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  1. I do have a huge operation for you for CMBB if you are interested let me know. Currently hauptman and Huzaar are allready testing it.
  2. I am working on an operation involving the advance of 1st para brigades 1st and 3rd batallions. Be patient
  3. Here is the link, dutch only http://www.nederland2.nl/uitzendinggemist/programma/de-punt/4496/9454400
  4. Spot me is easy, check the pictures we took at: http://www.warandtactics.com/smf/index.php?topic=704.0 The original footage is there too
  5. A movie is made about this subject. Its on Dutch tv tomoorow (sunday) at 20.30. I have a small role as one of the marines. It will be on the internet too in a few days. Stoffel.
  6. Dear friends, readers and cm enthousiasts. As you know Steve , Koen and I are the ones trying to get the War and tacticssite going. A lot of visitors have come by the last months. many of them copied a lot of content for whatever use. We are happy about that. But....... we cannot do this on our own! We need imput, input from you! You can post everything regarding the last 2 centuries of warfare, it doesnt have to be CM. It can be a picture, a movie, an OOB you found, everything YOU would like to share with the community. We are not out here to destroy other sites. So help us ma
  7. Hehehehe, Sorry for the confusion Matt Well,the first game I played befor tacops was an older one dated from 1995,named across the rhine. Technically the program was to advanced for than adays pc's causing a lot of crashes during playing. It was howeever a good game with an interesting campaign system. It was a mix of Tacops and combat mission,too bad it was not taken further in development. It did not run anymore on XP too so I gave it away.
  8. Hi Crank, Try here.... http://www.the-scenario-depot.com/index.html The new scenario depot,from there you also get a link to the proving ground. The side where we ,designers,store our new battles for playtesting befor we post them to the depot. Henk
  9. http://www.the-scenario-depot.com/scenario_details_link.html?sku=613 Here at the depot you can find my (classic) bulge battle. If you dont have it,than go and get it But be carefull,its big,its awesome,its historically correct,the map is as accurate as can be(many thanks to Mc Auliffe for using his original CMBO map). It has up to a regiment of forces on both sides,for the most part also very up to date. So you need to have a fst processor and a lot of memory to process the turns. It plays well from both sides against the AI,but Axis-AI should be the best. Its very well suited for
  10. No,maybe some individual units did. But no standard vehicles.
  11. 20th is fine with me Matt. I have the kids every 2 weeks....so the 13th isnt good for me either.
  12. Michael , For weather check this link... http://www.knmi.nl/klimatologie/daggegevens/index.cgi Look for a weatherstation and fill in the date you like to know. Its dutch but I am sure you can read it I have a look for the areas you mentioned,be adviced though that these maps are very large. Please mail me private if you want them.
  13. Michael, I have the army staff maps,digitally. If you want to know more about a certain area in the Netherlands just ask. I also have a link for the weatherdata going back to 1800 You might want to look at www.grebbeberg.nl Site is available in English too. henk
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