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  1. One thing I don't understand is why you keep releasing patches in RAR format. Does it really compress better than the much more universally supported ZIP format, which is built-in to Windows these days? I mean, I have the tools to unpack them but not necessarily every does.
  2. Thanks for that! Took a while, but hopefully it fixes this issue: I wonder if the blinking contact icons will be fixed, just have to check and see I guess...
  3. It's Aris CMFI HD Explosion Mod: https://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=1458
  4. Yeah, I was actually thinking the same - the time is to "emulate" packing the gun onto a donkey back 😂 Might as well be, makes as much sense as anything else! Yeah, that might be it as well. No idea unless we can get the information from the "donkey's mouth" i.e. Battlefront, on why they decided on this long pack-up time... Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the information! But surely it would not apply to this thing? I mean if it takes 20 secs to assemble the loads then why would it take five minutes to pack it up again? Then again, the main issue is not the packup time, but the gun's inability to fire at things it has LOS to. I suspect the terrain slope where the gun is deployed plays a role in this? The packup time is just a huge nuisance when it's unclear where the gun is able to fire from.
  6. Brummbär explodes. Really hope no civvies were still in that ville...
  7. Good tip! 👍 The default post-processing in the game is way too blurry. I use Reshade with the LumaSharpen filter to achieve a similar effect.
  8. Yeah, might be something like that - I was thinking maybe the gun is on a slope, so it's unable to elevate the barrel to the target. I've seen that before for other weapons but then it says "elevating" not "turning". Also kind of pointless for a *Mountain Gun* if you ask me... I'll try things I guess - problem is, with a 5 min pack up time... sheesh. No way do I believe something that takes 20 secs to deploy would take 5 minutes to pack... 🙄
  9. Yeah, I'm having the same issue here with the T32 on the Two Crowns scenario. It can target, but is in a constant state of "turning". Makes the scenario even harder than it needs be...
  10. Yeah, I'm having the same issue here with the T32 on the Two Crowns scenario. It can target, but is in a constant state of "turning". Makes the scenario even harder than it needs be...
  11. Thanks for the confirmation, and that it's not mods at least. Maybe an issue with that specific range of gfx cards.
  12. With this release I'm getting back into CMFI after a long absence. Seeing blinking icons for non-spotted contacts, not sure if this is something new or a bug. I've tried disabling Reshade and mods but still it occurs. Windows 10 Pro x64 NVidia GTX970, latest drivers Mods: Aris Flames Mod SlowMo\ Aris HD Explosion Mod\ Aris Muzzle Fire\ Aris Smoke\ Aris Tracers\ Juju's TweakedUI for CMBN v5\ Juju's TweakedUI for CMFI v5\ Bils CMFB Gridded Ground.brz Reshade 4.3.0 with only Vibrance and LumaSharpen enabled. Anyone else seeing the same?
  13. There are certain small things that bother me about the game in its current state, and all CM titles, and I'm not talking about if the German infantry have the right number of attachments on their belts or the M1 Abrams has the correct number of sprockets. Stuff like minor UI improvements that could make a big difference for usability and "quality of life" for players. - Having a modifier for plotting routes, for instance holding down Shift, to make several selected units follow the same waypoints (NOT follow formation). Would be a massive time-saver for plotting road routes for vehi
  14. @HerrTom I just use stock Vibrance to add a dash of color, and LumaSharpen to make textures a bit sharper. Never liked oversaturated and too high contrast, like the movie effects. But I guess a lot of people like it... Only problem I have with CM + Reshade is the game keeps spinning when I am inside the Reshade config overlay. Anyone else seeing that? Tried changing the input settings with not really an improvement. I guess I'm not the only one either: That last post might have given a solution though, will check...
  15. According to the README, the demo is supposed to launch in desktop resolution, which for me is 2560*1440. However it is clear it is not, as everything is very blocky, looks more like the ancient 1024x768. So when changing to 1280x720 which is the highest from the menus, I get the following crash: Also after editing display size.txt to read: 2560 1440 60 I get the same blocky graphics. After changing it to: 1920 1080 60 Which is what I run the other games at (since 1440 makes the UI too small), I get the crash again. Am I forced to play the demo in the ultra-bl
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