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  1. I'm still very much of the opinion that if your would-be killers are coming at you with body armour on, you're most likely done for, seeing as they're not going to be poorly equipped by any means. OK, actually called a Cutts Compensator, messed up on the C/K thing there, but basically it funnelled the gasses causing recoil up and to the right (IIRC) which conversely... well... compensated for the recoil in much the same system as this new gun does.
  2. Just to add something regarding the AA12 - The old 20 round drums magazines for the weapon weighed about 2kg with normal shot (4 and a bit pounds). You're a stronger man than I if you want to carry a minute's worth of ammunition to show off, particularly if you're up for the fancier Frag-12 type affairs, as well as all of your other gear you'll need on the battlefield.
  3. Eugh, FutureWeapons. Shows a whole range of 'new' kit, all in a completely perfect environment used essentially by those who are expert with the technology to to either inventing it or having gone through most of the testing process. Oh and as to the whole MP-7 thing : Why bother? There are a whole bunch of better PDWs already out there (the MP5K strikes me as a good one, as does the P-90). The round is too small, and the practical use of a PDW against a foe you're assuming to be armoured is somewhat limited. If they're wearing Kevlar, they're probably going to be pretty well equipped
  4. Excellent find - I can translate a bit more than the fairly minimal descriptions on the site, if you want. [ March 21, 2008, 02:33 PM: Message edited by: jBrereton ]
  5. I'll give you that, although Warriors are proving near-impossible for the Iraqi insurgency to kill with RPG-7s, mines, IEDs, you name it. Erm it has half the operational range of a Warrior, and is 5 kph slower.. It carries a larger cannon, but doesn't mount missiles. Aye, can't argue that. Nor did the CV90 until the CV9040B, which compromised turret elevation. The Puma? It's about as good as a Warrior, just with better fire control and, again, no ATGMs, as well as being able to carry one less soldier, having the same speed but about 80kms less of range on roads. Oh, plus
  6. Aye, all it would take would be to play the voice clips backwards, and you have pretty much perfect Finnish
  7. Ah, but you have to remember that a Warrior IFV is better than any other IFV in the world that I can currently think of.
  8. No, other than the time it takes for orders to be sent through, the forces act the same in terms of morale etc. etc. as each other, I believe. The order time gets changed in August '44 IIRC, which is a pretty handy thing indeed.
  9. You'd have to steal Charles' computer he made CMBB with for that. I suggest you don't try
  10. Marines are coming up pretty sharpish IIRC, no idea about British forces, but I'd imagine that they'll be around eventually.
  11. You mean a wee bit like a WEGO version of Jagged Alliance? Sounds pretty superb to me - CMx3, you can't come soon enough
  12. "Blooooody hell, look at the size of that force - chuck every bastarding peice of artillery we have near that hill!" "Which one?" "The one with all the bloody Hun on it, squire!" "Err, roger that." *French countryside generally flattened, along with entire German division* "Played, lads!" "Tea in 10, hope you make it back!" Something akin to that, I presume.
  13. Agreed. Sounds right to me. Well I know that the 9K112 Kobra round (AT-8 Songster) has an average speed of about 360-ish metres per second over a couple of miles, and hits a target at 4000m away in about 11 seconds. That said, it's not exactly the kind of thing that Syria is going to to particularly well-endowed with, and probably makes a pretty bastardly noise, to boot.
  14. 6-37. Antitank Signatures. Some examples of antitank signatures are: •The swish noise of a missile launch. •Long, thin wires from previously fired ATGM. •The sharp crack noise of an ATGM being fired. •A soldier dismounted with an ATGM, may be within 100 meters of a PC. •Thermal signatures viewed through thermal optics. − The suspension system and engine exhaust are more visible on track vehicles. − The engine exhaust, wheels, and windshield are more visible on wheel vehicles. − A fired ATGM leaves a distinct hot spot, more visible than the surrounding area. − A dismounted soldier has
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