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  1. Many thanks, guys, having now used the arc method I can see the tactical possibilities. Cheers
  2. Many thanks, MOS ill give this a go. Considering the detail of the game, one would have thought there would be a button for Hold fire.
  3. Hi all. How can I get my troops to hold fire until I give them the command please? Cheers
  4. Re-instaled the 1.04 patch and all is working ok now. I am still interested in upgrading to the new 4.0 engine upgrade though. Can anyone tell me how I go about purchasing the new engine? Cheers.
  5. Many thanks. I did not realise I had to purchase an upgrade. Does the upgrade add anything new? Edit: I just noticed the advert for Battle Pack 1. Is this what I need to purchase?
  6. Hi all. Not played the sim in quite some time. Have just updated BS from the patch page on the main site. There were 2 patches, 1.04 and 2.10. Every time I try to launch the game I now get a popup that says "Licence failure: Game engine 4 is required. Please run the activate product utility and enter the licence key." Does this mean my original key?
  7. Cheers, all, will have a dig in my mail later. Has there been any big updates or expansion over the last year?
  8. Hi all, been some time since I was last online or played CMBS. My PC died and I forgot what email account my account was registered with... But now I have a new PC and found my account details at last Can anyone give me some details of how to download the game once more, please?
  9. I am already considering the purchase of CMSF. There seems to be a huge amount of content both official and mods for this title But saying that CMFI also looks like a theatre I must visit haha
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