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Sign if still playing CMBB online

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Hey everyone, I recently went back to my old time favorite war game of all time CMBB. I am looking at getting some games on with some of the best war gamers on the planet. Sign this topic if you still playing others online.


Southernrebel (Me)

Contacts - YIM, MSN, STEAM, and E-mail

Game types - ANY

Point size - 1000 - 2000

Also Challenge other posters to games and we can post AAR for people to have some neat reading.

Later guys

Southern Rebel

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Originally posted by JoMc67:


I would be interested in doing a CMBB - TCP 300 to 500 point QB or a company size Scenario.

Email me at irishwop67@aol.com

I will e-mail you tonight Jo.

ALSO buddy do u have any of the chat programs I listed i have, would be easy to hook up and play often.

Later man

Southern Rebel

P.S. EVERYONE that plays alot let me know the more I have to play with the better.

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i still play a bit. i play by pbem only (haven't tried tcip... is it any good?) and at the i play pretty leisurly (2-3 turns week avg -- i'm a junior in high school so time and i don't exactly agree) but if you happen to have that much patience, i'm all for a good game.

The Schwabian

tyguy501 AT msn DOT com

Game types - smaller games?

Point size - 300- 1500ish

~the schwabian

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GOD guys I gotta say very very impressed with the fast replies. Hell I am very glad I made this topic I think for once I might get a good group of buddies to play TCP/IP on the weekends. Which this will kick ass cause nothing is better than talking crap to one of your buddies as you know you are about to wipe the floor with him smile.gif .I will be e-mailing everyone that posted E-mail addy that plays IP games. Glad to meet some of yall.

Also i am going to check out those links posted.

Lets get ready for a bloody war smile.gif

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I'm a newcomer to CMBB. I'm looking to try a PBEM game. However, i'm a super noob so i may need help even doing that LOL.

I'm not new to wargaming though, i'm a long time scrapper from way back. I've held my own against all from as far back to stratego in my childhood through SSI games such as Steel Panthers and the great 5 star series like panzer general. Yes, sadly i lost my way and joined the click fest platoons of Command and Conquer and the hybrid billion knock offs that it spurned.

Have i proved my old geekdom yet? LOL

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hehe dont worry PBem is very easy smile.gif my first obem was in the ROW V Tornament :eek: lol

Its very simple, u order your guys about hit the Go button ... name the file and email it off smile.gif

i have too many games on otherwise i would set one up for us heh smile.gif

On the subject of tcp/ip ... i just played one, which got started in The Proving Ground chat room.

20 turns in like an hour if that. Was very fun .... the dude even helped me remember the name of a song i was trying to think of lmao :D

overall very fun!

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