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    Building a life size replica of the Earth in my basement.
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  1. Knowing you, (not that I really do... not in THAT way... not that there's anything WRONG with that, mind you) I can only imagine that your concept of "fun" with a joystick is something that even a mink breeder would not tolerate.
  2. Emrys is still alive and not confined to a rubber room somewhere? Someone obviously slipped up!
  3. A Hot Wheels Advent calendar. Yup. Civilization is officially over, boys and girls.
  4. I love making my opponents angry so they snarl and show their teeth.
  5. How is it you keep getting out of the restraints? I told them to use a shock collar, but did they listen? Nooooo!
  6. Spent a long, long time here. Wrote a lot of nonsense. Met a lot of fine folks, some of whom I still talk to. This was a wonderful place, full of wit, panache, bile, horrid jokes, funny songs, idiots and savants. And dreams. Lots and lots of dreams.
  7. Your mother is tiny? That's a bummer. It's an AAR you're wanting? Okay. Speedbump and I tied in a CMBN game. Happy now?
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