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  1. Has it really been over 2 weeks since I posted here? Well.....I can officially say that August is out. Steve addressed the biggest reason earlier. The TO&E is a bear for this baby. Some days it feels like (who can name the movie reference here?) unraveling a big cable knit sweater that someone keeps knitting and knitting and knitting and..... I think we will have some additional stuff to show you shortly though.
  2. Thanks Frenchy! We'll check it against the current module beta.
  3. Regarding the TO&E, to put the "good enough" conversation in a different light. It has always been part of Battlefront's DNA to "get it right". When that hasn't happened it has been because of missing/incomplete information or something slipping by unnoticed and pointed out by players. What hasn't happened and won't happen is to knowingly put something out that we know is wrong just to get it out.
  4. No Battlefront won't be doing it. We programed in the green dots above the module icons on the splash screen to do it. And again, remember that no Battlefront scenarios require anything above what is stated in the product information screen. Market Garden requires the base game and Market Garden.....Period. So there would never be a CW+MG Battlefront produced scenario. The Battle PAck and Vehicle Pack require both modules, so pointing out CW+MG+VP is moot. You need all 3 for them. Ditto the Battle Pack. Stating it is redundant. And the green dots do the job just fin for player made scenarios. That is why it was programed into the game.
  5. It's probably time to move this to the more generic General forum. The wargame community is a great community and discussing other games only helps the community overall. It probably comes as no surprise that we think that we are the cream of the crop. The Gold Standard. And all games of our genre only help each other.
  6. I was about to mention that. Ya beat me to it. 🙂 True. I wouldn't count on everyone who makes a scenario to stick to that convention though...handy as it may be.
  7. Yes, January 19, 2003 haunts me to this day. Tampa Bay had never in the history of their franchise won a game when the temperature was below 40 degrees. It was 26 degrees at kickoff.
  8. As a quick update.....While it is still possible, a lot of things will have to line up for an August release. If we had passed the point of there being no chance for an August release I would have changed the pre-order page and mentioned it here. So, it could still happen but it isn't a stone cold mortal lock like the Eagles/Buccaneers NFC Championship game was for the Eagles in 2002. That was a lock......and anyone who knows what I am referring to will know how that turned out.
  9. I think I just answered his ticket a few minutes ago. Thanks. The part that you quoted me on is very important. The download link will always be in the confirmation email. Even if the link doesn't appear in the account for a day or so.
  10. Sometimes an order has to be manually completed for the download to appear in your account. But the confirmation email has the download too.
  11. We definitely appreciate your input. I'm not clear on what you mean by bullets sticking to walls? What it conjures up is images of walls with multitudes of bullets hanging on them. I'm having a hard time visualizing that. Or even thinking it may be a bug. Does a bullet that doesn't go over a wall imbed itself in a wall? Sure.
  12. That is exactly it. The original Game Engine 1 version will not run on Windows 10. You will need at least 1 of the Upgrades. If you already have the 2.0 Upgrade then you're good. If not, then just getting 3.0 will do the trick.
  13. You're missing the point, mate. I am aware of your comments on the subject. But it is a safe assumption that the original poster is not.They are the one asking the question. If they were familiar with your comments in another thread they would not have started this one asking about. Make sense? I am not sure why you think that the original poster was familiar with your remarks. That is what prompted me to correct the record after your comment. I don't have anybody on my ignore list and I can't imagine a scenario where I would. It is in my job description to set the record straight when people (intentionally or unintentionally) misrepresent aspects of the game. Additionally, how did I misrepresent your post?
  14. UUmmm....No, that is not even close to what to you said. I'll quote the OP and your reply to remind you...... As you can see....there was no mention of CMBN, hedgerows,, gaps in hedgerows or that you have seen seen signs that it had changed from 4.01 to 4.02. As a matter of fact your response is the polar opposite having said "I have never said that the problem has not been worked on, or addressed.". You may not even be aware that in all of the games breaking infantry was running out of all manner of cover (buildings, foxholes, trees, you name it) and running toward fire. That behavior has 100% been fixed...whether you have seen evidence of it or not....with the exception of 1 game (CMBN) and 1 specific type of cover in that single game (I forget offhand whether it was low hedgerows or high hedgerows but one of them....not both) , period. Lowery is still up by 5 after a shaky first hole.
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