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  1. I’m not even sure it was necessarily shiny, just kinda glittery. Talk about herding cats ...
  2. One of? Seriously he’s quite right. The whole concept of CM blew me away when I saw a screenshot and slim description ... somewhere more than 20 years ago. It’s still very unique with the WEGO and Tac AI and dedication to accuracy. And, of course, it’s the reason for the BFC forum coming into existence which was my community for years. Mind you in those days it was BTS (Big Time Software). So many friends.
  3. Well at least I can count on ONE competent playtester ... other than myself that is. That's right sburke, Knight of the Shavian House, now that I'm retired I have graciously volunteered to playtest and, needless to say, Steve jumped on that offer like a trout to a fly.

    Of course I JUST joined and Engine 4 is already out but I attribute it's success so far to my joining.

    Your Liege,

    Sir Joe Shaw, JFLPCT

    1. sburke


      What, me worry?

      excellent I think you'll find there is plenty to do. 

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