function on my monitor. Bigger monitor would probably not hurt either.
  19. The Russians did use a mine clearing tank for the initial phase of Bagration, if you can believe everything you see in Soviet Storm on Utube. The capability is in the engine, we know that. Who knows, maybe they could eventually find the way to the Eastern Front. Granted they were probably not very common, but you never know. Maybe RT will get something like a vehicle pack in the future.
  20. Using dropbox in conjuction with a helper program, here I can only speak for CMH, makes it seamless and effortless once configured. CMH will even set up a dropbox folder and share it with your chosen opponent. I had more problems doing it manually. I have learned.
  21. You are going to wind up like the rest of us eventually, addicted and possessing all. Chart yourself a path to follow, and eventually own them all. You will be assimilated, resistance is futile.
  22. I don't know for certain about marshes but I am currently playing a RT battle that features a small river in it. My 82mm mortar rounds hit the water and there isn't even a splash.
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