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  2. Yes, I know. But I don't think, that they did it intentionally to stop hexediting. I think, that it is far more comfortable to map a texture to a model in the programm code instead of in the files directly. This make you more flexibel in the usage of the models. And so the hexediting vanishes as side effect. (this is my theory)
  3. This Australian theatrical stage manager has a remarkable sideline business which exploded. Miniatures! https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-07-15/adelaide-miniature-designer-makes-huge-statement-on-global-stage/11300032?fbclid=IwAR2lykFdXYyR_9AQfBUqNoZj0jOfxyeYUk1myKaPf-xUa_lDDTbN0d-PvYI Regards, John Kettler
  4. A long time ago. I always assumed they did it to stop people from swapping models between games. They completely changed the code in the files so that they don't point anywhere that can be found in the hex editor, at least with soldier models. You use to be able to trick the code by renaming a soldier model. EX: Syrian Soldier to Zyrian Soldier and then renaming bmps to Zyrian etc. You can't do it anymore. There is no "Syrian Soldier" etc. All Syrian military are under one file name. So if you change it they ALL change. Mord.
  5. When did they do this? I thought they only changed their model-texture-mapping?
  6. Even before I scrolled down to your thread I was just thinkin we need PBR Streetgang!
  7. Amazing! Although the dropbox link isn't working..showing too many requests.
  8. I second, third, and fourth that. HOLY F***! Mord.
  9. @Sequoia This quite possibly could be the answer to the Muj question? Hey @Aquila_CM, can you figure a way to swap CMA Muj models for Combatants in SF2? Or better yet import a better model than was in CMA? Is it even possible to import completely different soldier models (theoretically at least?)? And all you players/scenario designers, I advise you to keep a copy of your 2.02 - 4.02 installers in a safe place because I guarantee that if BF shut down hex editing they are gonna come down even harder on this. Mord.
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  11. Depending on model and practice some can be converted in a couple of minutes. Ironically it was what seemed to be the easiest job that gave me the biggest headache - the CMA Kamaz ZSU which ends up with its gun shooting backwards when being model swapped for the Pickup ZSU. 1) What the finished model has to look like in the 3D editor 2) Sekrit Formula? 3) What appears ingame
  12. This thread covers...cover (relevant to how flavor objects behave):
  13. Yes hopefully more players will be inspired and give it a go!
  14. Never trust anyone who calls himself "Red" but dresses in violet. He's either colourblind, or a liar.
  15. +1 You are cranking these out faster than I can download them and place them in scenarios!!!!!
  16. I see my Qarmat Ali map is getting a good workout - quite flattered that my maps are being used to test @Aquila-CM's awesome work and @37mm's Heaven and Earth / Vietnam project.
  17. These mods are really cool and make a cool game even better. Thanks @Aquila-CM.
  18. That might make map making a bit insane. I think I put a wall there........ 😁
  19. Yepp ! I have been tempted to buy a decent computer many times during these years to be able to play CM and some other less demanding stuff... But now...i think i will stick with my 'plan' 😎... And take the frustration with waiting a while longer...During summer i usually don't play that much anyway...Christmas is not that far away... And it undoubtedly makes waiting for the upcomming modules easier. 😉 A number of intresting things are developing within the CM comunity currently...not least 'the future' for modding 😁... Looking forward to rxperience it soooooon....ish.
  20. Something which should be useful in many WW2 and modern scenarios. Standard texture is a bit ugly but can be changed. Interaction box is right beneath in the center but this time invisible. CM Train Box Car.zip
  21. Maybe an elevation jam on the barrel? If so tank is useless and crew would bail. I tired this in a scenario with stuart hidden in tall hedge, pz ivH coming at it down the road head on. The hits on the mantle do not show as visible marks. Stuart disables it every time.
  22. Hi Repsol, I'm sorry to hear of RL messing up your gaming. I appreciate wanting a good rig, however CM works acceptably on quite low-spec computers. I have found that if you are flexible you can scrounge or find on eBay stuff pretty cheaply. I got a 19" monitor for my laptop for GBP6 on eBay - nobody wanted it because it said "collect only." When I realised he was very near me, I offered him the money and he accepted as long as I could get right over to take it. I scooted over there, and he was a helpful, nice guy. He was moving house and did not have space for an excellent piece of surplus kit - Samsung. That way you could be gaming while you work on the custom mega PC you plan. Cheers, Julian
  23. I acquired Fortress Italy and I share with you my first impression. Maniac CMBN player, it's almost with disdain that I watched this battlefront game on the forgotten front. It was on the enthusiastic advice of some and the next arrival of the module containing exotic troops like the French of the General Juin that I decided to make the purchase. I used to fighting in hedgerow, trained to face the panzer with thick skin and fanatical troops of the Waffen SS, it's confident that I engaged my Gi and Tommy face Italian troops under equipped and their ridiculous R35 and Semovente My research on strategy and tactics led me to read Zun Tsu, Carl Guderian, von Clausewitz and Bil Hardenberger whose entire work was read and re-read and all of whose tutti were played and replayed until keyboard wear. So it's very confident that I started the game I, who, a few days ago, contemplated with a knowing smile, the bust of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, imagining me as a digital alter ego, the return to reality was violent ... especially for my pixeltruppen. It's painful that I learn the war in 3D The pronounced relief, long and complicated LOS and LOF loses all my knowledge and my certainties I, who thought I had learned a tactical logic, discovered with bitterness that I was just replicating reaction routines with relatively identical patterns, In the hedges, the game consists of solving a succession of tactical problems one after the other, each problem generally corresponding to the field facing your troop so having a limited resolution key number. With the opening of the LOS and LOF and the relief, the number of combination increases enormously. The, the serious things really start It's exciting and totally new, which does not spoil anything I find the game rather successful visually W italia
  24. I wish i could mess around with this stuff right now. But i'm affraid i can't currently... My old gaming computer gave up...ooh i guess it is almost two yeras ago now. I have been meaning to buy me a new one ever since but RL things has gotten in the way 😢 Primarely some major renovations/add-ons to my house has soked up all my free cash these years. The house is currently sorted though and i have finally been able to start saving some money for my new machine. I will need quite alot though since i'm aming for a top of the line machine that will alowe me to play DCS in high resolution VR...And CM offcourse 😃.. As for timeframe...I'm currently aming for a NICE ! christmas present to myself... It's been a long wait ! i miss playing CM very much and it will be nice to get back into it in a not to distant future...
  25. Thanks for all the kind words. Glad you enjoy it. Basically a summary of what was already stated here. Place stuff like invisible wrecks and likely walls into flavor objects to make them protect from gunfire, LOS, and impede movement.
  26. @Aquila-CMThe patrol boat is pure genius, I love the way it rocks when hit, then sinks - I take it that inside it is an amphibious vehicle? That is really out-of-the-box thinking and I applaud your creativity. I don't understand what you mean here - could you explain?
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