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  1. I'm new to CMSF2 I picked up the base game plus the Marines. I've been playing some of the smaller battles and I'm having a blast. Looking at this section of the Forums got me interested in adding some Mods. Are there any mods that are "Must haves"? Just looking for some guidance on what others have found to be great additions. Finally is there a mod manager like in other games that allows you to turn various mods on/off? Thanks in advance guys!
  2. I'm new to this series of games. I recently picked up CMSF2 and I'm really enjoying it. I've been wondering if there are certain scenarios that are designed for play against a human as opposed to the AI. It would seem to me that the balance of forces might be different in these two cases? If so how do you tell what scenarios are meant to be played Human vs Human as opposed to Human vs AI?
  3. I've just worked through the training scenarios. I have SF2 plus the Marines. A couple of questions: 1 - For play against the AI I'm looking for recommendations on what Battles would be a good next step in the learning curve. There are several to choose from. Any suggestions? 2 - For PBEM play what's the best way to find opponents? Cheers!
  4. I'm a new player and I'm trying to figure out how to have a vehicle which is loaded with Infantry move to a waypoint and then have the Infantry dismount. I can issue the move to the vehicle and at the terminal point I try to select dismount but its not available.
  5. Just installed SF2 demo. I haven't come across the Guided Tutorial that domfluff referred to?? There is a manual but no other document am I missing something? I was hoping that there would be a structured tutorial which used a simple mission to introduce a new player to the UI and basic mechanics.
  6. LOL! Thanks Domfluff for your response, very helpful. I've been warned but I'm going to try the Demo anyway 😀
  7. I have some questions before I invest time and money in this game. 1 - I heard this game requires a lot of micro management. For example If I give a unit an advance order and they come under fire along the route of advance will they seek cover and return fire on their own or do I have to issue a halt order and then fire order? 2 - I see that there is a Demo available. Is there a guided tutorial included that covers the basics? I don't mind reading manuals but I would expect at least a basic intro to the UI and mechanics to be included with the game in a structured format. 3
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