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  1. BFCElvis

    30 years ago today

    Okey dokey....I can see that this thread has more than run it's course. Gentlemen, please remember the forum rules and, also, please try to play nice. Ah....my first locking of a thread. And I told myself that I wouldn't cry when this day happened.......
  2. BFCElvis

    Need help lost login

    Hi RedWolf7. Here is a direct link to the password reset feature: https://www.battlefront.com/index.php?p=password_reset If you're not able to get in with that open a Help Desk ticket and I can get you in through that.
  3. BFCElvis

    Interest in purchase....some questions before

    "Digital only" is just the download version of the game "Disk only" is no longer an option "Manual only" is the digital download and the physical manual is shipped to you "Manual and Disc" is the digital download and the physical manual and disc are shipped to you.
  4. BFCElvis

    HD Clone to SSD

    Hi Joe, You will almost certainly have a license issue. When a game is activated it creates a match with the computer it is installed on. If something major is changed it detects a mis-match and will trigger the software. It is no longer as sensitive as it once was but changing the HD is a pretty big one and very likely to cause an issue (that can be fixed through a Help Desk ticket). Before cloning your HD uninstall all the CM games that you have on it. Then install them using the game installers on the new SSD. Double check which games you have to make sure your find the easiest way to do this. ALL titles that are using the 4.0 Upgrade have all-in-one full game installers available on their download pages. It is similar with Mac users who try to migrate the games from one computer to another.....using the installers to move the games is the safest thing.
  5. I've gotten some tickets on the Help Desk where people are getting what they describe as either a back screen or just the Battlefront tanks firing with the black background. This happens when an element (or more) of the Upgrade is not activated. To cure it (or avoid it) follow these activation instructions: Installation and activation instructions for the Combat Mission: Shock Force 1 Upgrade: 1) Download the game, extract the download and run the game installer. 2) Use the desktop shortcut labeled Activate New Products and enter the key that came with your CMSF Upgrade purchase. 3) Use the Activate New Products shortcut and enter your original Combat Mission Shock Force 1 base game key 4) If have purchased any of the module Upgrades use the Activate New Products shortcut and enter your original Combat Mission Shock Force module key. Repeat will all module keys. You can actually activate these bits in any order that you want as long as each piece is activated. It's just the OCD in me that lists them in the order above. Here's what it looks like:
  6. BFCElvis

    My account was blocked

    Don't even wait. Go ahead and open a ticket.
  7. BFCElvis

    Better late than never

    YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry about that. Posted to the wrong forum!!!! *slinks away with tail between his legs*
  8. BFCElvis

    Better late than never

    I'm looking for a link to the Beta download. Not the full game. I have a key already....just nothing to download. Thanks.
  9. Can someone send me a link to download the game? It doesn't seem to be among the things available to me on Sharefile. A PM with the link is fine. Thanks.
  10. Hi guys, Open a Help Desk ticket. Give me as much information as you can (game title(s), license key, order number, real name....the more information the better but don't sweat it too much...just whatever information you have). I'll get you hooked up.
  11. If you open a ticket with the Help Desk I might be able to help you with some of your search. Let me know if I can help.
  12. I'm probably too late to help too but I'll put this in case anyone else reads it looking for the information..... If you purchased the 4.0 Big Bundle, to do full installations of each game you would download the Full Windows/Mac versions for each title. For instance the full game installer for a Windows computer for CMBN is called "CMBN 4.0 Full Windows". That will install everything through the 4.0 Upgrade. The base game and every module, patch, Upgrade and Pack. From there you will need to activate things. Here are the keys you'll need for each title....assuming that you own everything (some items may be part of a Bundle but I think you'll get the idea): CMBN: 4.0, 3.0, Market Garden, Commonwealth, Vehicle Pack, Battle Pack CMRT: original base game and 4.0 CMFI: base game, 4.0, 3.0 and Gustav Line CMBS: base game and 4.0 As mentioned above, CMBS also has the 2.01 patch that needs to be installed. The 2.01 patch and CMBS Battle Pack are the exact same download. The only difference is that when you purchase the Pack you get a key to "unlock" the content. I can dig how much of a pain it may be to dig through your account for all of the key. Whenever I get a new key for something I add it to a Word document that I keep so that I can get to them easily.
  13. BFCElvis

    Soft launch... CMBS Battle Pack 1

    Yes. For CMBN the 3.11 and 3.12 patches are the identical downloads as the Pack downloads. The only difference is that when you purchase the pack you get a key to "unlock" the content. Other than that the download will be the exact same download as the patch.
  14. Actually, this is probably the best place to post this. :-) But I will do what I can to get some extra eyes on this. Fixing bugs is beyond the scope of the Help Desk. Forum posts are usually a better place to post possible bugs because the developers look at it frequently and they're the ones that can do something about it. Posting possible bugs on the forum also allows others who are seeing the same thing a chance to chime in. The Help Desk can help you get up and running if the game itself is running right or if there are licensing issues. That said, I will point HQ in this direction.
  15. BFCElvis

    Download problem

    As a general rule, if your download is slow or causing problems, the solution that works the best is to use a different browser. That fixes 98% of download issues. Also, disabling your firewall and anti-virus software during the download can help. But, DO NOT use a download helper.