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  1. CMBB is still my favorite Battlefront game and from the looks of this addition it makes CMBB an even deeper gaming experience. Looking forward to it. Will it be released in 2007?
  2. Game runs good with full detail on for all settings. My PC: AMD Athlon XP 3200+ (Socket A processor 32 bit) BFG Nvidia 7800GS Video Card 256MB memory 2GB Kingston Hyper-X RAM I'm surprised my old rig can run this game. I've been playing around with the "Steel Torrent" scenario. What's with the knocked down trees that melt. It was neat to see one of my panzer crews who lost their tank go climb in an abandoned T-34/85. Great stuff!
  3. No problems running this game with full detail. My system: AMD Athlon XP 3200+ 2.2GHz (32 bit processor) BFG 7800GS 256MB Video card 2GB Kingston HyperX RAM
  4. My machine runs this game with all the bells and whistles turned on with no problem. My Specs: AMD Athlon XP 3200+ 2.2GHz (32 bit processor) BFG 7800GS 256MB Memory 2GB RAM
  5. This is very nice! I'll be downloading this mod tonight. Thanks, Dey!
  6. Thanks, Redwolf. I'll give this a go. With TOW and CMSF on the horizon, my processor needs a boost.
  7. Nope, didn't know that. What sort of testing would you recommend?
  8. You guys are the best! I'm overclocked! Ha ha! The first time I tried doing this, I was messing with the multiplier factors. I left that setting alone and just unlocked the settings and upped the voltages. Schrullenhaft - Your directions worked great. Thanks so much. I'll see how the machine runs for awhile with the increased voltages, but so far so good.
  9. Wow! I've got my work cut out for me. I'm going to give this a try over the weekend and see what I can do. Thanks, Schrullenhaft, for the information.
  10. Hi Redwolf, It seems to go all the way through the boot process and then goes black and starts booting all over again. I had a busy night last night, so I didn't get to check back and see who posted to this thread. I will check that PCI/AGP lock setting this evening. How do I set a memory divider? Thanks for your help.
  11. I've tried my hand at overclocking my machine and have been unsuccessful. I thought my PC was overclocking material, but it seems that whatever I try to do just makes the PC unstable, it won't boot up. The motherboard's BIOS does allow for manual settings to be applied and even has an overclock on the fly command key, but anything I change just results in my PC going into an endless loop when it tries to boot up. I'm going to list my system specs in this thread and ask anyone in the know for suggestions. Thanks in advance for any feedback. My System: ABit AN7 Motherboard AMD Athlon XP 3200+ Processor 2GB Kingston Hyper-X RAM DDR400 BFG Nvidia 7800GS AGP 256MB Vantec Stealth 520W Power Supply
  12. That would be good to know. My processor is an AMD Athlon XP 3200+ - 2.2GHz. My video card and memory all surpass their respective specs, but the processor is a bit weak.
  13. Beautiful! Even the Hungarian tanks are looking good!
  14. Hi Clay, Deleting the file did not work. I e-mailed the .log file to you. Thanks for your help.
  15. Hello, I just installed a new video card, BFG 7800GS, and now DropTeam won't launch. I see the splash screen and it either goes away and that's all I get or the splash screen remains and nothing else happens. The video card seems to be working fine with my other games and with the operating system. Should I uninstall and then re-install DropTeam? Thanks!
  16. I think if my motherboard could accept more, I'd have gotten more, but it tops out at 2GB of DDR400. I think it can accept up to 3GB of slower memory.
  17. Hi GaJ, CMX1 is not the only game I play. If I gave that impression from my posts, I apologize. On occassion I'll go online for a game of DropTeam. I also have Doom3, Dungeon Seige, Diablo, and Diablo II. I installed the memory last night.
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