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  1. Still in set up phase [ August 20, 2006, 12:22 PM: Message edited by: General Bolt ]
  2. I did a conversion of a CMBO battle to a CMAK battle. Here's the problem: How do I transfer the breifing from one to the other without retyping? Andreas, This is your battle. Please hold up posting it until I send the breifings.
  3. First of all I say most authors that submitted work to TSD1 would probably be glad to see their files being transfered to TSD2 with proper recognition. "Find MIA Authors" is a great idea, however comma if in a reasonable time the authors don't show something should be done to preserve those great works. I'd say 30 or 60 even 90 days would be a reasonable time. I agree creating accounts in the other authors name is not the right thing to do. But after that 60 days has passed, you could create an account called: "Uploader Subsitute Dude" or some disclaimer named account. All unclaim
  4. Do you plan on up loading all the old scenarios that are now zipped at the CMMODS site?
  5. Let us not forget Gary does this out the kindness of his own heart and his own wallet. There is a paypal link at the bottom of the left column. Maybe if we pay him enough, he'll offer online courses on Bayesian statistical analysis. :confused: :confused: :confused: Uber confused.
  6. nevjr , At the CMMODS site, look under CMBO then newest about 10 down is a buncha files CMBO_A_Scenarios and CMBO_B_and_C_Scenarios etc. For CMBB they are on page 2. Something like Scenario Depot Salvage 1 , 2, 3 etc For CMAK they are somthing like CMAK_A_thru_G CMAK_H_thru_M.
  7. Rockets are best when used as Prep Barrage i.e. Targeting them on turn 1 or with a TRP. They will still be mega inaccurate but turn 1 or TRP is the only way to go. Failure to set the targeted area a minimum 300 meters from your lines could result in friendly injury or death.
  8. [REVIEW]I'm 3/4 in Inferno CMAK and just started Inferno CMBB. Highly recommended. [/REVIEW] I sure hope SDX2 is ready in time for me to submit real reviews on these.
  9. I agree 100%. Suggestion #1 is very important. I'd like to add: 4. Also in the review area put in a block to enter the score (example:37-Allies, 63-Axis). Then display some stats something like the Band of Brothers Scenario Balance Table. These stats should not be in a table but right next to th scenario reviews description. Stats should include Best Allied score, Best Axxis score, and Average. This would allow players to select balanced scenarios. This scoring should be seperated by AI and 2 player. Gary can rebuilt it, he can make it better. He has the technology: The Bionic
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