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[RELEASED] Juju's UI - CM:FI weapon slot add-on & fixes v1.1

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Hi there guys,


First, to head off any questions: no, there is no dedicated CM:FI UI mod. No, there will never be one. ;-) I'm just here to ease the pain a little, and maybe fix a few small issues. At GaJ's you will now find an update to my CM:FI weapon slot add-on for TweakedUI from a few years back. It's all I'm going to do on this, for now. I may, I repeat, may do the silhouettes at some point in the future. But only if I get really, really bored, and trust me, that hardly ever happens. :D



This add-on now includes more/most CM:FI weapon slot graphics to CM:BN's TweakedUI v4 (final) mod. These are specifically intended for players who use TweakedUI v4 in CM:FI. This release also fixes a few texture mapping compatibility issues.


- Beretta 34 pistol

- Beretta 38 smg

- Breda m30 lmg

- Breda m37 mmg

- Carcano rifle

- Springfield rifle (with and without GL)

- FG-42 (the correct early one this time)

- Italian shells and mortar bombs

- Lee Enfield no.1 mkiii (with and without scope)

- Main background fixes: control panel interrupt buttons, menu button and C&C icons now fit the background properly

- Optional Italian flag HQ silhouette

- All the optional wounded icons that are featured in the original TweakedUI v4






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Exactly what I was looking for... BUT... ARRRGH!





Your description doesn't match the content of the rar.archive. In fact even the preview is different. (see attached file).


In brief, the machineguns are missing.


HOW! I say HOW can I go on playing CMFI with this DISASTER....


OK, so if you get a chance I would appriciate the complete update. Your mods are the absolute first thing I hand over to new players and all agree they are completely awsome.






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Derfel, damn, you're right. The optional wounded icons for it are in there, but the Breda M37 files are missing from the mod. That was sloppy. I'll upload an update at GaJ's tomorrow!


But otherwise everything from the preview is in there. If you referring to the 'missing' Breda 31 and 38, they were never included in the mod to begin with.




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Thanks mate but shame about the silhouettes. For what it's worth, pretty pretty pretty please. :) So close to unified UI across all the CM WW2 titles.


Heh, like I said in the first post, only when I get bored.


But, to be fair, the actual work in doing them is pretty minimal. And I do get a lot of requests for them, I might as well get it over with. Got a few weeks of vacation coming and I'll see what I can do.




Gosh... Seems there's going to be a semi-dedicated UI mod for FI after all. Who'd have thought...

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Yep, it's now official. You've all finally talked, whined, badgered, nagged and begged me into it. ;) I will -at last- be updating TweakedUI v4 to be fully compatible with CM:FI (including GL). That means Italian silhouettes, branch icons, and -I haven't looked into this yet, but if at all possible- the Italian rank structure. Heck, maybe even portraits!


It won't be a separate mod, but rather a complete mod pack that works for both BN and FI. That way things that are already in place in BN, but not FI, are ready from the get-go for any upcoming module that possibly includes them, as I won't guarantee quick future module updates just yet.


Stay tuned!




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Soo, I'm going to need a tester, if anyone's game. Just the one is fine. You need to own both FI and GL. If you're one of my former testers, then all the better. :)

Post here, e-mail or PM me if you're interested.

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