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  1. OK. These are some @George MC screenshots. I liked them because they really capture the "feel" of some of the battles we've been playtesting. Also, as a loose status update. Anyone who remembers why I started this thread may remember that March 31st was an important date. We're now in April. Full focus has now shifted back. It never stopped....we got at least 2 fresh builds since I started this thread....but it's back in full gear.
  2. Dang, we came so close to coming back from a "bad place". I think (hope) it has self corrected now though.
  3. I just looked at the briefing again. Yes, that is exactly where it is. Excellent catch!!! Ben is going to be very happy.
  4. Two-fer Since the IS-2 is in the base game I've added something to it's screenshot. One of these Lend Lease Shermans kilt that guys buddies.
  5. DING DING DING!!!!!!!!! Rubbled walls! You guys are good. That took all of 10 minutes. Pick your poison.
  6. It's not what I posted the picture for. Maybe @MikeyD can answer that for you. It's his department. 🙂
  7. Maybe this will be a bit of fun. I am playtesting a battle that @benpark made using his awesome Berlin map. I was checking out this guy's dead buddies and realized that a new addition to the game is in this screenshot. I don't recall it being mentioned before. First person to correctly identify it I'll honor by fulfilling a screenshot request (assuming it's in the game).
  8. That is always released when the pre-orders open.
  9. That's my brand!!!!! There hasn't been any in the stores for weeks. I figure I still have a 2 week supply left from my normal purchase before things hit the fan.
  10. One more since the other weren't really close shots.
  11. I would like to keep this open because I think having a place to vent is a good thing. But let's keep it to personal experiences and things like that. Let's leave conspiracy theories off of here and keep them on conspiracy theory sites (yes, I'm looking at you @John Kettler). Otherwise I'll just shut it down. And I'd really rather not do that.
  12. I appreciate it and yes, it is classified. That said everything is still on track and, to be candid, so far this hasn't affected us much yet. We all work from home, testers have more free time to test, fine tune scenarios, etc and people that are stuck at home have decided to get one or two of the titles that they'd not gotten around to picking up before. I hope everyone else is holding up ok in these weird times.
  13. Oh man. Howard Stern talks about his all the time. I've always wondered if they are all they're cracked up to be.
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