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  1. I did seriously think that there might be some kind of inside joke thing going on. It is the same question that has been asked on this forum for 20 years and it has been the exact same answer for the past 20 years. It has never changed....ever. Why does anyone think that answer might be different now? And it isn't because we want to withhold something. It's for exactly the reasons that you describe.
  2. Yes.Yes they do. And I won't add to that. 🙂 As far as I'm concerned it's on schedule for a summer release. But I thought that with Rome to Victory last year and it came out in November. How's that? Does that answer the question?
  3. Live in the moment, man. Have you wrung everything out of Rome to Victory that can? I still haven't played out all of the original CMBN. Keep an eye on progress if you're interested in the module but ride the wave, dude. I wonder sometimes if it's an inside joke that once something is released people start asking about a release date for the next thing in the pipeline. Let's play what we've got. There is an enormous amount of content at this point.
  4. No. Something unexpected may come up in a weather forecast but they'll still broadcast somefink.
  5. Pretty much spot on. And I really really really really really really don't want to run into a pre-order to release time like Rome to Victory. Historically, it's generally been 4-6 weeks between when pre-orders open and something is released. I'd like to see a return to that for Fire and Rubble.......With the understanding that that is the target...not a promise.
  6. I haven't read this entire thread but as an AAR spoiler. I've started to use tank crews to use buddy aid to get their hands on more than just the pistols they have. #unbanwarfareisbrutal
  7. I'd prefer to see a saved game file but the video could also be showing him firing at the spotted tank and hitting the unspotted one. The same way you can take out a tank with area fire sometimes. To that point, when you watch the video what do you see right after the unspotted tank is hit? The round also hits the spotted tank. As others have said there isn't enough here to tell for sure what is happening. My guess would be that he hit the unspotted tank while firing at the spotted tanks.
  8. Back at Berliner Weisse at that weird corner that I have another OT-34 trying to kill the last man in a squad I continue to try to take him out. He has been refusing to die. I haven't had any direct fire on him but I've gotten plenty of area fire on the building. He's been busy performing some buddy aid on his buddies and now look what he's gotten his hands on. Yup. Both an MG42 and a panzerfaust. I'd come out shooting at him with area fire until I got in a position to get some direct fire but I have a tank staring right at where I'd have to go. Either this b@#%*&d will get a shot at me with his faust or the tank will get a shot. I've felt like I'm in check for a while. I gotta get myself out of these boxes that I've gotten myself into.
  9. I really really really really really really really really want to get rid of that Mark IV that has pretty much finished of my SMG Company. I ran what was left of the Sapper team from the failed close assault (1 man. 2 demo charges) into the building next to the tank. I hope to get close to it by coming through the wall with 1 demo charge and taking it out with the other.
  10. 90m. Not bad but within range of the schrecks and PF100s. But I'm gonna have to do something to break the stalemate and whittling down of my units.
  11. I'm afraid of fausts and schrecks. But I'm going to need to make a boy or a girl out of this situation soon and that might be the way that I have to do it.
  12. If our version of the forum has a poll feature I don't see it in the admin settings. I don't want to be a killjoy and I'd love to see the results of what you come up with but the next few projects are already set in stone. So, it's unlikely to change anything. 🙂
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