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  1. When the game is installed the manuals are in the game's main directory.
  2. Dang!! That show looks awesome. I have to remember to put aside time to watch the whole thing. Tres cool (as my French friends would say).
  3. That is always possible..Any time a new build is released there is the possibility of a new bug showing up. All I can tell ya for sure is no need to be a refresh monkey this week. Next week you may need to be one.....but not this week. I've been around play testing for BFC since late 2006. When releases get to this point I have seen them escalate super fast to release and I have seen them hit a roadblock. I've seen where one of these builds comes out and after trying to break it for a couple of days everyone says "it's good to go" and BOOM. I've also seen it where a new build fixes something and when we try to break it we break it hard.
  4. Yeah. Give the F5 key a rest this week. Probably next week you can give it a rest too. We'll see. I'm certain of the former and I'm only pretty sure of the latter
  5. Almost ready to say v***. As I just said to HQ......"I can smell the finish line". No idea what that means but it sounded cool when I wrote it.
  6. This is already modeled in the game. Ya know how when you take some sort of casualty the floating icon flashes? Ever see that and check the unit only to find all of the men are still there? Well, look a little closer. At least one will have their weapon changed to a yellow color color. Those soldiers have sustained "minor or medium wounds".
  7. More than you can imagine. But (and I guess this may come as a mini-bone) the extra time has led to a coupla/few more stand alone battles. There are some really cool battles in this module. Some are unlike any type of battle I've played. I won't elaborate on what I mean by that until it's out and people have had time to discover them.
  8. I thought about that. Even considered this sentence instead "....I ain't saying much about the release date until I start using the "V" word ". 🙂
  9. Yeah. I'm out of the estimate game for now. I would have bet that we'd have it in September. It is getting wrapped up but beyond that I ain't saying much about the release date until I start using the word "very". 🙂
  10. I'm pretty sure that I have figured out what is going on. I just emailed you a question.
  11. They were the only band that mattered. The bummer with Combat Rock is that it was my least favorite (I don't even count Cut the Crap as a Clash album). Give'em Enough Rope.......that's the one that I probably still play once a week.
  12. September ain't looking good for the release folks.
  13. Yes. The 4.0 key in the Bundle will work for all 5 games in the Bundle.
  14. Coolio. Just use the full game installers for each game and you'll be set. Then use the Activate New Products utility and enter the following keys for each game: CMFI: Original base game key 3.0 key 4.0 key Gustav Line key CMRT: Original base game key 4.0 key CMFB: Original base game key 4.0 key CMBS: Original base game key 4.0 key CMSF2 (assuming you have the CMSF Upgrade): Original CMSF1 base game key Original CMSF module keys (if you own any of the modules) CMSF2 key
  15. I replied to your ticket earlier. I saw that before seeing this. 🙂
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