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  1. Well i use a dual AMD +3800 and a 512 mb 8500 and it runs prety good in this rig so i don't think is a problem of you pc. It give you any kind of error just to post here. also there is a way to activated the generation of a error log file but i don't remember now maybe sneaksie would come up with a suggestion. But it is better for him you let us know what kind of error if there is any it gives.
  2. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Well i have not problem with script command I am a player of those fly sim so i am use to it . At this moment i see that the units will react differeny so this time will be possible to use suppresion in some units. But my question it is possible that those units enter in panic stay, depending on the circunstances, because in TOW is very difficult that i have play some hours with the game and i have seen fe3w units on that kind of behaivour. I think this is crusila to the game not just go for cover also the panic and so simular behaivours are modeled this will make the game more real
  4. Ok PanzerRast there was a guy at the CM setion at the blitz that ask the same question that you i explain he waht is about the game. and advice him because some guys buy this game thinking it is and handle the same as CM but is not. Peronally i like and enjoy the game addicting to its style and get use to a micromanagement, something a guy looking to experinced comand and control with it won have. This is also a braind game you have to think and use your resorses wise, also use tactics an terrain to solve tactical and very difficulyt problems. here is the link http://www.theblit
  5. CMMODS is out for some reason there is post around all the forum about it. There is no explanation of what happen so we have to wait.
  6. i hope they will be back soom...
  7. There is not edit botton in the post well... Confirm all your saved games are useless with the installation of this mod no problem any way.
  8. ok downloaded i think could be installed over 1.2.2 lets see. Thanks for the mod.
  9. Ok the only problem here is that you have to micromanagement your infantry they do not look for cover when under fire. This is a lack on the game but is a matter of get use to it and everything sould be fine. Also this is a braind game there are missions were you have to think what are you doing and also you must know the game very well to get a good results. This is one of the things i like of this game.
  10. well i got it on the third try but would be nice if you provided another link CMMODS is dead i could not enter the page.
  11. is there a problems to saved game that seems to be not touched in the mod. could i continue them? Or i have to restart? Could you provide anothe link the one you give me is busy i could not download from it.
  12. well was sad for me i couldn't continue i hope the best for the rest of the guys playing Maybe in the next turn.
  13. Hey pal you are in the wrong forum you have to put yuor request in the tech support forum for TOW http://www.battlefront.com/community/forumdisplay.php?f=65
  14. That would be a nice idea i will add a random battle generator.
  15. Well I am back was away for almost two months, any way i like the game and the improvement it has but something i don't like is the few missions it will come with i would like is this game comes with a random battle generator. will be a nice touch in it.
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