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  1. No my friend, far better from you. Thanks on behalf of the Mutha Beautiful Thread. Joe
  2. I, and all who inhabit or inhabited the MBT will miss him terribly. He was a good man, a good friend and one of the stalwarts of the original Peng Challenge Thread. Fare thee well my friend. Joe
  3. Well at least I can count on ONE competent playtester ... other than myself that is. That's right sburke, Knight of the Shavian House, now that I'm retired I have graciously volunteered to playtest and, needless to say, Steve jumped on that offer like a trout to a fly.

    Of course I JUST joined and Engine 4 is already out but I attribute it's success so far to my joining.

    Your Liege,

    Sir Joe Shaw, JFLPCT

    1. sburke


      What, me worry?

      excellent I think you'll find there is plenty to do. 

  4. Shut UP and Sod OFF! What kind of a Peng Challenge Thread has this become? "Hail Fellow, well met." ... "I say, do you happen to have any Grey Poupon?" ... "Thanks awfully old man, I do appreciate the kind words and advice" It's enough to make one vomit in disgust ... in MY day we had a Peng Challenge Thread worthy of the name, with naught but bile and innuendo ... some of it was actually true. And now to see a bona fide Knight of the CessPool wishing everyone Holiday Greetings (and don't start with me, I refer to the multiple holidays mentioned ... not that I much care WHAT you lot think of m
  5. Well done Sir Speedbump, but of course I expected nothing less from a member of the Shavian House. Watch out for Nidan1, he's been know to hack the game ... what am I saying, he ALWAYS hacks the game. Sir Joe Shaw JFLPCT
  6. Piffle Sir sburke ... it was only pre-season and we didn't want to have a Jordy Nelson moment. It's all part of the plan. And I suppose that if you have to attend an NFL game in a substandard stadium then a vendor's club suite would be best ... so which suite was it ... the Pepto Bismol suite?
  7. Yes but you would blame me wouldn't you ... and after all I did for you, promoting you to Assistant Adjunct Interim Probationary Justicar of the Peng Challenge Thread ... giving you your own bullet ... talking to you AT ALL. Oh how sharper than a serpent's tooth ... Sir Joe Shaw JFLPCT
  8. Now, now Sir sburke (and I'm pleased to type and bold that) let's not get into a TwitFit over this ... Joe
  9. Wait, he called you a TWIT? Why that's outrageous. No one gets promoted to TWIT unless I, as the Beloved Justicar for Life of the Peng Challenge Thread, promote them. And trust me PanzerTyke, you've shown nothing that would grant you elevation from IDIOT to TWIT. Joe (JFLPCT) p.s. Sod Off!
  10. Boo Radley, it's not MY fault that you let the likes of PanzerTyke in ... you have only yourself to blame. Joe
  11. You'd like that wouldn't you Boo Radley, well just for that I'm NOT going to have my head explode ... mostly because I'm not going to use his name. I'm thinking of Voldemorting his name in fact.
  12. OGSF and Nidan1 ... aren't we privileged ... at least I think we're privileged, with OGSF it's hard to tell what he's saying so he could just as easily have been ordering a pizza online and came here by mistake. He gets that way when he's in his cups ... and when isn't he. As to Nidan1, well lads he's had twelve too many roundhouse kicks to the head to take anything he says at face value ... a good thing too since I've seen photos of his face {shudder}. Joe
  13. Overnight? It's been MONTHS Boo Radley and he has successfully completed the course of study required of aspirants to the mantle of Knight of the Shavian House ... granted it was a correspondent course but it was comprehensive and covered all the major facets including respect for and acknowledgment of my status as the Beloved Justicar for Life of the Peng Challenge Thread. And he has posted a sufficiency of AARs in my humble but correct opinion. Jealousy ill becomes you Boo Radley ... but then pretty much everything ill becomes you these days. Maybe it's just YOU. Joe
  14. I would remind you speedbump2 that it's the custom of the Shavian House to properly bold the names of full members of the Peng Challenge Thread. It's not a requirement of course but certainly should be considered a best practice. We covered that during your Squireship ... week 14 as I recall from the syllabus ... "The Sacred Traditions and Honors of the Peng Challenge Thread and How to Best Clean the Greasetraps in Tunnel 3." Joe
  15. I have been lax my friends, not to be confused with Ex Lax though the results of that are much the same as one sees here. My young friend and protege, sburke has been toiling valiantly in the vineyards that are the Cesspool and I ... well, I have not. But he has upheld the honor and glory that is the Shavian House and is to be commended for that. As a result, and in my capacity as Beloved Justicar for Life of the Peng Challenge Thread, I hereby announce to one and all that the Squire sburke is now and shall be known as Sir sburke. He is and shall always now be, a full fledged Knig
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