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  1. well was sad for me i couldn't continue i hope the best for the rest of the guys playing Maybe in the next turn.
  2. my games are going well the one with mikado is really fun, the one with crow is a little delayed but it is going well too, so i think everything is fine.
  3. if there is time i would like to join i have all the three game but have not play that much cmbo i wold like to have some tries on it.
  4. redbear

    What is cpx

    Iam new to tacops i would like to know what CPX is. It is a kind of multiplayer game or something?
  5. Come on dude, it looks like a 97% clone. </font>
  6. Hi I have check that this come from a european contry and there is a restrition to call SS troops. but the one i have wich i bought from the NWS online side have no diferent with the donwload vertion also have same scenarios and SS trops are listed there. It said also that is packed with alot mod i think is the CMBO i dont know th CMAK yet case i have installed it yet.
  7. i just bought last week a copy of Combat mission anthology. This have the tree games in one packed you could find it here http://store.nws-online.net/ sear under startegy games under modern military. is 19 US $ they could shiped to cannada by mail Also the sell the stand alone CMBB vertion
  8. when the fun gona start? you gona send us an email or tell us here KG_jag
  9. ok para check your email now i send you the turn, let me know if you received it.
  10. hey para is redbear415 what happen with our game. you found some UK player to play?
  11. KG_jag I would like to join the tounament i have reg on SZO ladders under redbear415 i drop a post on the szo forum under the redbear415 nick just keep posted to see if i get in on time
  12. thanks guy for the info Thanks aragorn but i don t speak german sound interesting that book Thanks john for the book and the link really have to much toread now thanks
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