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  1. Thanks Baneman & WineCape, sampling the suggestions should keep me happily occupied for some time..
  2. Bringing to mind, could you make a few suggestions out of our locally available selection? South Africa is a complete unknown to me as winemaking goes. http://www.alko.fi/tuotehaku Selecting "Punaviinit" (red wines), Etelä-Afrikka (South Africa) and then "Hae" from below. Quite a few to choose from and I've pretty much only managed to figure out I'm more into Cabernet Sauvignon than Merlot. :/ Going ever so slightly off-topic...
  3. But.. but.. I've only made a dozen of those since 2003 !! And only 1 this year! No! Two this year! No! Oh crap...
  4. Still in hibernation/dead, considering getting reanimated soon.
  5. Good times. Urgh, it's been nearly 10 years since the Invitational. Time flies. To prevent it from overheating and exploding midair, maybe? Just a guess.
  6. Neat. I'll try not getting my mac hopes too high yet though.
  7. G4's are pretty much dead in the water now, but there are a good number of G5's and G5 iMacs that are still quite current in performance terms. Doesn't affect me though, I have an intel iMac. So that's one copy sold at least...
  8. As for Mac users simply being able to run windows. Vista, which happens to be where it's heading, does have stricter licencing policy than XP. The main hassle being, it's not allowed to run the home versions in a virtual machine. So you'd be looking at either purchasing the $299 business version for Parallels or rebooting for a game. And that's harder and much more bothersome than it first seems. Having to boot in OS9 worked for a while, but has since driven me off CM entirely. So add up CM2, Parallels, Vista. It's a $400 game. Quite a bit more than I'm willing to spend.
  9. Triple good news in some strange Orwellian way. Left me totally numb and stunned. Looks like I'm not playing CMSF this year either. Oh well, I can wait. US vs Syria was never my main area of interest, so I can skip the first CM2 game if need be, even if my heart also skips a beat at the thought. [ January 04, 2007, 02:14 PM: Message edited by: Jarmo ]
  10. Oh crap, do try to avoid that. I write this with G3, I also have a G4 ibook. That's not to mean I'm expecting these to run CM2, just to say we tend to stick with these things a bit longer. I'm guessing intel graphics won't cut it, that already cuts the target in half. But then there's that bunch of G5 towers (which drift in homes secondhand) and G5iMacs. Might be a moot point, if you guys are, as I suspect, going to keep your summer vacation sometime next winter...
  11. By the previous prediction accuracy track record, I'd estimate CM:SF is out sometime before the end of next year. The two modules following mid -08 and early -09. Then CM:WW2 by late -10. Can I preorder them already?
  12. Powerbooks lost their ability to boot in OS9 around the time they crossed the 1Ghz mark. So this one is a lost cause, no hope.
  13. And right they were. The intel switch would have required serious recoding, but thanks to waiting, there's no need for that. But brighter times ahead!? Maybe. And Apples legendary incapability to make reasonably priced macs at least somewhat suited for gaming, seems to be cracking a bit. The new intelmacs have reasonably good graphics cards in there (x1600). If the trend continues, there just might be some hope yet.
  14. Duh. I was thinking of buying a new ibook as a temporary solution. (While waiting for the intel transfer dust to settle.) But given the graphics is still 32 MB's after the upgrade, it's probably not a very safe bet.
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