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  1. Cuen, congrats to finding a great game. Quickest way to learn is to get your electronic soldiers blow to he11. LOL, it's what i'm doing. Good luck from one newb to another.
  2. Thats part of what has already been posted here. The way the buildings were engineered and built allowed them to take horrendous punishment and remain standing. The design wasn't on purpose as the city was built years before the battle ever occured even before the war started, the design was for ease of construction by highly unskilled labor. The communist liked to keep idle hands busy, that way they didn't have time to plot their own new governments. The Germans tried everything they could to pulverize the city. If you read the engineering text about the seige you will find that most ar
  3. I've always been a WW1 person of interest. I'll definately make some time to try out your hard work. Thank you.
  4. Work is slowing for me again. Soon i will be capable of leading my digital warriors to be broken and bloodied due to my lack of H2H play. Hopefully next month i can get a PBEM going again.
  5. You know, the more i think about the reverse slope bug..... i don't consider it much of a bug. If you take into context that it could be used to simulate "well dug in" positions where the AT gun is supposed to sit somewhere with a limited kill arc with lots of dirt work around it.... then it makes the "bug" add some realism. As intense trenchwork would offer the gun team protection they otherwise would not have. I understand the game has trenches.... but just a different view.
  6. Jason, i'm kinda new. But i've played AI enough to know sorta what your talking about (i understand fundamentally). However, i've parked guns behind crests and they still got killed quite effectively. The problem with doing that is that i've never been able to drop a gun behind a crest and still have a relatively decent LOS. Is the problem you referencing created by someone taking 4 hours to place the piece so that it appears to be at the top of the crest but the game engine see's it as 1 meter below??? Apologies, i understand what you folks are talking about, but lost at the same t
  7. Mikey, i'd a thought they would have worked like a mortar. In so far as game mechanics are concerned, why not? I spent 3 out of 6 battles running those dam things to all types of HQ units to try and get indirect fire support out of them, then finally gave up and drove them up to the front and leveled the village and pounded the crap out of everything in my way. I had so many of them they even took out a panther by immobilizing and the crew bailed.
  8. Well, i've seen mortars set up and shots departed in a minute or so. Other than the moving parts, a gun is a gun. Some may take more manpower and a little extra time, however with properly trained crew, minutes should be on target. I had a FO a few nights ago, he had 120 rounds of 105 HE got himself killed. All 120 rnds fell on my poor fellas heads....... what a catastrophe.
  9. It's what i did Blitz. I just wasn't sure if i was missing how to utilize a piece of the game. I was playing "Italian Countryside" operation. I had as many M7 Priests as i did Shermans. It was an interesting operation, but keeping your armor rolled up with your grunts made it to easy to overcome stiff infantry opposition. I think i had about 15 Priests by the end.
  10. Is it possible to use the M7 Priest as indirect fire artillery with a spotter?? Dang if i have figured out how, if possible. It seems to be a infantry killer in the game, not something i can sit back and pound areas with. I thought the M7 was often used as support Artillery, not roll up to the front line grunts while the TC yells down "Where are the Nat-zees?" *as he spits his chewing tobacco*
  11. yep, i burned down a little house because my squad fired it from a peasant shack. They will freak out by the way when that happens. LOL
  12. you don't have control over that aspect. Your fellas are on their own. Some of the real long term players may know a trick to help define the fire pattern though. But otherwise, administer IQ tests prior to starting the battle. LOL
  13. LOL, nope, a little AI time. This is a tough time of year for me. Through January really.
  14. Thank you @ Joe, i've seen your email.... I'm gettin to it. Apologies.
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