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  1. Life has released some supposedly never before seen images taken during the Ardennes offensive. I know I've seen one of them before (the 15 year old POW) but none of the rest are familiar. You can see them here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2075565/Vivid-new-Battle-Bulge-photos-offer-seen-look-war-weary-soldiers-braving-frigid-weather-fight-Nazi-Germanys-major-offensive-World-War-II.html
  2. "Cough" Royal Wedding "Cough" 11 Days off for 3 days holiday used. BFC could put Union Jacks and little pic of Kate and Wills on the box set.
  3. For me when I discovered CMBO that was part of the attraction, it's just as likely to attract people who will stay with the series as turn the twitch crowd away.
  4. This could be done using the IED code and the need for a trigger man with LOS. The trigger man could arrive as a reinforcement at a specified time. The enemys job would then be to bump off the trigger man. He should of course be modded to be wearing a fluorescent orange jump suit and be towing a barrage balloon with "I am the trigger man" emblazoned across it.
  5. Thanks for the detail chaps. From what you're saying it's best left to the designers.
  6. I agree that it's outside the scope of CMSF but what about Normandy? I was thinking of having a specific option to assign one of your artillery assets to a counter battery role. I don't know if that would have been a decision made way above the platoon or company level and therefore outside the scope of that module too?
  7. I still enjoy the occasional game of Steel Panthers and always liked the automatic counter battery artillery fire feature, although I always felt that it was way too effective. That said it made me wonder if this is still done in a modern setting or just left up to the flying artillery? It's probably more relevant for the Normandy game and if it was done regularly enough is it an option we should be requesting for CM Normandy or even CMSF?
  8. A fairly light piece on the Jackal 2. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/8011315.stm
  9. Cow Grogs, They're sooooo demanding. Incidentally which grass mod do Holsteins prefer?
  10. Mapping Mission has this capability. Hopefully a skilled member of the community might come up with something similar if BFC allow us to get at the format for maps.
  11. The shuttle SRTM DEMS are available for free. I'd like to see the ability to import those. The european terrain hasn't changed significantly since 1945.
  12. All of these and more have been suggested before, whilst CMSF was still in development. I wouldn't hold your breath, my guess is we'll see it for the WWII game.
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