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NVIDIA New Options!

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This is something you should try for yourself. I attempted a before and after but was unable to capture the sharpness. I run an older 760. The sharpness doesn't show in screenshots but it is definitely there .


edit I tried .70 and then full on 1.0 for sharpness and even that is a leap

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My apologies: I made a mistake!
I had exported the Nvidia settings from my old pc - but the settings pointed to a different drive than the game is installed in now. So in fact the pics above are with default Nvidia settings and the differences between them are only due to changes in in-game settings.

Here are two pics with Nvidia settings on - one with sharpness off and one with (default) sharpness on.
Unfortunately, the sharpness on has rather annoying effect on the menus! I´ve tried to adjust the "Ignore film grain" setting, but it doesnt seem to have any effect.





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I had to setup Red Thunder today - so I decided I might as well run a little test on the graphics quality:

The in-game settings are best/quality/antialiasing on in all pics.

First pic is default Nvidia settings

Second pic is costumized Nvidia settings (copied from my previous setup) - with sharpness off

Third pic is costumized Nvidia settings (copied from my previous setup) - with sharpness on (default settings)




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23 minutes ago, Commanderski said:

I do see a difference but I am curious as to why the number on the half-track changes from 1122 to 522.  I would think that the change in sharpness wouldn't change the number.

As waffelman says, there are:

10 minutes ago, waffelmann said:

Several different textures for the specific halftracks...

...at least when using Aris´ mods.
I have to reload the game after changing the settings. So the game loads a random halftrack texture each time.


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9 hours ago, Commanderski said:

Here's a link to what low latency is and what it does:  https://www.howtogeek.com/437761/how-to-enable-ultra-low-latency-mode-for-nvidia-graphics/

One thing it says "Warning: This will potentially reduce your FPS."

I don't have it turned on yet and may play around a bit with it.

"“Low Latency modes have the most impact when your game is GPU bound, and framerates are between 60 and 100 FPS, enabling you to get the responsiveness of high-framerate gaming without having to decrease graphical fidelity. “

This is pretty much the opposite of CM, which is CPU bound, and with relataively low FPS for most users.

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