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  1. i really wanted to like Airborne Assault, but somehow i find it a real pain to play. i like the command system, continuous time, non-hex etc, but somehow it's just very dull. perhaps the combat system is a bit too vague, or sumfink. somehow i get the feeling that there isn't enough (at all?) tactics in the game. you just reposition the blobs and watch the dance of death. perhaps i just get too bored to give it a proper try. [ April 04, 2007, 08:18 AM: Message edited by: undead reindeer cavalry ]
  2. 110 000 as total write-offs. your example counts as a single KO. it's practically impossible to get total non-permanent tank loss figures. the needed data is available just for some fronts or battles. for example in the Winter War the Soviet ratio of total write-offs to non-permanent losses was up to 1:10. EDIT: i am not suggesting 1:10 would be a common ratio. it's likely closer to 1:3, depending if we are talking about all losses or just losses caused by the enemy. EDIT #2: made a quick check regarding Winter War Soviet tank losses, and the available permanent-to-non-permant tank los
  3. just in case someone misses it, you can freely select anything between 1:1500 and 1:400000.
  4. yeah, i wish CM would allow these kind of things, but the supression model is just too lacking. hopefully CMx2 will fix it. the subject heading rocks!
  5. five were PZ-IV's, can't remember model. i think two others were StuGs and one was a Grille. only some were burned, perhaps three, most were abandoned by crew.
  6. Soviet 45mm armed light tanks and armored cars is one that comes to mind. you can buy hordes of these fast bastards and they have ammo that can take out even Tigers. they are great battle ruiners, especially if the one playing Germans has cats or especially those turretless tincans like StuGs. IL-2 is one super killer if your opponent doesn't invest in AA. recently a single IL-2 got eight German tanks when my opponent didn't buy any AA.
  7. that could have been written by me. seems like we agree they indeed are, i have always enjoyed studying stuff related to the "godless Turanian hordes". i agree with your basic idea, but in my opinion you are applying it to a too wide group of people. most of Europeans not only couldn't care less about Nazi propaganda, but directly oppose it.
  8. nothing. it has nothing to do with genes. it has to do with things like training, equipment and doctrine. while Soviet genes did not change, they changed dramatically otherwise. force ratios did change a lot thru the war as well. so did great many other things. of course Germans are not inherently superior. a great many things changed. you can hardly compare Red Army of 1941 to the Red Army of 1945. exactly. that's an unfounded expectation that doesn't fit me at all. Germans simply had faulty intel on how strong the Red Army was. they thought a number of t
  9. Bigduke, i agree with most of what you wrote, but the whole Nazi proganda machine was BASED ON that very 18th century nationalist / racist poetry mythology paraller that Soviet Union would be the Mongol Horde. i wouldn't read too much from it, especially regarding whole Europe - it just doesn't match reality. i really can't see what you are talking about, when you write about European military establishment: the European military establishment that i have known has ADMIRED the Red Army of WW2 for its superior operational art of war. Soviets crashed thru German lines because Soviets manag
  10. i think you might enjoy studying the Soviet Vistula-Oder Operation of 1945. it's a totally devastating awesome operation, and qualitative superiority doesn't play such a part in it. i believe we might have seen something like that in 1975.
  11. unfortunately i don't have time for it at the moment. i hardly have time to keep up with this thread. perhaps later with a bit more meaningful setting (for example with historical outpost scenario). IMO even the basic setting of having to test platoon vs 2 HMGs displays the flaw in the CM suppression modelling. it should be obvious that a HMG section pins down a single rifle platoon cought in the open and it shouldn't require testing. it's a bit like having to test how a Tiger fares against a lone SU-76.
  12. seems like we agree on the basics. i don't want more casualties, i want more realistic suppression and pinning.
  13. JasonC, unfortunately i don't have much time to discuss the various points you have risen with your input. my interest lies in the MG infantry suppression model of CM, not so much in the scenario i described or the reasons why we get different results in running it. i gather that we both agree that a section of two HMGs is capable of suppressing a rifle squad on open flat terrain, if the HMG section has plenty of ammo left and manages to keep up concentrated fire for at least 2 minutes without disturbances. i can't run tests right now, but i have the impression that one further requireme
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