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  1. Sgt Squarehead, I know that you are aware of the forum policies. Lockin er up.
  2. I'm not seeing the connection to the game. Am I missing something here or have we strayed too far?
  3. About this much. We've strayed way far off the game and it's become too political for the General Forum.
  4. Thank John. The link was changed in my original post yesterday and still works. Just waiting for the Internet Gods to make the change on the website.
  5. HHmmmm...That is an odd one, isn't it. It should be good now.
  6. Yes!!! DO NOT try to copy/paste an installed copy to a different computer (or migrate if you have a Mac). That is exactly what the anti-piracy software is designed to prevent.
  7. Die Kunst Des Krieges is finished and ready to be applied to your Shock Force 2 game. The German Campaign from Combat Mission Shock Force 1 has been brought up to Shock Force 2 standards. Also included are updated AI plans, reworked briefings and some adjustments to the campaign's units. Here is a direct link to the download: Die Kunst Des Krieges Campaign Enjoy!
  8. Okey dokey....I can see that this thread has more than run it's course. Gentlemen, please remember the forum rules and, also, please try to play nice. Ah....my first locking of a thread. And I told myself that I wouldn't cry when this day happened.......
  9. Hi RedWolf7. Here is a direct link to the password reset feature: https://www.battlefront.com/index.php?p=password_reset If you're not able to get in with that open a Help Desk ticket and I can get you in through that.
  10. "Digital only" is just the download version of the game "Disk only" is no longer an option "Manual only" is the digital download and the physical manual is shipped to you "Manual and Disc" is the digital download and the physical manual and disc are shipped to you.
  11. Hi Joe, You will almost certainly have a license issue. When a game is activated it creates a match with the computer it is installed on. If something major is changed it detects a mis-match and will trigger the software. It is no longer as sensitive as it once was but changing the HD is a pretty big one and very likely to cause an issue (that can be fixed through a Help Desk ticket). Before cloning your HD uninstall all the CM games that you have on it. Then install them using the game installers on the new SSD. Double check which games you have to make sure your find the easiest way to do this. ALL titles that are using the 4.0 Upgrade have all-in-one full game installers available on their download pages. It is similar with Mac users who try to migrate the games from one computer to another.....using the installers to move the games is the safest thing.
  12. I've gotten some tickets on the Help Desk where people are getting what they describe as either a back screen or just the Battlefront tanks firing with the black background. This happens when an element (or more) of the Upgrade is not activated. To cure it (or avoid it) follow these activation instructions: Installation and activation instructions for the Combat Mission: Shock Force 1 Upgrade: 1) Download the game, extract the download and run the game installer. 2) Use the desktop shortcut labeled Activate New Products and enter the key that came with your CMSF Upgrade purchase. 3) Use the Activate New Products shortcut and enter your original Combat Mission Shock Force 1 base game key 4) If have purchased any of the module Upgrades use the Activate New Products shortcut and enter your original Combat Mission Shock Force module key. Repeat will all module keys. You can actually activate these bits in any order that you want as long as each piece is activated. It's just the OCD in me that lists them in the order above. Here's what it looks like:
  13. Don't even wait. Go ahead and open a ticket.
  14. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry about that. Posted to the wrong forum!!!! *slinks away with tail between his legs*
  15. I'm looking for a link to the Beta download. Not the full game. I have a key already....just nothing to download. Thanks.
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