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Oregon challenges Peng and loses! W00T!


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I like to think, that in a time of strife

In a time of war, red war

The foolish jackanapes

of the Peng Challenge Thread

Would have been there, in the trenches with me

Who never had to face any foeman

Who was just a year or two too young for the one war of my youth

And far to old for the ones that followed

That we would have been brothers, I who never had a brother

And that I would have been willing to die for them

Or, at least, to kill for them

Because killing is hard

But dying is right out

And comedy can be a complete disaster

In four days the wheel turns

America will face another four years

Of something, hopefully, completely different

No matter who wins

So long as we don't all lose

A nation divided between red and blue

Plays to a legacy of Royalist and Loyalist

Union and Confederacy

Us and Them

A house divided against itself cannot stand

When it is all Us

I remember, years ago, listening to two women

Gushing on about the birth

Of the Duchess of York's child

And I told them: You remember

That we fought a war of independence

Over two hundred years ago, to throw those rascals out?

No kings

No queens

No lords

One nation, under God, Jehovah, Allah,

The Goddess, Buddha, or Nothing At All

Determined to make their own way

By their own hand

With a hand open to everyone

Who would clasp it

Time to shake on that bargain, again

A bargain made by adventurers, fortune seekers and religious zealots

With cheated natives and stolen slaves

Ratified by immigrants and the wretched, refuse of the world

To make upon this shore

A nation greater than anyone in it

Could lay claim to

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My Gawd lad, I don't know what's worse ... the contents of your PM folder ...

  • OCD 4 Fix: Lad, there are medications for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, even at a Four Level. Don't try those so-called "herbal" fixes, see a professional. With any luck they'll institutionalize you and we'll be rid of another SSN.
  • You Have Received an Infraction at Battlefront.com Forum: No doubt this was the result of your continued attempts to post here. Face facts lad, you're an SSN and not a particularly good one at that. We all have our roles in life and yours is ... well ... uh ... hmmm ...
  • Wrong CMSF 1.08 link: Here's a tip ... links have to be posted in a specific format to work ... for example there's a difference between "/" and "\" .
  • RE: Commercial links ?: No you can't link to commercials on TV directly. It will require you to find the commerical ONLINE and then post that link ... see above.

... or the alleged link from Boo Radley, please realize, as all of us here have, that he's married to a clever lady who has only one failing ... her taste in husbands.


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I once had a performance problem. IT PRIMARILY DEALT WITH THE PITIFUL PERFOMANCE OF MY PZ-IV's AGAINST [cough]Stuka's[/cough] Stuartsessessess from Hell.

Arsehole. Glowing arsehole. Complete, unadulterated arsehole. His pixeltroops, of course. He doesn't quite reach the level of Arsehole himself. Really, he's an arsehole wannabe, and I'll not readily forgive him his "dead-eye" Stuartssesssesesesesss.

Oh sure, he's an alright bloke. But his Stuartssessesseeess? They are right arseholes. See if'n they ain't.

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Thank you Leeo for the correct pronounciation of 'arsehole' rather than that godawful 'merkin 'ass-hole'.... a little grovelly and butt-kissy to be sure but I appreciate the effort.

I see at least some of your *BOOT* training has taken hold in that thick skull of yours.

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I've always said that if you kick Leeeeeo in the head enough times... it's a whole lot of fun!

Maybe not for him, but then again, that doesn't really matter, now does it?

Be sure to leave a clean patch where we can attach the electrodes. If you think that kicking him is fun, wait until you see the way he twitches and jerks around when you hit him with a couple thousand volts.

Kinda does your heart good.


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If you're at a Halloween Party, and you find yourself standing next to the two identical blonde 20-something twins dressed as Bavarian Beer Maids, it's really not going to matter that you were only talking to the brunette dominatrix when the wife walks in to the room.

Just saying.

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