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  1. It never ceases to amaze me the breath of knowledge that our players have. We have guys testing that seem like savants or somefink with this kind of stuff. Truly impressive. Thanks, Frenchy56 (and everyone who has pointed these kinds of things out).
  2. Use your 4.0 Upgrade link. That gives you the option of just the Upgrade or a full installer. Use the full installer. It includes the 2.10 patch.
  3. Use the Activate New Products utility on the desktop and enter your Rome to Victory key
  4. For Rome to Victory it defaults to have a shortcut on the desktop. If it's not there it will also be in the game's main directory.
  5. I moved it like I would move any other vehicle. When I would target (or the TacAI would target on it's own) the vehicle turns to fire without me doing anything. In a different battle that had a similar type vehicle that I wanted to set up so that the gun was already facing the direction I wanted it to shoot, I moved the vehicle where I wanted it and then changed the the facing using the Face command to the opposite direction so that the gun was pointed where I wanted it.
  6. The Elephant to Brummbär switch was because the Elephant required Gustav Line. Nothing in the Rome to Victory module requires owning Gustav Line.
  7. That was among my favorite new scenarios. I felt like it was very different than any scenario I'd ever played before.
  8. Your comment: Yeah...it was a bear. 🙂 Your question: These screenshots may be helpful. There are 81 new QB maps in the module. These are them.
  9. I just double checked...one has Windows in the title and the other Mac. Odd that you're not seeing that. I'll dig deeper.
  10. OK. Your splash screen looks like you're installed ok. We can try 1 of 2 things....either disable your firewall and anti-virus software and redownload and install the 2.10 patch. Or, open a Help Desk ticket and I'll use a different method to get you the files.
  11. IT sounds like @mjkerner is sorted out but @mike_in_texas can you look in your Game Files folder and then the Scenarios folder and see if the Rome to Victory battles are there? The file names will all begin with R2V.
  12. Awesome!!! Dave was part of my Mac posse. Thanks @Ultradave for jumping in!
  13. Since the introduction of the all-in-one full game installers for all of the Combat Mission games purchases of modules (or Packs) no longer come with downloads. If you have the most up to date patched version of your game then you already have the module (or Pack) installed. Along with Rome to Victory's release is a v2.10 "patch". This patch contains all of the Rome to Victory content. All full game installers are also v2.10 and contain the Rome to Victory content. Make sure that you have the 2.10 game version installed (below is a direct link to the patch) and then use the Activate New Products utility on your desktop and enter your Rome to Victory key to "unlock" the content, https://battlefront.sharefile.com/share/view/s82e4aff83484678a
  14. Sounds like you need to open a Help Desk ticket....and I need to get some of my Mac posse involved.
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