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WW2 Rifle Trivia

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Somewhere in France, You have 6 US guys with Garands and 6 Germans with K98s. They are in a firefight at 60 yards distance on even ground both have the same amount of cover this being a stone fence. There are no other weapons or grenades being used  just pure rifles soldiers on soldiers.


Who would win and why?

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Those that are the most seasoned and or trained and or have marksmanship talent imo. The garands clearly have an example being semi auto though. Perhaps at a certain distance the K98 is more accurate. But, in the end  the most important thing IMO is troop training and veterancy. 

Basically what Jons said :D

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Garands being semi-auto would suppress the k98s and eventually win. No matter the skill of the German side, just too many rounds coming in on them.


That would be the average outcome, but each instance of the situation as described would still be subject to randomness ( eg. first German bullet luckily hits an American, their suppression goes up, some cower, the outgoing volume of fire is lessened and it spirals downwards from there. )

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Whichever side has the most artillery support. ;)



60m is ridiculously close. At that range, rate of fire will win the fight. Therefore, the Garands. Out past 200m, it starts to even out. Beyond 300m to 400m, I'd say it's even.  


For all intents, both weapons are equally accurate for fire out to 800m. (And just TRY to use iron sights on a man-size target, semi-exposed, at that range! You won't see a thing.) As range decreases, accuracy becomes less of a factor and ROF becomes more so. Once you can pin someone down, you're winning the firefight. The number of rounds that come close will determine suppression. (Brits did some great tests on this. I think 1m or closer causes most men to seek cover.)


I think you need to make a test scenario and let us know the results.



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The Germans had the more sniper like stand off weapons I see it in their tanks and rifles. They would excel on high ground or in a wide barren field with no cover but Normandy being so close of a locked in hedgerow fight semi-autos, autos and shermans would rule.


@c3k I would agree to a point that it would even out and long ranges, but the axis would still have to keep their heads down more often so rule still stands.


Now take the Germans standoff long range weapons to the Russian barren steppes and that's where they would do the most damage. Not to say they didn't have close range weapons that were good in Normandy.

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