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  1. Finally, after 12 years, I got a new rig. I've tried to load CMBN from my orders page on the website, but I get this screen. I don't know if it's because the file is so old and isn't configured for newer computers or what, I'm on Windows 11 at the moment Thanks in advance.
  2. I've been threatening to get a new rig for a few years now. And I've gotten back into playing CM, and I'd like it to be a bit spiffier looking than it is at present. Probably because my box is from 2012, with an AMD A10-5700 APU with a 3.40 GHz Radeon graphics card. But I don't want to drop a bundle. So the search goes on.
  3. Does it tell you anything at all if I tell you that I don't even know what a PBEM++ means? Don't two ++s equal a - ? Wait... how does that work again? Two --s equal a + and the rabbit goes around the tree twice and seven gallons equals a quarter parsec... or sumfink.
  4. Oh Good Gawd! ng cavscout's here, watch the property values plummet. "What was that horrible scream I heard?" "Oh, that's just all hope and joy dying because that long-neck swilling Canookistani Wannabe walked in the room!" ng!! How ya doing buddy?
  5. Is he one of yours? Dear Gawd, it's worse that what I imagined. It's like... watching an episode of Sesame Street, but with the puppets replaced by sessile molluscs.
  6. (Raises one shaggy eye brow, derisively) You call that a challenge, Lad? Egads, how you do drone on. Been taking elocution lessons from Hiram, have you? I've been challenged by the likes of Peng, Seanachai, Berli, OGSF (I think... with his accent it's hard to tell if he's challenging you or gargling broken glass), MrSpkr, and Elvis, and all these men STOMPED upon the earth! Sigh... but I guess this is what happens when you have a latch-key Squire. You try to teach them to raise their sword high, but when they do, they end up sticking it into a light socket. Sad, really. You can send me a set up, lad. Attack, Defend or ME. Do you prefer Drop Box or E-mail?
  7. Seriously, before I do anything more to this game, I need to buy a new rig. This puppy's 10 years old and is slower that Sir Sir 37mm's wit. And if that were any slower, it would be in reverse.
  8. I want to see if I still want to play before I drop some more cash into it.
  9. Sounds good. Like I said, I have CMBN with the Vehicle Pack and CW, but not MG. You okay with that?
  10. Tis I, Boo Radley, Assistant Emergency Back Up Justicar of the Peng Challenge Thread (Long may she wave!) Former Squire of Croda of the Nefarious Legions, of the House JD Morse! I have fought against the likes of Joe Shaw, Berligtingen, Peng Hisself, and Squired Nidan 1 (RIP) I challenged the Legendary Emrys (But he didn't like to play humans, so what can you do?) I'm just getting back into the swing of things, haven't played in ages and am relearning the game. So far, I've lost the last three games, so there's that to look forward to. Anybody up for a QB?
  11. Admins, you can remove this. Someone told me what I was doing wrong and it's all nice and shiny now.
  12. Pfffft! I wave my hand at your thread. WE actually BROKE the forums with the MBT (Long May it Wave). We were GIANTS among lesser mortals! And don't you forget it, Sparky!
  13. Lurker, you mewling, inbred fey artiste Nimrod. Thick as a short plank sandwich is what you are. Have you actually made bail? Who slipped up this time? WHO'S RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS INDIGNITY??? Joe Shaw shall hear about this! Dear Gawd, how does this UBB code thingy work, anyhow?
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