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  1. Hi I have an issue with CM games having obtained new PC running Win7 64-bit AMD Athalon II X3 425 Processor 2.70 Ghz ATI Raedon HD 4600 series graphics card (Catalyst version 10.2 Driver 8.702-100202a-095693C-ATI) Issue is that games (BO BB & AK) run ok and graphics are fine and I am seeing text in game (after applying the old 'text fix' files) but not in Briefing screens and/or Scn selection or AAR screens ? I bought the '2009 exe' for CMBB but this has made no difference. Have tried several re-installs etc but still no text visible as above. I get the graphics ok for these
  2. Hi What is the information source for this colour scheme ? Cheers
  3. Hi Yes all those who have devoted time and effort to Modding the various CM incarnations are much appreciated by moi.
  4. Hi Moon et al Great news and if TOW only gives me a fraction of the satisfaction that CM series has over the years it will be well worth it. Good to hear there is a printed manual available Cheers
  5. Hi chaps Very interesting link to massive photo source for Eastern Front in this thread from Gen forum I thought you should not miss http://www.battlefront.com/discuss/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=9;t=020760 Cheers
  6. Hi Pbem (too many at once..its a vice of mine) with very occassional TCP/IP session. I prefer semi-historical/historical set-ups but do play odd points bashes. www.theblitz.org is another good ladder/opponnent finder location Cheers
  7. Hi I know BFC dont the release dates thing but any hint if CMC will be available in time for Santa to deliver ? Cheers
  8. Ok how do I do that ? Alternatively if you go Amazon.co.uk site, book section and search for Battle Of The Bulge After The Battle it will generate same page. Cheers Gary
  9. After The Battle Publications : Battle Of The Bulge Then And Now Amazon UK have it for GBP 42.70 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Battle-Bulge-Then-Jean-Paul-Pallud/dp/0900913401/sr=1-1/qid=1157048006/ref=sr_1_1/202-7880985-1289410?ie=UTF8&s=books Excellent tome with massive amount of photos (with modern comparison photos of locations) and reasonable text from German sources. Weight and size makes it a lethal weapon in itself Cheers
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