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CMBB on a 42" Plasma Screen

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At the risk of inviting numerous jokes relating to size of screen and lack of manhood, I'll tell you that at work I run a Theatre system that has an 18ft x 7ft screen back projected with twin Cinema DLP projectors at 15,000 ANSI Lumens. Alas since CMBB only runs on a single screen I can only use one projector and half the screen. Still 7ft x 9ft is more than enough for anyone I think and CMBB looks really sweet.

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i sometimes use the projector i have at the office, but that's not all. i also fancy hiring someone to operate the mouse & keyboard while i stand [firmly, clothed properly] in front of the projection and give verbal commands & precise directions with a laser pointer. HA HA HA I AM THE MASTER OF THE BATTLEFIELD! YOU WILL ALL BURN!

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Originally posted by Kanonier Reichmann:

</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Other Means:

i've got a smaller screen but i sit realllly close.

The poor man's solution to the lack of a 42 inch screen. Pity the eyesight wont last much more than 6 months but hey....it was worth it!


Jim R. </font>

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